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Domestic smoke alarms

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Aaaa. OneLink Wireless Alarms 4-Page Flyer Cost Effective Retrofit & Remodel Solutions Wireless interconnect technology eliminates the need to pull wires through existing wallsSave an average of between $150 - $200,** per alarm when compared to retrofitting hardwired alarms in existing walls or ceilingsFaster job turnaround - 4X more jobs increase profitsPhotoelectric sensing technology saves maintenance calls with fewer nuisance alarms Putting the Innovation in Renovation When it comes to alarm renovation and retrofit projects, choices have been limited.


Installing battery operated alarms and sacrificing interconnectability or investing in the time and labor to retrofit hardwired alarms have been the only options available.* Until Now! Smoke Alarms - Ionisation - BRK. Smoke Alarms - 230V Mains Powered Ionisation - BRK.