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Stainless steel necklace clasp. Sun Enterprises. Magnetic clasps and findings for leather. Sun Enterprises. Sun Enterprises. Leather String Bracelet. Braided Leather Rope. Best Wholesale Flat Leather Laces USA. Best Regaliz leather bracelets. 2mm Leather Cord. Wholesale Flat Braided Leather Cord USA. Best Quality, Lowest Price. Soft Leather Cord. Quirky charm bracelets and tasteful, refined adornment of leather have been back on the stage for a while and don’t show signs of slowing down its heat.

Soft Leather Cord

If you want to keep up with the trend but cannot find the rare colors to accomplish your distinctive designs, our wide ranges of eather cords can definitely satisfy your thirst! With multiple colors and variety of sizes ranging from 1mm to 40 mm, our soft leather cords allows you to experiment on different products such as bracelets, footwear, automobile seats, clothing, bags, book bindings, fashion accessories, and furnishings. Our 30 years of experience in supplying wide ranges of leather cords usa allows us to understand your profound desire of creating distinctive designs. Set your imagination free! You can produce variety of products such as bracelets, footwear, automobile seats, clothing, bags, book bindings, fashion accessories, and furnishings. Don’t hesitate to experiment your own techniques. Can it be a little more?

Braided Leather Cord. As wholesale supplier of braided leather cord our cords find high usage not only in fashion and jewellery industry but also in dog collars, furniture and making many different kinds of leather accessories as well.

Braided Leather Cord

Our Nappa cords can be braided to different styles as per your specific requirements Why choose Braided Leather Cord from Sun Enterprises? -Our cords are tightly braided and can be customised based on your specific needs-Our cord are very popular for men’s jewellery collection as well as women’s necklaces, belts, braided leather cord bracelet and combining long with flat or round cords and others you make unique braided leather cord bracelets and other fashion accessories such as key chains, dog collars etc. -Furthermore, our colour range varies from plain shades to metallic hues to vintage shades. Nappa Leather Cord. Flat Leather Cord. Round Leather Cord. We offer round leather cords for jewelry in different diameters to suit each customer’s peculiar request and taste.

Round Leather Cord

Our assortment gives you the opportunity to choose from multiple shades of colors, ranging from the primary colours such as Blue (Bermuda Blue, Turquoise, Ocean), Red (Fuchsia, Pastel Pink, Purple), Green (Bottle Green, Apple Green, Pistachio), Brown (Coffee, Hazelnut, Chocolate) and Yellow (Orange, Beige, Cream). Our brown and black leather cords have great demand in the market. Additionally you will find a variety of vintage colors in our collection as well. Our round leather cord is available in the following sizes: 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm and 8mm. Our products are made from genuine leather, in order to provide our customers with the maximum level of softness and the highest quality of the product. Sun Enterprises. SAP ERP Customers Database. SAP Master Data Management Users List.

What you need to know about SAP MDM Decision Makers?

SAP Master Data Management Users List

Take a look inside Master data represents business objects rather than business transactions and is rarely changed over a long period of time. Product, customer, supper & employee are the four major master data objects. SAP MDM is used to aggregate master data from across the entire system landscape. Importance of master data: A company's quality standards are supported by ensuring the central control of master data, including maintenance and storage. Important benefits of using SAP MDM Verified Customer Datasets. xApps Customer Mailing Database. SAP Service and Asset Management Users Email List. What you need to know about SAP SAM Decision Makers?

SAP Service and Asset Management Users Email List

Take a look inside People who are involved in different dimensions of manufacturing, use SAP SAM products. These people include manufacturers, third party service providers, utility or telecommunication provider, or in other asset-intensive business. SAP SAM can make a big difference in running a cost-effective production process in three ways: You can reduce your cost in repair services and activities.

SAP Database Users Email List. Spam free, secure data is the way to go with our Technology Users Mailing Address of SAP Users Take a look inside Surveys, seminars, etc. are conducted regularly by us in order to get feedback from clients.

SAP Database Users Email List

SAP Strategic Enterprise Management Users Email List. What you need to know about SAP Strategic Enterprise Management Technology User List?

SAP Strategic Enterprise Management Users Email List

Take a look inside There are Strategic Enterprise Management solutions for different functions of enterprises like Customer Relationship Management, Material Management etc. SAP SEM enables to make cross-functional planning, reporting and data analysis and enhance the value of the company. SAP SEM was created in 1990 as a tool to support strategic decisions. Businesses have vision and they have strategies to fulfil their vision. SAP CRM Customer Mailing Database. SAP Enterprise Buyers Professional Users Email List. SAP XCelsius Users email List. What you need to know about SAP XCelsius Decision Makers? Take a look inside SAP XCelsius can be used to create interactive dashboards and present them in a fancy way. XCelsius adopts Adobe Flash technology to represent such information, which is a cutting-edge technology, now widely used in frontend development for its nice visualization and excellent user experience.

EWM Customers Mailing Database. SAP ERP Customer Email Database. SAP Solution Composer Users Email List. What you need to know about SAP Solution Composer email list?

SAP Solution Composer Users Email List

Take a look inside Business maps help you understand how your business creates value for your customers and how you can increase value by optimizing processes and implementing the right software solution. There are over 400 business maps delivered with the tool. Types of business maps available in SAP Solution Composer: 1. 2. 3.

Important benefits of SAP Solution Composer Users mailing list Data availability and technology have given new wings to explore global sales campaign, with advanced strategies. SAP Knowledge Warehouse Users Email List. SAP PRD2 Customer Mailing Database. What you need to know about SAP P2 Decision Makers? Take a look inside P2 provides a variety of essential services, including application implementation, ERP systems integration, Tobin's Custom Mapping, application hosting, and outsourcing. Each of these services enables you to positively impact your organization's return on assets, by keeping your focus on core business needs.

Companies use SAP P2 and SAP HANA to get more value out of their current software investments and simplify their operations. Important Benefits of SAP P2 Verified Customer Datasets: If you want to place your b2b business in a league of Global sales campaigners then SAP P2 can be the pick for the campaign. Our SAP P2 Online Marketing Emails provides 95% accuracy in deliverability of contacts. Free Report Get your Free Report in 2 working days. SAP SuccessFactors Users Email List. SAP NetWeaver Users Email List. What you need to know about SAP NetWeaver Users mailing list? Take a look inside SAP NetWeaver runs different data management processes through a single system, thereby cutting costs to a significant extent. The sole aim of SAP NetWeaver is to deliver unified tracking systems for different processes. SAP NetWeaver can intake both regular and verbal instructions from users and thus is more user-friendly. Also, this brings down the cost of investment on enterprise’s part, as the entire package of SAP NetWeaver comes in a lower cost of ownership.

KXEN Customers Mailing Database. Important benefits of SASAP KXEN Customers database : Do you want to run a moneymaking global b2b marketing campaign?

KXEN Customers Mailing Database

Our SAP KXEN users email list can associate you with the notable decision makers in the global arena. Our list has access to contacts from various countries like USA, UK, Germany, France etc. Our lists perform the following functions; SAP HANA Customers Database. SAP GRC Customer Mailing Database. What you need to know about SAP GRC Users mailing list?

SAP GRC Customer Mailing Database

Take a look inside Keeping data in silos can definitely be inconvenient to check whether the IT operations stick to legal standards. SAP GRC platform acts as a single framework to monitor and enforce sales and procedures. SAP Exchange Infrastructure Users Email List. What you need to know about SAP Exchange Infrastructure Customers list? Take a look inside SAP Exchange Infrastructure (SAP XI) is an enterprise-level integration application used to mediate the exchange of information between various underlying platforms and systems. It is produced by German global software corporation SAP AG.

SAP Exchange Infrastructure is compatible with internal companies and cross-company scenarios. It is used for exchanging information between vendors with same or diverse technologies or versions of applications. SAP Crystal Reports Users Email List. What you need to know about SAP Crystal Reports Consumer Mailing List Take a look inside SAP Crystal Reports allows individuals, small scale and medium industries to leverage a scalable on premise analytics tool. The main purpose of Crystal Reports is to allow users to pull their desired data from a data source, such as an Oracle or MS SQL Server database, and present the data in a repeatable and organized way.

SAP Crystal has essential features to create database reporting environment application. They are: SAP Convergent Charging Users Email List. SAP Business Object XI Users Email List. SAP Business Objects Web Intelligence Users Email List. SAP Business Objects BI Users Email List. BPC Customers Mailing Database. Business Intelligence Contact List. SAP Customer Mailing Address Database.