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Watch the First 10 Seasons of Bob Ross' The Joy of Painting Free Online. Last year, we let you know that the first season of The Joy of Painting, the public-television paint-along show hosted by the neatly permed and persistently reassuring Bob Ross, had appeared free to watch online.

Watch the First 10 Seasons of Bob Ross' The Joy of Painting Free Online

Produced by WNVC in Falls Church, Virginia, that season aired in 1983, and had some rough edges — the audible movements and murmurs of the crew in the background, the naturally improvisational Ross’ occasional stumble over one of his scripted lines — that would get thoroughly smoothed away as the program rapidly became an international TV institution, a process you can witness again for yourself now that the official Bob Ross Youtube channel has made available nine more seasons, for a total of 146 episodes, free online. Season Two “Bob Ross died in 1995 at 52 after a battle with lymphoma,” writes the New York Times‘ Foster Kamer, “but his cultural legacy has grown in his absence. He was around to witness the beginnings of his own cult status. The Most Motivational TED Talks of 2016. The 20 most popular TED Talks - Business Insider Deutschland. Staying Relevant For Web Development. Watch The Computers: The Remarkable Story of the ENIAC Programmers Online.

Businessinsider. A New, Efficient Solar Material Could One Day Roll On To Windows. It took silicon-based solar panel technology 30 years to reach an efficiency of 21%.

A New, Efficient Solar Material Could One Day Roll On To Windows

At the end of 2015, a new kind of solar material hit that milestone in a research lab in just three years, making it the fastest improving solar technology to date. If the material, a crystalline mineral made of calcium and titanium called perovskite, works out as researchers hope, it could one day provide an alternative to today’s silicon-based solar panels that is at once cheaper, more efficient, and lightweight. The material was first explored in the 1990s as a transistor and LED material. It wasn’t until 2009 that scientists began testing perovskites for solar-energy applications, and 2012, when a grad student at the University of Oxford made a breakthrough to improve its efficiency. Carol Fishman Cohen: How to get back to work after a career break. Being A Man In The Workplace. Five Must-Watch TED Talks on Creativity and Generating Good Ideas. My job forces me to be creative.

Five Must-Watch TED Talks on Creativity and Generating Good Ideas

The 5 Best TED Talks About Work, According to Dan Pink. Spotlight on the Featured Showcase: Writing Great Case Studies for What do the Weather Channel, the University of Oxford, and the Beatles have in common?

Spotlight on the Featured Showcase: Writing Great Case Studies for

Each use Drupal to run their websites — and each have a case study in the Featured Showcase on If you're intimidated by the thought of writing a case study for the Featured Showcase, don't be! Plenty of our Featured case studies aren’t from massive organizations. 10 TED Talks every college graduate should watch. Image via Of the many wonderful things on the Internet, TED Talks are well regarded as educational, enlightening and inspiring.

10 TED Talks every college graduate should watch

As a recent college graduate, life can seem chaotic and disheartening. Best TED Talks for Boosting Creativity - Motto. “Creativity is always a leap of faith,” author Julia Cameron said.

Best TED Talks for Boosting Creativity - Motto

“You’re faced with a blank page, a blank easel or an empty stage.” It’s all part of the process when you live a creative life or work in a creative field, but some days the blankness gets the better of you. You can’t seem to write the first word, paint the first mark or speak the first line. Arthur Brooks: A conservative's plea: Let's work together.

Best TED Talks On Why “Data Is Beautiful” Some of the most inspiring data can be found in an unexpected place… TED Talks.

Best TED Talks On Why “Data Is Beautiful”

Here are the best talks on everything data science. Big data and data science appear on both sides of a coin: they are driving forces behind both business and science, yet they are also a kind of modern art. Data narratives combine technology and seemingly futuristic machine learning to create something unique, and even beautiful. Jessica Ladd: The reporting system that sexual assault survivors want. Tim Urban: Inside the mind of a master procrastinator. Reshma Saujani: Teach girls bravery, not perfection. Tshering Tobgay: This country isn't just carbon neutral. 5 TED Talks That Will Inspire You to Live a Better Life.

When we're in a rut, sometimes it's not enough to just listen to our close friends' advice.

5 TED Talks That Will Inspire You to Live a Better Life

When things in our lives feel like they're not improving, it can be helpful to listen to someone else's words to inspire you. Finding a new way of looking at things, whether through a philosophical, psychological, or scientific viewpoint, is an astonishingly easy way to make life better. Becoming A Drupal Master Builder. Timeslot I've been building Drupal sites for a number of years and have a broad experience building Drupal sites with various levels of complexity.

Becoming A Drupal Master Builder

Four TED-Ed Lessons to watch on International Women’s Day. Happy International Women’s Day!

Four TED-Ed Lessons to watch on International Women’s Day

Here’s a list of TED-Ed Lessons to watch as you celebrate all of the world’s women, past and present. Where does the word ‘lady’ come from? Well, etymologically-speaking, the word comes from the Old English words for hlaf (bread) and daege (maid), which, combined, mean the female head of the household and eventually indicated high social standing.

Jessica Oreck and Rachael Teel follow the word to its contemporary position simply describing a female. The contributions of female explorers: During the Victorian Age, women were unlikely to become great explorers, but a few intelligent, gritty and brave women made major contributions to the study of previously little-understood territory. Equality, sports and Title IX: In 1972, U.S. Probably the best Drupal screencasts in the world. 5 Inspiring TED Talks Will Help You Find Your Perfect Career. 5 TED Talks That Will Change The Way You Think About Feminism. If you're looking for a way to become educated on a topic you're interested in, or to totally break into a new subject area with which you have no experience, look no further than TED and TEDx Talks — where brilliant, articulate, and innovative people discuss their ideas, inventions, and experiences with the world.

When I was 16 years old and newly becoming acquainted with the idea of feminism, I watched several TED and TEDx Talks that informed how I thought about feminism for many years to come; many even introduced me to resources I could turn to in order to learn more. If you've never seen one before, I like to think of TED or TEDx Talks as abbreviated lectures. Since they generally last between 10 and 30 minutes, TED Talks are easy to consume during a quick break in the day or while you're driving to work; however, they're also fun to watch in succession when you're feeling particularly thirsty for knowledge on a particular subject. 1. "Faith & Feminism" by Dr. 2. 3. 4. 5. 7 Meaningful TED Talks That Will Inspire You to a New Purpose.

Many people have a passion to succeed but are still looking for their individual purpose, the thing that will give the highest meaning to their life and work. If you are still looking, still curious, still seeking, TED has complied some great meaningful talks that can help you find your purpose. Here are seven of the best. 1. Watch: Short videos that TED says will recharge your brain. NASA technologists are typically focused on making it safe for humans to explore outer space. Now the space agency says it’s found a way to make earthquakes safer for people on the ground. NASA developed a new stabilizing technology, known as the LOX Damper, in 2013 after working on a violently shaking rocket.

Testing revealed that the Ares rocket, a crew launch vehicle, would shake so hard during ascent that it could harm astronauts on board. So one NASA team experimented with controlling the heaviest part of the rocket—its fuel. The Drupal elephant in the room: "We still need to get better at UX" Who said this? Dries in Barcelona September 2015. Inspired by his DrupalCon keynote, we want to extend the critical discussion around design and the impact user experience (UX) has on the future of Drupal as a competitive product. Uk.businessinsider. TED Talks that will make you smarter about your money - Business Insider Deutschland.

Audrey Choi: How to make a profit while making a difference. Dalia Mogahed: What do you think when you look at me? Andrés Ruzo: How I found a mythical boiling river in the Amazon. Impossible isn’t a fact; it’s an attitude: Christiana Figueres at TED2016. Christiana Figueres speaks at TED2016 – Dream, February 15-19, 2016, Vancouver Convention Center, Vancouver, Canada. Photo: Bret Hartman / TED In 2009, six months after a spectacularly failed climate change summit in Copenhagen, Costa Rican diplomat Christiana Figueres was appointed executive secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. Her job: Leading the next round of international climate change negotiations. At that time, no one believed that we could ever get a global climate change agreement. “In fact,” Figueres says, “Neither did I.” Tasked, essentially, with saving the planet — with full responsibility and absolutely no authority, as all governments are sovereign — Figueres panicked. Contribution: Getting involved and coming back for more.

Imagine There’s No Countries: The talks in Session 7 at TED2016. Parag Khanna speaks at TED2016 – Dream, February 15-19, 2016, Vancouver Convention Center, Vancouver, Canada. Shonda Rhimes: My year of saying yes to everything. Life hacks you’ll appreciate: The talks in Session 4 of TED2016. Celeste Headlee: 10 ways to have a better conversation. 4 TED Talks to Help You Save Time and Get More Done at Work. Playlist: 5 TEDx Talks from women transforming STEM. Today marks the second day of TEDWomen 2015!

As the conference continues, so do many of the nearly 250 TEDxWomen events watching it worldwide! Mike Velings: The case for fish farming. Gregory Heyworth: How I'm discovering the secrets of ancient texts. TED Talks: Get Motivated With 9 TED Talks On Motivation. NWDUG February 2016. Playlist: 5 talks on the future of food. One of Chloe Rutzerveld’s 3D printed food designs.

5 Ted Talks For When You’re Feeling Anxious. Judson Brewer: A simple way to break a bad habit. Andrés Ruzo: How I found a mythical boiling river in the Amazon. 50 Must See TED Talks about Creativity and Design. Sarah Sharp talks about increasing diversity in open source. The Southern California Linux Expo 14x (SCaLE 14x) concluded on January 24 with a keynote from open source developer Sarah Sharp, who made waves in October, 2015 with a blog post explaining why she stepped down as a Linux kernel developer. Here are some highlights from her presentation. Linda Liukas: A delightful way to teach kids about computers. Melati and Isabel Wijsen: Our campaign to ban plastic bags in Bali. 6 TED Talks Every UX Professional Should Watch. TED Talks That Will Help You Build Stronger Relationships. David Gruber: Glow-in-the-dark sharks and other stunning sea creatures. Acquia U: "Making the world a better place, one Drupalist at a time." - with Amy Parker.

Turning stories into websites - Room 1 at DrupalGov Canberra 2016. Elizabeth Lev: The unheard story of the Sistine Chapel. Engineering culture (part 1) Achenyo Idachaba: How I turned a deadly plant into a thriving business. 5 TED Talks to Get You Through a Rough Day of Meetings. Spreecast. Every Meeting You've Ever Been To (In Two Minutes) Adele Carpool Karaoke. Ole Scheeren: Why great architecture should tell a story. The Best Features of Drupal 8 - Bigpipe Caching. Astralandopal.

5 Brilliant TED Talks That Will Boost Your Emotional Intelligence. Rita Pierson: Every kid needs a champion. [Webinar] Acquia & Digiday: The Rise of the New Content Strategist. 10 TED-Ed Lessons to inspire your New Year’s resolutions. 5 Inspiring and Thought-Provoking TED Talks by Women Leaders in 2015. Top 10 TED Talks That Could Change Your Life. Coding an HTML5 Game in 5 min 30 sec.

ElizabethSouth. Organizing Tips that WORK! Why people believe they can’t draw - and how to prove they can. We should all be feminists - Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie at TEDxEuston. Dear Women by Women Who Code.