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Ciceroni is a fashion review portal that acts as city guide to fashion & lifestyle shopping and deals. It is an online community which provides credible and down-right honest reviews from experts and peers making shopping easy.

Buy Designer Lehenga Set Online on Ciceroni Shop. History and Evolution of Wearable Art in Fashion. Reading Time: 7 minutes “Fashion Is More Art Than Art Is.”— Andy Warhol Think of Frida Kahlo, Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dalí, Jackson Pollock, Raja Ravi Varma..

History and Evolution of Wearable Art in Fashion

Is fashion art or is it the other way around? Let’s find out! Designer John Galliano famously said “The joy of dressing is an art, but so is the craftsmanship and making of the dress”. As we skimmed through the pages of history, we found out that ‘The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood’, formed in 1848 by John Everett Millais, William Holman Hunt, and Dante Gabriel Rossetti, was one of the first collective efforts by artists to create an alternative dress. Fashion has often made a strong case to be perceived as a wearable form of art. Take a look at 3 of the historical art and fashion collaborations!

Buy Designer Silk Dupattas & Stoles Online in India – Ciceroni Shop. Valentine’s Gifting 2021 - 10 Picks from Ciceroni’s E-Shop Under Rs. 5000. Reading Time: 5 minutes If 2020 has taught one thing, it has been to value what you have and cherish it and be as expressive as you can.

Valentine’s Gifting 2021 - 10 Picks from Ciceroni’s E-Shop Under Rs. 5000

While the cynics in you might smirk at the idea of Valentine’s day and gifting, we say there is no harm in expressing your love, even if it’s a commercial day. Gift a token of love, write a letter, draw a card, bake a cake or give a spa session. In case you are the lazy goose, you know you can rely on us to suggest you best gifting options.

How Organic are Organic beauty brands? Reading Time: 7 minutes Living in the millennial age has its own perks and consequences.

How Organic are Organic beauty brands?

If you are 80s or 90s kid you would remember how Indian households believed in home remedies and Ayurveda rather than expensive medications for even the deadliest cuts and wounds. Though it was an era of Doordarshan and All India Radio, there was hardly any brand propaganda that meddled with our brains convincing us on consumerism and tapping on our insecurities. In today’s world, right from our Instagram feeds and e-commerce websites to our peers and friends, there has been a continued hype on embracing “all things organic.”

If something is ‘organic’ it means it has been produced without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or other artificial chemicals. Today the world of beauty is flooded with products claiming to be either natural, organic, ayurvedic or herbal. Unlike millennials, the Gen Z aren’t the type of consumers waiting to be wooed by the brands. Fashion Lifestyle Exhibitions, Local Designer Stores & Salon Guide-Ciceroni. Buy Authentic Traditional Sarees. 8 Stylish and Cosy Staples You Need This Winter. Reading Time: 5 minutes Have you got your winter essentials stocked for the season?

8 Stylish and Cosy Staples You Need This Winter

Just because you may or may not step out this winter, does not mean you need to compromise on your style game. Well, a change of season definitely calls for a wardrobe redo! It’s that time of the year, when evening strolls are more peaceful with a stylish beanie; when reading a book by the fireplace becomes more interesting with an elegant shawl; when watching movies during warm winter afternoons become captivating with a statement-making jumper.

HOW TO : Curl your Hair At Home. How to Style Casual Palazzo Pants in Unique Ways This Season? – Fashion Corner. Buy Authentic Traditional Sarees from India. Safary Suits with modern touch. Clothing & Footwear for Men & Women. Embracing Conscious Choices Every Day with Devyani Kapoor. CAC LIVE with Yuvrani Meenal Kumari Singhdeo of Dhenkanal. Jewellery Industry in the COVID World - The Before After Story. Reading Time: 7 minutes Looking to invest in jewellery this season?

Jewellery Industry in the COVID World - The Before After Story

For most jewellery enthusiasts, shopping before the Covid phase was primarily driven by trends, festivities and weddings. But now, given the unpredictable health concerns, the shopping experience will never be the same. The sudden closure of shops and stores, the halt in exhibitions and the big- fat Indian weddings have caused the jewellery brands and retailers in India to re-evaluate their brick and mortar business models.

As the world slowly resumes back to the old accepting that nothing will ever be the same, it’s time to see how much has the pandemic crippled and transformed the jewellery industry for good. Ciceroni analyses the look and feel of the jewellery industry with the industry experts and leading jewellery makers in the country. The Challenges. Style Speak with Neha Sheth. Reading Time: 4 minutes Sartorial, edgy and discerning in her tastes, Neha Sheth wears many hats with elan, literally.

Style Speak with Neha Sheth

Trained to be a left-brained analytical engineer at Stanford, Neha has not only been heading her IT company – Musikaar with her sharp business acumen but also has fluidly travelled through the finer aspects of life with her creative pursuits. A legit purveyor of fashion and style and Founder & CEO of Ciceroni, she leaves no stone unturned to unveil latest discoveries on the platform. With 25 years of experience in IT industry across Silicon valley and having worked with various start-ups in the sector, Neha comes across as a visual aberration among the stereotypical IT professionals. Be a Smart Shopper , Make Ciceroni your BFF. Costex Tractor Parts. Contact - Costex. Costex - Accessories.