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The yt Project. Yt is built on a stack of completely free and libre open source software, with no proprietary dependencies.

The yt Project

It provides its own install script, to assist with constructing an isolated environment that can be upgraded and operated independently of the host operating system. Usually getting yt is as simple as running the installation script. Simply download the legacy, stable, or development version of the install script and run it. You can do this using wget or curl, or even just right click and choose Save As. Carefully read the instructions the script prints to your terminal since there might be special instructions for your operating system.

Legacy (2.x) Stable Development Once you've downloaded it, just run: $ bash $ source YT_DEST/bin/activate where YT_DEST will be where you installed yt (usually yt-x86_64 but depends on your system). $ conda install yt If you are comfortable installing Python packages and have a build environment set up, you can install yt via pip: Dr Dobb's TV. Hack any paid WiFi hotspot in about 30 seconds - by Peter Alaric DeSimone. Learn Programming Foundations with Video Courses and Tutorials from Fake Name. Introduction to Computer Science and Programming. How To Fix Shockwave Flash Crashes in Google Chrome. If your copy of Google Chrome has taken on a sudden and inexplicable hatred for Shockwave Flash, we’re here to help.

How To Fix Shockwave Flash Crashes in Google Chrome

Read on as we show you how to tame Chrome and get it to play nice with Flash. More so than other browsers, Google Chrome is particularly susceptible to a specific but not uncommon situation in which it simply will not coexist peacefully with Adobe Flash—frequent slow downs and annoying crashes are common as a result. The following tutorial will help you get Chrome back to its speedy self. C# & Java Programming. CSS3 Linear Gradients. Linear Gradients The most common type of gradient you will see is a linear gradient of two colors.

CSS3 Linear Gradients

This means that the gradient will move in a straight line changing gradually from the first color to the second along that line. The image on this page shows a simple left-to-right gradient of #999 (dark gray) to #fff (white). Linear gradients are the easiest to define, and have the most support in browsers. CSS3 linear gradients are supported in Android 2.3+, Chrome 1+, Firefox 3.6+, Opera 11.1+, and Safari 4+. Agile Designers : Best online resources for Web designers, Graphic Designers.

The Toolbox: a directory of useful single-page sites and apps. 100 Websites You Should Know and Use. Entertainment Meet David Peterson, who developed Dothraki for Game of Thrones.

100 Websites You Should Know and Use

Old Software Downloads for Windows, Mac, Linux and Abandonware Games. Ccna practice questions. Computer and Internet Monitoring Software. Catalyst Strategic Design Review. Humanities software, visualization and analysis. Piktochart- Infographic & Presentation Tool. Nifty Corners Cube - freedom to round. Top 10 CSS Table Designs. Advertisement By R.

Top 10 CSS Table Designs

Christie Tables have got to be one of the most difficult objects to style in the Web, thanks to the cryptic markup, the amount of detail we have to take care of, and lack of browser compatibility. Technology Review: The Authority on the Future of Technology. Gizmodo, the Gadget Guide. Engadget. Cool Websites, Software and Internet Tips. Anonymity Online. Home - Online Web Tutorials. Web Designer Help » 55 Really Creative Logos.

55 Really Creative Logos Logos can be really hard to design but the great ones tend to be really simple!

Web Designer Help » 55 Really Creative Logos

So we have compiled a list of 55 logos which thought would help get your creative juices flowing. This post was written by Thomas Hardy, he is a Newcastle based Web Designer/Developer. 31 Comments to “55 Really Creative Logos” #1 Posted by wpheroes (14.05.09 at 23:16 ) Primary CSS. Simple CSS3 framework for creating GitHub style button links. CSS3.0 Generator. Brain Pickings. AdWords: Keyword Tool. Eric Fossum lectures Yale students on next-gen range sensors, 3D content shortages.

Etre - Get Results. CSS Beginner Tutorial. Learn Web Design, Web Development, and iOS Development - Treehouse. Udacity - Free Classes. Awesome Instructors. Inspiring Community. How to Get Started With CSS. I've already discussed how you can learn to code for free using languages such as Ruby and JavaScript, but this time we'll explore an even more basic language that can help to make your websites pop. Cascading Style Sheets is like HTML's cooler, more artistic sibling: While HTML handles the structure and content of your website, CSS allows you to add cutting-edge design to it.

Umwelt. The Shapes of CSS. Occupy Design: Visual Tools for the 99 Percent - Design. Launch Slideshow.

Occupy Design: Visual Tools for the 99 Percent - Design

Your Palettes · Colorpal. Periodic Table of the Elements - Josh Duck. Plolipop. How do colors affect purchases? For retailers, shopping is the art of persuasion.

How do colors affect purchases?

Though there are many factors that influence how and what consumers buy. However, a great deal is decided by visual cues, the strongest and most persuasive being color. When marketing new products it is crucial to consider that consumers place visual appearance and color above other factors such as sound, smell and texture. To learn more about color psychology and how it influences purchases, see our latest infographic. Click on the image below to see a larger view: View an enlarged version of this Infographic » Photo editor online - edit image. Finding Images Online. Ct_1440.jpg (JPEG Image, 1440x900 pixels) 40 Online Generators for Web Designers Should Bookmark. Communities of practice. The term “community of practice” is of relatively recent coinage, even though the phenomenon it refers to is age-old.

Communities of practice

The concept has turned out to provide a useful perspective on knowing and learning. A growing number of people and organizations in various sectors are now focusing on communities of practice as a key to improving their performance.This brief and general introduction examines what communities of practice are and why researchers and practitioners in so many different contexts find them useful as an approach to knowing and learning.

What are communities of practice? Note that this definition allows for, but does not assume, intentionality: learning can be the reason the community comes together or an incidental outcome of member’s interactions. Not everything called a community is a community of practice. The domain: A community of practice is not merely a club of friends or a network of connections between people. WordPress, and WordPress is a publishing platform that makes it easy for anyone to publish online, and proudly powers millions of websites.

WordPress, and

It comes in two flavors: the fully hosted, and the self-hosted version available at WordPress is a community-driven project that’s developed by and for people like you. Many thousands of people from around the world contribute to the project, and many millions of websites are powered by it. From large company websites to personal blogs, and everything in between, everyone can publish with WordPress. Quality Hosting Plans, Built to Scale.

Default Router Passwords - The internets most comprehensive router password database. Low cost domain names, domain transfers, web hosting, email accounts, and so much more. Build a Website - Create a Blog. PSFK - the go-to source for new ideas and inspiration. Ideas, issues, knowledge, data - visualized! Free Online webcam video recorder, record your videos and share. Screencast-O-Matic - Free online screen recorder for instant screen capture video sharing. Downrightnow - Check the status of web services and report outages. Tour MapBox. USTREAM, You're On. Free LIVE VIDEO Streaming, Online Broadcasts. Create webcasts, video chat, stream videos on the Internet. Live streaming videos, TV shows. Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder (FMLE) with Ustream. Ableton Live Tutorial-Videos. How to tell if your Intel-based Mac has a 32-bit or 64-bit processor. Support » Auto populate new page with a category. The evolution of the web. - home of fine hypertext products. Wink - [Homepage]

Here is a sample Flash tutorial created by Wink. Click the green arrow button to start viewing it. Butcher's workshop - game development. Lifehacker, tips and downloads for getting things done. #3038363. Don’t Fear the Internet. The Best Hacking Tutorial Sites - Learn Legal Hacking. Written by: Daniel Robson•edited by: Aaron R. •updated: 2/13/2011. Free online file conversion. Temporary Email Aliases. PDF to Word Converter — 100% Free.

Special ALT Characters. iPhone, iPad, Mac. ZeroDibs : best of free & opensource software. Files. ZumoCast - Stream your media. It's your personal cloud.