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Simple Machines

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Meet Google Drive – One place for all your files. Fun Science Games for Kids - Free Interactive Activities Online. For YOUR KIDS! 15 Easy Catapults to Make With Kids. Making a catapult with kids starts out as a craft and ends with a fun activity! Add a target or a competitive goal and now you have a game. It might possibly be the perfect toy! 15 DIY Catapults All these catapults to make at home use everyday objects – hopefully you won’t have to buy a thing! Upcycle the items in your kitchen junk drawer for hours of target practice. These are in order as seen in the photo above with a few bonus catapults at the end. Plastic Spoon Catapult – Housing a Forrest starts us off with the simplest version of them all! Tinker Toy Catapult – Get out that cherished set and make an easy catapult!

Dragon Slayer Catapult – There is a whole story behind this simple (and large) catapult from Frugal Fun for Boys. Tissue Box Catapult – This simple machine uses pencils and an empty tissue box from Spoonful. Paper Plate Target Game – This catapult game will have paper balls landing and math ensuing. Cardboard Catapult – Love this simple project from iKat Bag! Catapult Science. BrainPOP Jr. Search. Step-by-Step Experiments with Simple Machines - The Child's World. Bill Nye The Science Guy - Simple Machines (Full Episode. All About Simple Machines: Types and Functions - Easy Science For KidsEasy Science For Kids.

Every day you use machines without even thinking about it. A machine is anything that helps make work easier. Basic tools like staplers, screwdrivers and scissors are simple machines. These machines are all based on simple inventions like levers, planes, pulleys or wheels. All About Simple Machines: These are samples of simple machines. A lever is a stiff board or bar that rests on a base called a fulcrum. A lever is a stiff board or bar that rests on a base called a fulcrum. Simple Machine Vocabulary Stiff: firm, unbendableBase: foundationSeparate: move apart A wedge has a pointed end. Learn More All About Simple Machines: Types and Functions A screw is an inclined plane wrapped around a rod. Watch this video all about simple machines: A cartoon video about the types and functions of simple machines. Simple Machine Q&A Question: Who invented the first simple machines?

Answer: The Greek scientist and mathematician, Archimedes didn’t invent simple machines, but he did develop and improve them. Simpmach.pdf. Simple Machines. Discover! Simulations. Forces. Rube Goldberg : Home of the Official Rube Goldberg Machine Contests. The Rube Goldberg Machine Contest (RGMC) is an annual international competition that challenges teams of students from middle school to college age to compete in building the most elaborate and hilarious Rube Goldberg Machine. A Rube Goldberg Machine is an overly complex contraption, designed with humor and a narrative, to accomplish a simple task. The 2015 Task is: ERASE A CHALKBOARD. Team Registration is open now! The RGMC is STEM and STEAM friendly, and Teams and their machines are judged on a range of criteria from absurd complexity, reliability, team chemistry, creativity, humor and story-telling -- along with the successful achievement of the task at hand.

Download the ALL NEW CONTEST 2015 Rule Book. Click here to find out How To Register Goldberg’s legacy lives on through the contests -- as students nationwide build crazy machines that complete the annual task, all in the spirit of Rube’s illustrations. View the International Online Contest page for middle school students. 738-6025Reader.pdf. Schools Science Clips - Friction.

Welcome to Amusement Park Physics. Inventor and Invention Facts and Information for Kids | KidsKonnect. ASPIRE Simple & Comples Machines. In an unknown time and an uncharted place, the ASPIRE crew has accepted the challenge to assist in the completion of a city being constructed of massive stones. They must work without the advantage of modern technology. They have agreed to rely primarily on the use of the six simple machines to accomplish their mission. Before getting to work, two crew members, Harry and Pic, have used available materials to fashion themselves a tetter-totter just to give them something to do for fun. This never seems fair. Drag the slider bars to move Harry and Pic until they have becomed balanced. Harry weighs more than Pic, so you have helped Pic get an advantage in the situation, a Mechanical Advantage. Simple machines give us an advantage by changing the amount, speed, or direction of forces.

Would you have a problem if the door knob came off in your hand before you unlatched the door? From day to day do you find yourself using any of the six simple machines: Wedge Lever Incline Plane Pulley Wheel Screw. ZOOM . games . Goldburger To Go. Come play again later! Come play again tomorrow! Simple Machines - Physics for Kids! Simple Machines | Simple Machines Song with lots of examples. Quiz - Simple Machines. Simple Machines Glossary. Simple Machines: Facts (Science Trek: Idaho Public Television) Once upon a time a person needed to move something heavy. He or she picked up a long stick and stuck it under the edge of the heavy object and then pushed down on the other end of the stick. And the first simple machine was invented. Simple machines are just that. The simplest form of using one thing to accomplish something faster or better. A tool. They were the first ones created and we still use them today.

There are 6 basic simple machines; the lever, the wheel and axle, the inclined plane, the wedge, the pulley, and the screw. But what is work? The Lever The lever is a long tool such as a pole or a rod put under an object to lift it. Levers are all around us. The Wheel & Axle The wheel has always been considered a major invention in the history of mankind. Wheels are found where things turn in a circle such as an electric fan, a motor, a revolving door, a merry go round, and any wheel — on the car, on your skateboard, or on a bicycle. The Inclined Plane The Wedge The Pulley The Screw. Simple Machines Review PPT Eckert. InventorsToolbox: The Elements of Machines. Simple Machines: These devices were all in common use for centuries before Leonardo's time. Each one makes work easier to do by providing some trade-off between the force applied and the distance over which the force is applied.

Wheel and Axle In this machine a wheel or spoke is locked to a central axle so that when one is turned the other must turn. A longer motion at the edge of the wheel is converted to a shorter more powerful motion at the axle. In reverse, a short powerful force at the axle will move the wheel's edge a greater distance. Pulley System A single pulley simply reverses the direction of a force. Wedge A wedge converts motion in one direction into a splitting motion that acts at right angles to the blade. Screw A screw is a central core with a thread or groove wrapped around it to form a helix. Lever A lever is a stiff rod that rotates around a pivot point.

Gears Gears are toothed or pegged wheels meshed together to transmit motion and force. Museum of Science and Industry: Simple Machines Game. Dirtmeister: Simple Machines -- Inclined Plane. Dirtmeister's Home The Inclined Plane The inclined plane is the simplest of simple machines because to make it work, nothing moves. You move! Another name for an inclined plane is a ramp. It can be as simple as the driveway leading to your school or as sophisticated as the staircase in the Empire State Building.

Remember, there's always a trade-off. Dirtmeister's Home | Simple Machines | Teacher's Guide | Science Observer. Simple Machines.