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Matériel Broadcast

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DIT. Follow focus. SAN. Moniteurs. Trépieds. Studio. Mixeurs. Microphones. Caméras. Photo. Green screen. Machinerie. Video editing solutions. Lumière. Accessoires. Caméras embarquées. Transmission. Moniteurs de terrain. Acquire-Edit-Convert. Representation des marques du cinéma et de la télévision, Importation et Distribution des produits audio et vidéo professionnels - Cartoni France. About Mako Products. Mako Products was started in 1954 By Famed inventor/underwater Cinematographer Jordan Klein,Sr., Many of Jordan,Sr’s underwater housings and equipment are still in use today over 40 years later. One of Jordan’s biggest Achilles’ heels while shooting on the water has always been holding the horizon level. In 2001 Jordan,Sr and his son Jordan Klein,Jr began development on a stabilizing device called the “Makohead”.

Within 18 months from it’s inception they had a working prototype and within 2 years they had a fully functioning Makohead that is in use throughout the world today. Mako Products has been fortunate enough to secure top notch representation throughout the United States.