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Read, Write, Reflect #2

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150 Great Articles and Essays. Changing My Mind by Zadie Smith A great collection of essays about literature, writing and culture, along with more personal pieces Home By Subject By Author By Publication 150 Great Articles 100 Great Nonfiction Books By Subject By Author Greats Books David Foster Wallace The Capital T TruthTense PresentShipping OutFX Porn More from this author.

150 Great Articles and Essays

Guide to Literary and Critical Theory. Resources, Rare & Out-of-Print Books. When it comes to building libraries of rare books for clients, Kinsey Marable is a master.

Resources, Rare & Out-of-Print Books

The man who builds up private libraries - book by rare book. Where do the impeccably selected libraries that appear in society pages and design magazines come from?

The man who builds up private libraries - book by rare book

Many are the work of private library curators - who scour the world to find the books that will both look pleasing on the shelf and reflect the interests of the library's owner. Kinsey Marable knows the value of the written word, even in the digital age. "An original first edition of To Kill a Mockingbird was $7,500 in 1999," Marable, a Charlottesville, Virginia-based collector and bespoke librarian, says "and now they cost around $35,000 (£22,200) per copy. " Marable's clients are located in many countries, but it was a trip across the Atlantic long ago when he visited Heywood Hill, a small, rare bookstore in Mayfair, London, and was inspired to get into the business himself. Miguel de Unamuno - Philosopher, Author, Journalist, Educator, Scholar, Poet. Miguel de Unamuno was a Spanish philosopher and writer best known for his novel Abel Sánchez.

Miguel de Unamuno - Philosopher, Author, Journalist, Educator, Scholar, Poet

Synopsis Miguel de Unamuno was born on September 29, 1864, in Bilbao, Spain. He served twice as rector of the University of Salamanca; he was dismissed, first for criticizing Spanish dictator Miguel de Rivera, and later for denouncing Francisco Franco's Falangists. His most famous novel is Abel Sánchez, a modern re-creation of the biblical story of Cain and Abel. Unamano died while under house arrest in 1936. Early Life Miguel de Unamuno was born in the port town of Bilbao, Spain, on September 29, 1864. Unamuno Philosophy. BookLikes - Blog platform designed for book lovers.

Deucekindred's Blog. When I read Underworld in 2000, I absolutely hated it.

Deucekindred's Blog

I thought it was just some meaningless ramble with a couple of old pop culture references just to make DeLillo sound cool. I’ve also read Falling Man and White Noise, which I didn’t really warm to. Ten years later and I decide to re-read the book again and I LOVED it! It seems that every decade there is an American author who writes a huge book which criticises the world today.

VQR: A National Journal of Literature and Discussion. About VQR For three quarters of a century, VQR’s primary mission has been to sustain and strengthen Jefferson’s bulwark, long describing itself as “A National Journal of Literature and Discussion.”

VQR: A National Journal of Literature and Discussion

And for good reason. Project Re-Education. Four years later, and I didn’t get the education for which I was hoped.

Project Re-Education

It turns out engineering isn’t friendly for exploring the humanities. So I found myself finished with higher education and unsatisfied with my knowledge of the great works that have shaped western culture. There was only one thing to do: take on the task myself. In the months after graduation I attacked the local library – searching for literature that would feed my lust for understanding.

Terry Eagleton: The original political vision: sex, art and transformation. One reason Gordon Brown gave for not holding an election was to have time to roll out his vision.

Terry Eagleton: The original political vision: sex, art and transformation

It is not a meaning of the word that Britain's greatest revolutionary poet would have recognised; William Blake, born 250 years ago today, had what George Bush Sr called "the vision thing" in the way other people have headaches or fits of laughter. At four he glimpsed God's head at the window, at eight a tree shimmering with angels. The Habit of Being Quotes by Flannery O'Connor. English Subject Guide. William Gibson "The Peripheral" Chronicling America « Library of Congress. Anatomy of a Librarian. It’s a shame only 1% of all librarians fall into my age group of 20-24… because they’re usually hot…AND intelligent.

Anatomy of a Librarian

On the plus side, 78% of them are women. Ladies, you should look into this career…you’ll get my love and a decent sum of money (60k/yr!). I’ll let you figure out which one is more important. Librarians are a great resource, and college students should use them when trying to do research. They clearly have mad skills in their ability to simultaneously use their left and right brains. As the internet expands and improves, people seem to forget about physical contact. Share This Infographic. 15 Curious Things Found In Library Books. Where gun stores outnumber museums and libraries. Photo by Flickr user Ryan Keene, used under a Creative Commons license Many readers took heart in the news last week that museums in the U.S. outnumber McDonald's and Starbucks restaurants — combined.

Where gun stores outnumber museums and libraries

But like so many other quantifiable preferences that Americans have, there's a political dimension to the affinity for museums. Just last week, a Pew Research Center survey found that liberals are much more attached to their museums than conservatives are: 73 percent of "consistently liberal" Americans say that being near museums and theaters is an important factor in choosing where to live. Only 23 percent of consistently conservative Americans say the same. The Playboy Interview w/ Marshall McLuhan *Next Nature Network. Academic Phrasebank. The Public Domain Review. "He Was a Crook" by Hunter S. Thompson. "And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying, Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird.

" ---Revelation 18:2 Richard Nixon is gone now, and I am poorer for it. He was the real thing -- a political monster straight out of Grendel and a very dangerous enemy. He could shake your hand and stab you in the back at the same time. He lied to his friends and betrayed the trust of his family. "My Father, The Outlaw Gonzo " by Juan F. Thompson. When I was a child, I would crawl onto my father's lap in the evenings while he sat in the Morris chair in the living room next to the huge fireplace. No one belongs here more than you. Stories by Miranda July. Ray Bradbury Interview/ Paris Review. Bradbury in 1978.