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Cigar Star

Cigar Star® is a proud Canadian company that design & manufacture Premium Quality Cigar Accessories.

Buy Best Quality Silver Cigar Cutter Online at Cigar Star. Silver Twist Cigar Punch / Keychain Just twist the side of the punch and the blade disappears inside the punch allowing your clippings to fall out and protecting the precision cutting blade while not in use.

Buy Best Quality Silver Cigar Cutter Online at Cigar Star

Awesome cigar Punch / Cutter. Product Description Silver Cigar Punch is mounted on a keychain so it’s always handy when you need it. Just twist the butt of the punch to reveal the precision cutting blade to the cutting position. You then slowly screw the punch blade from side to side into the “head” or “tip” of your cigar until the blade disappears inside the head, you then pull the punch out of the “head” or “tip” of your cigar and you will have a perfect draw hole. Very clever, very handy, and very safe.

Size: 2.5 inch long. Buy A Humidor Dividers That Suits Your Style. You can purchase a humidor that will suit your style quite easily and you will find any cigar star humidor will be a nice addition to any office or den.

Buy A Humidor Dividers That Suits Your Style

You should purchase a humidor to keep your cigars in the best condition possible based on the size of your collection and you will find it quite simple to use the device when you are at home or work. You must keep your cigars in the finest condition and you may do so quite easily. This article explains how you can purchase a cigar star humidor that will help you care for your cigars, look good and remain functional.

How to give your cigar that perfect cut everytime! Advice on giving your cigar that perfect cut every time.

How to give your cigar that perfect cut everytime!

Cutting your cigars correctly mean that you will have a better drawing and tasting cigar. Just cut about 2 mm off the head of the cigar to avoid unravelling. Cutters with Double Guillotine blades that are self-sharpening, are better than a single blade cigar cutter as it will maximize comfort and give you that perfect cut every time. The object of cutting your cigar is to create an ample, clean cut and smooth opening for drawing on your cigar, which in turn creates an even burn.

Tips To Gift A Cigar Humidor. Looking for that perfect humidor?

Tips To Gift A Cigar Humidor

With all the selections available, your best bet is to buy & shop at with a large range of cigar humidors online. It is possible to spend time and energy going to a local cigar shop, however, most of the products they sell are also available online. Ordering online is easy, secure, convenient and the product will be delivered directly to your door with a low flat rate shipping fee. 1. Buying Tips If this is your first experience to buy & shop cigar star humidors, there are some simple ways to begin your search and narrow down your options. 2. Price is going to be a large consideration when you buy & shop humidor store online. Best Cigar Humidors Canada – Great Quality and Prices‎ Looking for the best cigar humidors in Canada?

Best Cigar Humidors Canada – Great Quality and Prices‎

Here at Cigar Star we know that our customers are looking for the best deals on cigar humidors, travel cigar humidors, cigar leather cases, and cigar cutters. We have placed some specials on most of our cigar accessories to give you the customer the best value for your dollar. We have marked down many of our smaller cigar humidors to give you the best bang for your buck. If you are in the market for the best cigar humidors, there is no other place online to get a better deal in Canada.

Our prices are in Canadian and we ship the same day we receive your order, with flat rate shipping of only $9.99. How To Buy Cigar Humidor Online. Many people try to find a solution for keeping their cigars fresh throughout the day or maybe for a couple of days considering the change in atmospheric humidity.

How To Buy Cigar Humidor Online

It is noted that when the temperature and humidity vary drastically, it affects the cigars as well. Keeping cigars without being affected by these changes is not a tough task, but people who don’t preserve their cigars won’t enjoy if they are not fresh. One of the best option to preserve cigars is by using a cigar humidor. What Happens to Cigars under Varied Humidity? Cigars are sensitive to atmospheric temperature and humidity as it is hygroscopic. To keep the cigars fresh, it needs to be stored from external contact that gets humidity variation. Six Cigar Leather Travel Humidor. 6 Cigar Leather Travel Humidor This is a great travel humidor, will allow you to take up to 6 cigars anywhere!

Six Cigar Leather Travel Humidor

Be the life of the party with this amazing travel cigar humidor. 12 in stock (also available on backorder) Product Description. Cigar Star PERFECT CUT cigar cutter. Sale!

Cigar Star PERFECT CUT cigar cutter

Canadian Cigar Star prices in Canadian dollars shipped from Canada. We have many emails from our US customers asking if our prices are in Canadian or US dollar.

Canadian Cigar Star prices in Canadian dollars shipped from Canada

Cigar Star is a Canadian company located in Brantford, Ontario, Canada. Get The Best Cigar Humidor In Canada. If you have been smoking cigars passionately for a while now, it may be time to get a humidor.

Get The Best Cigar Humidor In Canada

Like other cigar accessories, the quality varies a lot. Despite how much you are willing to spend, you can still get a good quality cigar humidor. It ensures that the freshness of your cigars stays locked in. Portability is Important. 6 Tips On Choosing The Right Cigar Humidor. Before you decide to invest in a certain quantity of cigars, you need to select the right type of cigar humidor to ensure that they retain their optimal condition over time. Humidors will provide the ideal atmosphere for the cigars to retain their correct moisture level and enhance flavor while your cigars rest until they are ready to be smoked. Storage devices such as a cigar humidor also prevent the tobacco beetles from infecting your cigars. The blog shares six interesting tips on selecting the correct cigar humidor in Canada to protect your collection. Tip 1: Storage Capacity The first consideration with any cigar humidor is whether or not its storage capacity is adequate for the number of cigars that you need to store.

Tip 2: Portability. Black Travel humidor for three Cigar. Cigar Black Leather Telescopic Travel Case. Sale! 2 Cigar Black Leather Telescopic Travel Case This case is made from the finest Italian leather, black in color. It will hold 2 Churchill size cigars, although this is a telescopic case so you can store 2 smaller cigars.

Product Description This case is made from the finest Italian leather, black in color. The walls of this case are 2 mm thick and the craftsmanship is superb! Features: Genuine Black Italian Leather.2mm thickness for durability.Accommodates up to 2 Churchill size cigar, although the case will fit any size cigar.Strong and tough, but yet very classy and elegant.Makes a great gift for any cigar smoker. Additional Information. Elegant Cigar Cases to protect your Cigar. New and Improved Carbon Fiber 50 Cigar humidor. Here at Cigar Star, Our Mission: Total Quality with Continued Improvement!

Well that is what we have done with our Carbon Fiber 50 Cigar Humidor. With this cigar humidor we have added an external digital hygrometer which is placed on the top of the lid for easy hassle free readings, and also removed the standard sponge base humidifier and replaced it with a transparent crystal humidifier. We also added a silver plated counter weight lid lifter to the front of the lid.