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How Does the Brain Work? | NOVA scienceNOW
The Fifth and Sixth Discontinuity Philosopher Bruce Mazlish claims that the eyes of science have overthrown humanity’s view of itself in a series of revelations. At each unveiling, we descend one notch. In the first removal, Copernicus dethroned our common-sense assumption that our world stood at the center of the universe. The Fifth and Sixth Discontinuity
Buddhism & Mind

superimposing fields of perception

p> Case Studies Thinking Foundations collaborates with schools and school districts around the world for ongoing research.

Thinking Foundation

Thinking Foundation

Visualizing Meaning

Visualizing Meaning All 1,943 Cornell Faculty were asked to respond to the following question: Of the many charts (graph, map, diagram, table and ‘other’) you have seen in your life, which has been the most important, remarkable, meaningful or valuable? On the archival paper provided, they were asked to create a copy of the chart and in the remaining space annotate notable attribute of the data and the image, describe what they remembered about first seeing this image and comment on why they chose this image. All other Cornell community members are invited to share their favorite chart by visiting the display table in Mann Library near the reference desk on the first floor.
The Churning of the Ocean of Milk The Churning of the Ocean of Milk Contemporary painting of Vishnu seated in the Ocean of Milk, as Brahma, Shiva and other deities approach from the shore. Illustration by Kailash Raj (1) (Click to enlarge)CANNABIS CULTURE - Did you know that the largest continual human gathering in the world, Kumbha Mela, is based around the myth of the making of the Cosmic bhang? (For all those neophytes out there, bhang is a drink made from cannabis). I am still putting the finishing touches on my book Cannabis and the Soma Solution and recently revised some more of the material in my chapter on India: Excerpt from Cannabis and the Soma Solution:
Cayra Mindmapping
Out of the Blue A computer simulation of the upper layer of a rat brain neocortical column. Here neurons light up in a “global excitatory state” of blues and yellows. Courtesy of Dr. Out of the Blue