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Welcome to Forbes. 3 Tools To Ensure Your Analytics Implementation Is Setup Right. The following is my January 2015 Analytics column, originally published on ClickZ. You can read all my previous postings on ClickZ here. In a previous column, I shared technical reports related to performance that modern marketers can’t live without. It’s true, technical issues are a shared responsibility of marketers and developers, with each group having a strong understanding of the other.

In my years of experience as a consultant, not some, but all marketing teams with a fluency in and operational structure to implement technical fixes came out ahead because they were getting better, more accurate data which leads to better, more accurate decisions. A lot of people ask how they can more easily ensure their analytics setup is done correctly and that their data is as clean as possible. Today I wanted to share three tools to help with implementation of Analytics. 1. Analytics Diagnostics frequently scans for problems specific to your analytics account that you have access to. 2. 3. How to fix your failing social media strategy. Three Digital Marketing Megatrends for 2015. Mark Ritson: Zuckerberg’s vision of a new social marketing revolution failed to materialise. FireShot Screen Capture #006 'How Google and Pinterest Go Together Like Peanut Butter and Jelly' pegfitzpatrick com how google and pinterest are like peanut butter and jelly. Most Restaurant Sites Are Awful: Make Yours Better.

The following is a guest post from Future Buzz community member Audrey Welch. Restaurant owners are faced with the challenge of having a greater web presence than ever before. It isn’t enough to have a great looking store front; consumers are looking for you online and even more so, on their mobile devices. Your restaurant business depends on many basic factors such as location, good food and a good staff. However, none of those things matter anymore if you don’t have a good site and mobile experience enticing these consumers to come to you.

If your content isn’t accessible and as easy to navigate as it is informative, you are missing out on hundreds if not thousands of customers. Below are some of the best practices restaurant owners need to be aware of regarding their site. Think of these as the new reality and not just futuristic suggestions because if you’re not currently using any of these practices then you might as well leave your ‘closed’ sign up for good. Add a Photo Gallery. The Art of Social Media Apps and Services Resource List. Create Attractive Graphics Without A Design Background On Canva. When it comes to giving your website and social network content an attractive edge, Canva is the online graphic design application and resource that can make it happen. I started a new blog site this year, and nearly all my designs for the site originate from Canva. I use Canva because it allows me, a novice graphic designer with a basic understanding of the principles of graphic design, to start with professionally designed templates, graphics, and font styles to make my site and social networks more appealing.

Since we last reviewed Canva a few years ago, several useful tools and features have been added for all sorts of graphic design needs, including Facebook and Twitter account covers, email headers, real estate flyers, Kindle covers, and Facebook ad templates. Getting Started Canva is very simple for the newbie who has little inkling of design. Canva provides a set of layouts you can customize for your needs. New Designs Font Spacing Sharing Designs Design Tutorials and Streams. How to Create a Winning Google Plus Profile. 30+ Attractive Food And Restaurant Sites Web Designs. Owners of a food/restaurant website know that they must use a beautiful theme to attract more and more customers. If you’re planning to put up a site like this, you must use an elegant layout with beautiful images. To know more about how a food/restaurant website must be like, take a look at this fresh list. It includes colorful layouts, beautiful photos and elegant typography. 1.

Wedding And Bespoke Cakes Oxfordshire This site features a beautiful image of a crafted cake. All cakes are presented to make you desire for them, regardless of whether or not they’re really good. 2. Its home page introduces immediately of what this site is all about. 3. This website design does what it’s supposed do, i.e. to evoke excitement about its recipes. 4. It’s a very cute and uplifting site. 5. It’s another great-looking web design, which is common to food and restaurant websites. 6. This site has figured out how to make the restaurant’s menu look immaculate. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 100+ Attention-Grabbing Blog Post Title Templates That Work. You’ve probably heard this a lot of times. But YES. Having a catchy title is the key to grabbing people’s attention.

It's your golden ticket to increased traffic and wider audience. You need to elicit interest, emotion, and curiosity in your potential readers to make your blog post title as irresistible as possible. Plus, it plays a crucial role in improving your search ranking. For example, you're writing an article about starting a website, instead of using "Creating A Website" as a blog title, you'd want to write "How To Start A Website in 3 Easy Steps" or "How To Start A Website in Less Than 20 Minutes" instead. Not only it's more attractive, your post also get a higher chance of landing in the first pages in the search results since it's more specific and there's less competition for the latter phrase (a.k.a long tail keywords) than the former. You get it. So be creative. We all know the importance of a great title, but how can we really achieve this? 6 Quick Tips for writing titles 1. 2.

How Google+ and Pinterest Go Together Like Peanut Butter and Jelly.