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Bird Feeders/ Food

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Hummingbird Feeders. Jump to: Ants Bees Recipe Cleaning Hummingbirds get the energy they need to maintain their astonishing metabolism primarily from flower nectar and the sugar water they find at feeders (here's the recipe).

Hummingbird Feeders

For protein and other nutrients, they also eat soft-bodied insects and spiders; I like Bob Sargent's perspective: "Hummers need nectar to power the bug eating machine that they are. " Think of them as miniature flycatchers, and sugar is just the fuel for getting their real nourishment. You might try setting out some overripe fruit--banana peels are good--to attract flies for your hummers. If you have developed a particularly entertaining method of providing bugs for their dining pleasure, I'd be more than happy to publish it here. :-) Meanwhile, let's talk about nectar feeders, some of which are reviewed on another page. A Little History... The device pictured at left is an example of the first commercially-available hummingbird feeder.

K-Feeders® Super Carousel Wild Bird Feeder Model # K-351. Where Nature and Quality Meet If watching countless birds and identifying the various species at your back yard feeder are goals for you, invest in the K-Feeders® Super Carousel Wild Bird Feeder!

K-Feeders® Super Carousel Wild Bird Feeder Model # K-351

The K-Feeders® Super Carousel Wild Bird Feeder is a grand large capacity feeder that can hold an impressive 8 lb of seed for the visiting birds. Easily screw off the top to fill each compartment with your seed of choice. Hang or pole mount the feeder 10-12 feet away from your house or hang in any large trees and sit back and watch as a variety of colorful, hungry birds are sure to flock to your feeder! Click to Enlarge Durable Construction - Easy to Fill and Clean This feeder is constructed with the finest materials and assembled with quality craftsmanship. At K-Feeders® we truly believe that a superior bird feeder can be the difference you need to attract your favorite feathered beauties.

Birdfeeders. Birdfeeders. Birdfeeders. Birdfeeders. This is not our first Perky Pet upside down finch feeder (our others have worn out), but it is our first Deluxe model.


We find that it seems heavier and more durable than the standard one. The plastic tube seems thicker. The perches and the bottom piece fit snuggly and won't fall out. The American Gold Finch is the only finch that comes to feed on this feeder...other finches and other birds try, but can't seem to hold on when they turn upside down, like the goldfinches do! Some people have commented that other birds have used their feeder, but we suggest that those birds may be the females who aren't as bright yellow as the males or perhaps the young ones who haven't gotten all their coloring yet.

Bird Feeders. Birdfeeders. K-Feeders® Super Carousel Wild Bird Feeder Model # K-351. Birdfeeders. Lyric® Finch Food Mix is a perfect combination of wild bird food to attract goldfinches and other small birds to your feeders.


With this selection of finch seed your bird feeders will become a major hub of bird activity. Each of the seed types used in the mix was carefully selected to help the American Goldfinch and its relatives through winter, spring, summer and fall! Lyric®'s Finch Mix attracts a number of finch species, including: American Goldfinch, Common Redpoll, House Finch, Lesser Goldfinch, Northern mockingbird, Pine Siskin, and Purple Finch. Each of these species love one (or more) of the offerings in this wild finch food mix, so you can expect plenty of visitors. Inside each resealable bag your finches will find: sunflower kernels, small golden millet, niger (thistle) seed, canary seed and canola seed. This buffet of high-protein finch food will definitely keep them coming back to your feeders for more. How to Attract Orioles this Spring.

With their signature black and orange or yellow coloring and beautiful songs, orioles are a favorite among backyard birds.

How to Attract Orioles this Spring

However, orioles are also known to be somewhat elusive due to their very particular habits. To help you out, we’ve gathered a list of tips to help you attract the orioles in your region this spring. With just a few simple steps, your yard could soon become a sought-after haven for these stunning birds. Are Orioles in My Area? There are nine different species of orioles found in the United States, although only five are widespread. Baltimore Oriole Baltimore Orioles – no, not the baseball team – are commonly found throughout the eastern and central regions of the United States. Bullock’s Oriole In the spring and early summer, Bullock’s Orioles reside in the western half of the United States. Hooded Oriole Named for their signature orange “hood”, Hooded Orioles are located in the southwestern region of the United States. Orchard Oriole. Perky Pet Pinch Waist Glass Hummingbird Feeder (8 oz capacity)

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