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Exposing PseudoAstronomy Podcast - Tree. Anomalies and Images Apollo Moon Landing Conspiracy Astrology and New Age Conspiracies Creationism (young-Earth) Earth Electric Universe ET Life Legal/Law New Horizons (mission to Pluto) Planet X Richard C.

Exposing PseudoAstronomy Podcast - Tree

Richard C. Solar System History UFOs and Related Topics Basic Science.

A Closer Look

'The greatest unsolved mysteries of the universe': Dr Paul Francis at ANU, March 2010. Speeddemontalk. New Theory Suggests Universe Could Ctrl-Alt-Delete Itself. Life Get short URL It's certainly a grim thought to get your head around, but beyond mere scientific scaremongering, the theory does encourage serious debate among experts.

New Theory Suggests Universe Could Ctrl-Alt-Delete Itself

This relates to the Higgs Field theory, also referred to as Higgs Boson, which is thought to permeate the entire universe. Margaret Wertheim – The limits of physics. Theoretical physics is beset by a paradox that remains as mysterious today as it was a century ago: at the subatomic level things are simultaneously particles and waves.

Margaret Wertheim – The limits of physics

Like the duck-rabbit illusion first described in 1899 by the Polish-born American psychologist Joseph Jastrow, subatomic reality appears to us as two different categories of being. But there is another paradox in play. Physics itself is riven by the competing frameworks of quantum theory and general relativity, whose differing descriptions of our world eerily mirror the wave-particle tension. A Lazy Layman's Guide to Quantum Physics. That's an easy one: it's the science of things so small that the quantum nature of reality has an effect.

A Lazy Layman's Guide to Quantum Physics

Quantum means 'discrete amount' or 'portion'. Max Planck discovered in 1900 that you couldn't get smaller than a certain minimum amount of anything. This minimum amount is now called the Planck unit. The meaning of quantum physics is a bit of a taboo subject, but everyone thinks about it. Northern Light Show Visits South. 116, 061102 (2016) - Observation of Gravitational Waves from a Binary Black Hole Merger. Stimulating Lectures. Astronomy News. Hawking at Harvard. Black holes have long been painted as eternal prisons, regions of space so dense that nothing — not even light — can escape them.

Hawking at Harvard

But the truth, Stephen Hawking told a packed Sanders Theatre this afternoon, is that the holes aren’t as black as you might think. In a session that was the hottest ticket on campus in some time, the renowned Cambridge theoretical physicist and cosmologist spoke to more than 1,000 faculty, students, and staff at Sanders, with dozens more watching at simulcast sites in the Science Center and at Jefferson Lab. George Gollin, Dept. of Physics, UIUC.

Amazon. Parallel Universes: Theories & Evidence. Is our universe unique?

Parallel Universes: Theories & Evidence

From science fiction to science fact, there is a proposal out there that suggests that there could be other universes besides our own, where all the choices you made in this life played out in alternate realities. So, instead of turning down that job offer that took you from the United States to China, the alternate universe would show the outcome if you decided to venture to Asia instead. Quantum physics just got less complicated. Here's a nice surprise: quantum physics is less complicated than we thought.

Quantum physics just got less complicated

An international team of researchers has proved that two peculiar features of the quantum world previously considered distinct are different manifestations of the same thing. The result is published 19 December in Nature Communications. Sabrina Gonzalez Pasterski. A new, lower value of total solar irradiance: Evidence and climate significance - Kopp - 2011 - Geophysical Research Letters.

Abstract [1] The most accurate value of total solar irradiance during the 2008 solar minimum period is 1360.8 ± 0.5 W m−2 according to measurements from the Total Irradiance Monitor (TIM) on NASA's Solar Radiation and Climate Experiment (SORCE) and a series of new radiometric laboratory tests.

A new, lower value of total solar irradiance: Evidence and climate significance - Kopp - 2011 - Geophysical Research Letters

Solar irradiance. Solar irradiance is the power per unit area produced by the Sun in the form of electromagnetic radiation. Irradiance may be measured in space or at the Earth's surface after atmospheric absorption and scattering. Total Solar Irradiance (TSI), is a measure of the solar radiative power per unit area normal to the rays, incident on the Earth's upper atmosphere. Observing With NASA. Richard A. Muller. Astrology Fails the Test of Science (2) In our first article we provided an introduction to astrology.

Astrology Fails the Test of Science (2)

After having defined the subject, we examined the history, prevalence, and appeal of astrology. In this second article, we will see that astrology cannot pass the test of science. There is no "real world" evidence that astrology works. All scientific efforts to confirm its power have failed. Scientists are agreed: Astrology is a pseudo-science! Mars Up Close. Marc Kaufman Marc Kaufman is a science writer and national editor for The Washington Post.

Mars Up Close

He lives outside of Washington, D.C. Visit him at - See more at: Dr. Matthew P. Dr. Sim Theory - We May Actually Be In The Matrix. Saturn's Mysterious Moons. Digital Einstein Papers Home. How Large is the Universe? We Finally Know Why the North Pole Is Moving East. Stargazing Live Episode 1. Warp drives and bending time Prof Tamara Davis.

More Planetary TV. DARPA: We Are Engineering the Organisms That Will Terraform Mars. Terraformed Mars, artist's conception. Image: Daein Ballard/Wikimedia Commons It’s no secret that the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is investing heavily in genetic engineering and synthetic biology. Whether that excites or terrifies you depends on how you feel about the military engineering totally new life forms. If you’re in the excitement camp, however, here’s a nugget for you: DARPA believes that it's on the way to creating organisms capable of terraforming Mars into a planet that looks more like Earth. The goal of terraforming Mars would be to warm up and potentially thicken its atmosphere by growing green, photosynthesizing plants, bacteria, and algae on the barren Martian surface.

Supernova Stellar Explosion. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. Lasers might push spacecraft all the way to Mars in just 3 days. Depending on the alignment of Mars and Earth, as well as the speed of propulsion, a spacecraft could reach the Red Planet as soon as 150 days. So far, NASA spacecraft have made 13 trips to Mars, with seven landings. The most recent — that of the Curiosity rover — took 253 days from launch on Earth to touchdown on Mars. There’s now reason to believe, however, that this journey could be significantly made faster to the point it only takes 3 days, according to a NASA researcher. Artistic rendition of a laser driven spacecraft. Project Greenglow and the battle with gravity.

A handful of leftfield scientists have been trying to harness the power of gravity. Welcome to the world of Project Greenglow, writes Nic Young. In science there exists a uniquely potent partnership between theory and engineering. Birth of Planets Revealed in Astonishing Detail in ALMA's 'Best Image Ever' For Release: 7 a.m. Carl Sagan's last interview with Charlie Rose (Full Interview) Carl Sagan - The Demon Haunted World (FULL) Richard Feynman. Total Solar Eclipse 2017 - Eclipse Stories. 2014 Lyrids meteor shower. In 2016, the Lyrids are expected peak on April 22 and 23. A Full Moon on April 21, 2016 will make it difficult for observers to view the meteor shower. Types of Solar and Lunar Eclipses. An eclipse is an astronomical event where one celestial body partially or totally covers another celestial object. Supermoon – Super Moon. A Supermoon is a full Moon or a new Moon at its closest point to Earth; also called perigee.

Start. Chapter 0: Introductory Materials[+] 1: Introductory Physics: A Model Approach, Online Edition. Earth & Space Science. Essential Science for Teachers Exploring topics that range from soil to the solar system, Essential Science for Teachers: Earth and Space Science provides participants the opportunity to increase their science content knowledge and develop new understandings of how this content connects to K - 6 classrooms.

Astronomy Picture of the Day Archive. The Largest Black Holes in the Universe. Astronomers Without Borders - Home. Zooniverse - Real Science Online. Today's Moon Phase. Physics and Astronomy Online Portal. Sixty Symbols - Physics and Astronomy videos. Top 10 Best Astrophotographers in the World. 125 Great Science Videos: From Astronomy to Physics & Psychology.

Astronomy & Space Travel. Chandra X-Ray Observer/ Podcasts. When Will Time End? A Review of the Universe. Astronomers spy most distant Solar System object ever. NASA/ESA/G. BBC Space – Explore the planets, black holes, stars and more. Celestial happenings you can see from your own backyard. Cosmos is a fantastic show about ideological conversion more than it’s about science.

Like Carl Sagan before him, Neil deGrasse Tyson is constructing a cult of personality. Also like Sagan, that personality is not his own. vTAA8gG. Yale researchers seek explananation for abnormal star light. 100,000 Stars. Andromeda. Total lunar eclipse of September 28, 2015 - online broadcasts schedule. Hawking: Mankind has 1,000 years to escape Earth. File_56427. [Link]: KIC 8462852, aka WTF star, "the most mysterious star in our galaxy", ETI candidate, etc. - Less Wrong Discussion.

Is Time an Illusion? (Video) String Theory and the Scientific Method. Beyond the Standard (cosmological) Model with Leonard Susskind. Demystifying the Higgs Boson with Leonard Susskind. Universe is Not Expanding After All, Scientists Say. LIGO - Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory. Solar storm of 1859. Magnificent Eruption in Full HD. Helioseismology. Dodwell Manuscript. 2nd verse same as the 1st. The CRACKPOT Index. Spacetime invisibility cloaks can hide entire events inside temporal voids.

The Fermi Paradox - Wait But Why. The Higgs Boson Explained. Journal of Nuclear Physics. John Von Neumann Documentary. The E-Cat Buzz. Expanding Our Horizons: Matter, Space, and the Universe. Physicists Discover Geometry Underlying Particle Physics.

Hangout with CERN: Extra dimensions (S03E02) Graham Priest - Frege. Lawrence Krauss OWNED by David Gross on the Multiverse Religion. The Science and Psychology of the Chaos Theory. What is Chaos? An Interactive Online Course for Everyone. Eliezer Yudkowsky on Bayes and science: what? NASA Releases New High-Definition View of Iconic ‘Pillars of Creation’ Photo. How To Identify That Light In The Sky? The University of Manchester.