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Mattresses/ Bedding

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Kelly Wingback Headboard, Stripe. Bed&Style. The Best Linen Bedding You Can Buy Online Photos. World's Best Mattresses. The Mattress Underground - Your best source for information on mattress brands, materials, and choices. High Quality, Made In Italy. Modern furniture & lighting. This mattress features an internal structure with different densities of foam: Magnifoam Eliofirm for orthopedic support, combined with Magnifoam Eliosoft for soft support, plus a 1.5” layer of Memoform memory foam, padded on top with an additional 1" of Memoform memory foam for a gentle “medium soft” level of comfort. ° Comfort level: medium soft ° Internal structure: .5” of Super Soft Fiber, 1.5" of Memoform (memory foam), 7.5” of Magnifoam Eliofirm, 1” of Magnifoam Eliosoft ° Padding: 1” of Memoform memory foam ° Covered in .5” of soft touch Viscose fabric ° 100% Hypo allergenic, zero off gassing >20 year warranty / made in Italy •download the magniflex classico mattress collection pdf file: 215 kb)

modern furniture & lighting

Our Tester Tries 100 Mattresses. Firm, plush, or soft feel?

Our Tester Tries 100 Mattresses

“Firm,” I said to the 1-800-Mattress guide as I lay on a Simmons Beautyrest. “Thought so,” he said. “New Yorkers like firm. Soft only sells in the suburbs.” That was the simplest thing I had to consider in my journey through modern bed-land. Mattresses of the moment are made of foam, latex, and sometimes coils in a mind-numbing array of combinations. Then there’s latex, which can be natural (made from rubber) or synthetic. Hybrid beds made up the majority of the mattresses I tried. Hammersmith Atlanta, An Upscale General Contractor. We have had the pleasure of serving Atlanta, Georgia - and now Florida - for nearly a decade, and during that time we have received accolades for our work, and letters of recommendation.

Hammersmith Atlanta, An Upscale General Contractor

We have a few of those letters posted here, so you may see exactly what our clients say about us. JENA & STEVE YOUNG My husband and I have used Mike Hammersmith General Contracting for 4 large projects over the last 8 years. Both in new construction and in renovation, he and his team have surpassed our expectations time and time again with their professionalism, eye for detail, honesty, and innate sense of style. . ~ Jena and Steve Young MARY JANE & DAVE KIRKPATRICK We consider ourselves so fortunate to work with Mike Hammersmith General Contractors! America's Best Priced Luxury Mattresses - Saatva Mattress. Products - Rough Linen. Showcart. My passion for lavender scented linen sheets - my hobby - Blogs - Frugal Village Forums. This entry to to try to connect with the possible three other people on the planet who also adore linen sheets.I have a passion for anything linen.

My passion for lavender scented linen sheets - my hobby - Blogs - Frugal Village Forums

I love fine textiles and linen clothing. I love linen sheets, made from flax. Modern people confuse the use of the word "linen" for any bed sheet, which bugs me. Flax Linen, before the 1800's cotton revolution, used to be the fabric of choice. It was ungodly expensive and still is, but one thing to remember is that linen sheets last 4 times longer than cotton, as long as you take good care of them. Duvet Covers. Smart Shopper: How to Buy a Mattress. Organic Cotton Mattresses & Bedding. Think about it.

Organic Cotton Mattresses & Bedding

Over your lifetime, on average, you’ll likely spend about 26 years sleeping in your bed. And that doesn’t include any of the other time you may spend there. For the reasons you’re about to see, the mattress you’re sleeping on may be one of the most neglected – and overlooked – aspects of your health, in ways you might not even realize. Go ahead and ask yourself… Do you know what you are sleeping on – really?

Do you know what your skin is absorbing and your lungs are inhaling during the precious one-third of your life? The mattress you relax on each night may be giving you more than you expect or want. Big Tobacco’s Fingerprints: All Over Your Mattress? Decades ago, cigarette manufacturers came under the gun for their smoldering cigarettes that were starting house fires and killing people. Their solution? That was the beginning of strict laws requiring the addition of flame-retardant chemicals to all upholstered furniture and bedding products in the state of California.

Dr. Deep Pocket Bedding. Organic Mattresses with Natural Latex. Mattress stores want to rip you off. Here's how to fight back. At Walmart, Best Buy, or Whole Foods, the listed price on any item is usually what you pay.

Mattress stores want to rip you off. Here's how to fight back.

You might be able to get a discount with a coupon, but asking store employees for a discount generally won't work. But not every industry works like this. Haggling is common in expensive industries, like car and jewelry sales. Because customers don't participate in these markets very often, there's less incentive to win customer loyalty with fair and transparent pricing, and more opportunities to dupe unsophisticated buyers into overpaying.

Or take the mattress industry. Yet underpaying for a mattress can also be a big problem. Tuft & Needle. Platform Bed Frame - Platform bed frames come in a variety of styles, and they either feature horizontal slats (think planks, usually wooden) or a solid platform for the mattress to rest on.

Tuft & Needle

Slatted Bed Frame - A slatted bed frame is another way of saying platform frame and gets its name from the characteristic horizontal slats that support the mattress. Slats - Slats are the planks that are usually placed horizontally on a slatted or platform frame. Their purpose is to support the mattress and their function is analogous to that of a box spring. Metal Bed Frame - Sometimes called a Hollywood bed frame, the metal frame is a traditional bed frame that supports a box spring + mattress. Box Spring - Traditionally featuring a wooden frame and springs, most modern box springs are, in fact, slatted or solid foundations.