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Grilled Cheese Rolls ~ A Fun Spin on an American Classic! A fun spin on an American Classic... ...Dip these simple Grilled Cheese Rolls in a bowl of piping hot tomato soup or ramekin of your favorite marinara ~ and I dare you ~ I dare you to eat just one!

Grilled Cheese Rolls ~ A Fun Spin on an American Classic!

All you'll have to do is... cut the crusts off your bread, here I used a soft wheat. 8 Minute Mini Cinnamon Rolls. Mini Cinnamon Rolls are ready in under 10 minutes.

8 Minute Mini Cinnamon Rolls

Sweet and poppable, they disappear in minutes! We’ve got tons of Thanksgiving traditions in my family that I look forward to every year: Sipping mimosas while watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Someone throwing a fit about losing at Scrabble, fueled by the aforementioned mimosas.

Sweets and desserts

Shrimp and tofu mini-burgers (tsukune) with red pepper sauce. There are already several mini-burger or tsukune dumpling type of recipes here, but here’s another one.

Shrimp and tofu mini-burgers (tsukune) with red pepper sauce

What can I say - mini-burgers are just perfect for bentos: they taste good when they are cold, can be made in quantity, and usually freeze very well. This time it’s a shrimp and tofu version, adapted quite a bit from a recipe in a recent issue of Kyou no ryouri: Beginners (Today’s Cooking: Beginners) magazine. Cheesey Mushroom Pull Apart Bread. Cheesy Mushroom Pull Apart Bread I’m just going to come out and say this bread is AMAZING.

Cheesey Mushroom Pull Apart Bread

Seriously. To Die For Blueberry Muffins Recipe. Ginjo Sake Nama Choco (Fresh Chocolate) for Valentine's Day in Origami Box.