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Free 7 Day Course Signup Adw. 3 Advanced Grammar In Use 3rd Edition : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming. Flo-Joe: THE place on the web for Cambridge English exam preparation: PET, FCE, CAE, CPE, IELTS. How to Pass CPE (Proficiency) Speaking Test — CAE Exam Tips. 5.

How to Pass CPE (Proficiency) Speaking Test — CAE Exam Tips

FAQs "Is it bad to pause during the Long Turn? " In theory, absolutely NOT. "Fluency" doesn't mean "not stopping" - remember, CPE is all about sounding natural, and native speakers pause all the time! The examiners will know the difference between a pause to think and a pause because you don't know how to say something in English, so don't worry, and they also make certain allowances for nerves - they know how much pressure you're under, and are trained so as not to penalise really nervous candidates. "Will I lose points if I don't cover all the bullet points on the card? " The answer is NO. "Is it bad if the Interlocutor stops me mid-sentence? " Not at all! "Will I lose points if I don't speak for the full 2 minutes? " You will be penalised if you stop well short of the 2-minute mark, i.e. more than 10 seconds before. "How can I prepare for the Long Turn? " It's not a very 'natural' task, let's be honest, so the only way you can really prepare is by doing it. 6.

Destination c1 and c2 by Dolores Aguera. CPE (Cambridge English Proficiency/C2: Proficiency) Similies in the Multiple Choice Cloze. CPE (Cambridge English Proficiency/C2: Proficiency) Binomials with 'And' in the Multiple Choice Cloze. Try today's word bank quiz to help with the CPE (Cambridge English: Proficiency) exam.

Practise the various forms of words that feature in the CPE Multiple Choice Cloze task. CPE Practice Tests for Reading and Use of English (Cambridge English: Proficiency) CPE Writing Part 1: Formal Essay. Just a quick note… Before you use these materials… We’ve created a new podcast aimed at B2+ level English students and teachers alike.

CPE Writing Part 1: Formal Essay

You can listen for free at our SoundCloud page below. You can download teacher’s notes to accompany them from our Facebook page or from this blog. All comments and feedback welcome! Give us a like and a share CPE Writing Part 1: Essay This is a lesson plan to help prepare students for part 1 of the CPE writing exam, in which students are required to write a formal essay which summarises and evaluates two other texts. Here is my step-by-step guide to approaching the task: Download the class handout here: CPE writing essay 2nd plan Step 1 – Text analysis Read both texts and decide if they are complementary or contrasting.Underline the two key content points in each text.

Step 2 – Paraphrasing and summarising Brainstorm different ways to paraphrase and summarise the key points.What impressive structures can you use? Step 3 – Evaluate and react Introduction. CPE PREPARATION WEEK!!! How to write a Discursive Essay - a free guide from Your guide to writing a Discursive Essay A discursive essay thoroughly investigates an argument by offering two opposing perspectives.

How to write a Discursive Essay - a free guide from

It's a practical method of establishing the writer's opinion on a topic and persuading one's stance by exploring the reasons why each view may or may not be valid. The author usually maintains a calm and neutral stance throughout the text to establish an unbiased and informative argument. 1. Define your topic Before you begin your essay you need to define what the topic is. 2. The foundation of any well structured essay is an outline. Introduction: The Introduction clearly states the topic and explains why it is important. Image source: 3. "Discursive writing does not argue for or against a point throughout the essay". Knowing in advance which points you will discuss will help during the actual writing process. Hint: Try to choose strong and valid points that would be difficult to argue against. Body: -Point A) -Point B) -Point A) -Point B) -etc.. 4.