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Lady M. Abandoned Homes in Detroit Are Being Turned Into Greenhouses - The Atlantic. When Steven Mankouche first saw the house at 3347 Burnside Street in Detroit, in 2013, it was buckling and scarred with burn marks 1.

Abandoned Homes in Detroit Are Being Turned Into Greenhouses - The Atlantic

An artist named Andy Malone, who lived nearby, had just purchased the lot for $500 and was hoping to find some way to bring it back to life. San Diego Zoo Animals & Plants. It's a what?

San Diego Zoo Animals & Plants

It’s a binturong! Looking like something Dr. Seuss might have dreamed up, a binturong has a face like a cat's and a body like a bear's, long, shaggy black hair, stiff white whiskers, and a prehensile tail that’s as long as its body. Binturongs are also called bearcats, but that name is rather misleading since these animals are not related to bears OR cats. Instead, they are related to civets and fossas but look more like gigantic dust mops and smell like a freshly made batch of popcorn! The hair coloration on binturongs can vary from black to brown with white, silver, or rust on the tips, which gives the binturong a grizzled appearance. Binturongs spend most of their time in the trees, but they usually have to climb down to get from tree to tree, since they are not nearly as acrobatic as monkeys.

A binturong’s tail is very thick and muscular at the base, with the last third of it prehensile to be used like an extra hand when climbing around in the treetops. The two Detroits: a city both collapsing and gentrifying at the same time. James Cadariu was born and bred in a neighbourhood that’s now falling to pieces.

The two Detroits: a city both collapsing and gentrifying at the same time

In the late 1980s, Cadariu’s mother and brother were held up at gunpoint in the east side of Detroit. Detroit’s DIY Cure for Urban Blight. DETROIT—For the past year, Clement Wright has driven into the Marygrove neighborhood before and after his night shifts at Chrysler to reclaim a small piece of the city where he has spent his whole life.

Detroit’s DIY Cure for Urban Blight

While his friends texted him sunny vacation pictures from the Florida Keys, Wright, 62, spent much of his non-working life tearing down walls, laying bricks, installing electrical outlets, sanding, tiling, nailing, molding and painting. “When I got it, it was devastated,” says Wright, standing near a shop vacuum and a roll of pink insulation in his three-bedroom, brick colonial built in 1950. Dozens of houses like it had gone vacant in this tightly-packed middle-class neighborhood near Detroit’s Marygrove College. “The house had been sitting seven years. It had holes in the walls. Foreclosures fuel Detroit blight, cost city millions. Detroit — Subprime lending and bargain-basement sales of foreclosed homes by banks and other mortgage lenders have helped create miles of blight in Detroit and a half-billion dollar liability for the city.

Foreclosures fuel Detroit blight, cost city millions

The Detroit News scoured thousands of property records to catalog the conditions of 65,000 mortgage foreclosures since 2005. The investigation shows for the first time the extent of damage to neighborhoods and the bill Detroit inherited when foreclosed homes were left open to destruction. The toll is massive: 56 percent of mortgage foreclosures are now blighted or abandoned. Whites moving to Detroit, city that epitomized white flight. DETROIT — Whites are moving back to the American city that came to epitomize white flight, even as blacks continue to leave for the suburbs and the city’s overall population shrinks.

Whites moving to Detroit, city that epitomized white flight

Detroit is the latest major city to see an influx of whites who may not find the suburbs as alluring as their parents and grandparents did in the last half of the 20th century. Unlike New York, San Francisco and many other cities that have seen the demographic shift, though, it is cheap housing and incentive programs that are partly fueling the regrowth of the Motor City’s white population. “For any individual who wants to build a company or contribute to the city, Detroit is the perfect place to be,” said Bruce Katz, co-director of the Global Cities Initiative at the Washington-based Brookings Institution.

“You can come to Detroit and you can really make a difference.” “A young person can move here with $10,000 and start up a small flex space for artists or artists’ studios,” Seger said. Detroit home values finally on the rise. Home values in Detroit neighborhoods are finally experiencing some upward momentum after years of rock-bottom prices.

Detroit home values finally on the rise

Still among the cheapest places in the nation to buy a house, Detroit neighborhoods are seeing prices inch up on most residential blocks with substantial gains in the strongest areas. A Free Press analysis of land records shows the median sale price of any home in the city was $30,000 last month, more than four times the $7,000 median in 2009, an especially dark year for the economy and real estate. To be sure, there are still plenty of houses in Detroit selling for $1,000 or less because of their poor physical condition and the still-deteriorating neighborhoods. And occasionally, a $1 house will hit the market when a bank or other owner wants to rid itself of the liability of ownership.

GPO-FCIC. Housing Market paper. Detroit's Housing Disaster Is Its Leaders' Fault. The Detroit Housing Market. In Detroit, more people rent homes than own them. TODAY'S TOP STORIESNSC shakeup has K.T.

In Detroit, more people rent homes than own them

McFarland leaving White House | 0:36 K.T. McFarland is set to leave her position as deputy national security adviser. Metro Detroit housing prices up, but not like elsewhere. Housing prices in metro Detroit were 6.4% higher this October compared to last year, but unlike other U.S. cities, they are still well off their peak hit last decade, according to a leading price index released Tuesday.

Metro Detroit housing prices up, but not like elsewhere

The latest Standard & Poor's/Case-Shiller Home Price index showed that prices in the metro region -- defined as Wayne, Oakland, Macomb, Livingston, St. Clair and Lapeer counties -- continue to rebound and are up 70% from their bottom in April 2011. Downtown Detroit sales prices rise to 'insane' levels. Prices rising for downtown Detroit living John Gallagher Detroit Free Press Greater downtown Detroit residential real estate — a near-dead market only a few years ago — is now soaring with a few property owners even listing their downtown and Midtown properties for fantasy prices running into the millions of dollars.

Downtown Detroit sales prices rise to 'insane' levels

But beneath some of the ridiculous pricing, greater downtown is offering a steady stream of residential openings as prices surge amid downtown's continued revival. The surge is fueled mostly by empty-nest baby boomers, along with some millennials, who are paying prices approaching $300 a square foot for upscale condos — levels unheard of just a few years ago. In the Midtown district north of downtown, median home sale prices so far this year have hit $293,000, almost double the median price of $167,900 in spring 2013, according to data provided by the Realcomp II Ltd. real estate service. 2000739 Detroit Housing Tracker Q1 2016. Marilyn Salenger: ‘White flight’ and Detroit’s decline - The Washington Post. By Marilyn Salenger By Marilyn Salenger July 21, 2013 Marilyn Salenger is president of Strategic Communications Services and a former correspondent and news anchor for several CBS stations.

An almost palpable sadness has swept across the country at the news that the city of Detroit has filed for bankruptcy. The New* Detroit: How gentrification has changed Detroit's economic landscape. When Shelby Oberstaedt was a kid, her suburban family was hesitant to travel downtown to attend Detroit Tigers games, fearing a reputation that painted the city as crime-ridden. And while living downtown as her now-husband played football at Wayne State University, she said, those same feelings of insecurity remained. “Living here was a bit scary,” she recalled. “Fifteen years ago I don’t even think my family would’ve come down here.” White Flight - How Detroit Lost Its Way.