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Design For a Better World! Products Fun Modern Furniture. Bedroom and Bathroom Decorating: Best Bedroom Designs - Martha Stewart. Bathroom Mixing Old With New Design, Pictures, Remodel, Decor and Ideas. How to Mix Modern Decor With Traditional. Easy 3D Home Design. Design a Room - Virtual Room Design Tool. Home Wedding Registry.

Smart Homes: How To Build The Most High-Tech House On The Block (PHOTOS) As design technology progresses to the point of enabling inanimate objects with Wi-Fi, we're bound to see some highly intelligent houses popping up.

Smart Homes: How To Build The Most High-Tech House On The Block (PHOTOS)

Automated lights, curtains and home entertainment systems have been on the market for a while, but recently, tech companies around the world have debuted advanced home technology from Wi-Fi-enabled pavement to tweeting refrigerators. Though we certainly have the capability of producing a house filled to the brim with tech gadgets, very few have actually put forth the effort to tie all of these devices into one property. Instead, there's a growing trend to develop smart homes with a focus on energy and health.

Honda revealed a test smart home system in Japan this month that controls energy usage. Solar cell panels and a rechargeable battery power the house, while a management device monitors the total power supply. Aside from well being, smart houses can also be used to access health and hygiene. Loading Slideshow Related on HuffPost: Old Barn – New Home. Happy Friday!

Old Barn – New Home

Hope your week has gone well. So, after my last post, I was eager to find a beautiful home that used reclaimed materials in the building process. This one caught my eye…. Would you believe that this gorgeous residence used an old barn frame for the main living quarters!? Yup…an old barn in the area was going to be torn down, so the genius team over at Alex Scott Porter Design saved it and put it to good use in this home! 11 Beautiful Home Interior Design Styles. Decorating styles have evolved over the centuries in response to the changing tastes of various groups of people.

11 Beautiful Home Interior Design Styles

Every style has benefits to the people who will enjoy the home for many years to come. Many styles were born out of previous styles and have evolved into a distinct type of decorating for a certain feel. Each of the following designs expresses personality and taste specific to an era. 1. Shabby Chic British look that incorporates all-white interior walls, floors, and ceilings accented with vintage items resting on distressed furniture. 2.

An eclectic look is created through a trendy approach called maximalism, which means to make the most of a small space. 3. Noticeable design features include solid colours with contrasting properties against a blank slate of walls and floor. 4. Unique Chairs, Modern Chairs. Interior design ideas & home decorating inspiration - mydeco. How to Choose a Color Scheme. Interior Design Ideas, Interior Designs, Home Design Ideas, Room Design Ideas, Interior Design, Interior Decorating. Homes - Design inspiration. 100 Creative Furniture. InShare19 In this roundup you will find some stunning, creative and unique furniture design ideas.

100 Creative Furniture

Some of them really look awesome. So, re-think before you scrap anything because it could be a good material for making an exclusive furniture. Advertisement 100 Creative Furniture: Reloaded. Home Decorating Ideas. Colour Schemes For Your Home: Advice & Ideas - Channel4 - 4Homes. Cool Interior Tree Home: Best Kids Bedroom Design Ever? There are a lot of ways to make a nice bedroom, but for kids there is an element of excitement that is just as important as bedroom size and style.

Cool Interior Tree Home: Best Kids Bedroom Design Ever?

As these pictures illustrate, a cool bedroom for children can be a virtual fantasy world in itself – in this case by making the outdoors the driving interior design idea and central concept of the bedroom space. Complete with climbing ropes, ladders, swings and all kinds of hidden storage spaces, this bedroom brings all of the elements of an outdoor play space inside and makes the room feel like a self-sufficient home at the same time. The best part, of course, is the tree house in the center of the room – who would not have enjoyed that as a kid growing up?

Though this kind of cool bedroom design for kids can of course be contracted out to someone else like Kidtropolis, it is also perhaps an opportunity for a fun do-it-yourself project that engages children in the activity of designing and building their own space.