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Blogging. Windows 10: Datenschutz richtig einstellen & Privatsphäre schützen. Windows 10 gilt als das Betriebssystem, das die meisten Nutzerdaten sammelt.

Windows 10: Datenschutz richtig einstellen & Privatsphäre schützen

World Heritage Centre - World Heritage in Europe Today. World Heritage attracts and fascinates: media around the world publish thousands of articles about it every year and countries invest a great deal of work and money to get sites inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

World Heritage Centre - World Heritage in Europe Today

Yet not enough is known about the conservation and management efforts that go into protecting the Outstanding Universal Value of the 1000+ sites that are currently on the List. World Heritage in Europe Today, a UNESCO publication, released on 18 February 2016, brings together insights from States Parties, Site Managers and other stakeholders involved in the protection, conservation and management of World Heritage properties in the region.

It gives an in-depth look at the current trends and practices while presenting a clear vision for future priorities. In doing so, this publication highlights the current realities of World Heritage in Europe, proposes recommendations for improvement and inspires innovative approaches for World Heritage in the 21st century. Personal Branding Guide for Designers. Personal branding is the practice of people marketing themselves and their careers as brands.

Personal Branding Guide for Designers

Being good at your craft is not enough these days, being unique and authentic will make the cut, but only if enough people know about you. As Michael Simmons writes, authenticity is key in the digital age. Having a strong personal brand and following can lead to enormous opportunities and recognition. Personal branding is becoming one of the most important key factors in any industry. Complete Beginner’s Guide to Content Strategy. How To Optimize Images For Your Blog or Website - PinkPot. Jan 12 2016 With visuals being such an important part of content marketing, we all go that extra mile to ensure that we use high quality graphics on our websites.

How To Optimize Images For Your Blog or Website - PinkPot

Where Volunteering Begins. Web design and development articles and tutorials for advent.

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‪‪A Year in Search 2015‬‬ - Google Trends. Cheatsheets. Tumblr blogs. 2015 Holiday Gift Guide. It’s the People They Know · An A List Apart Column. I was never supposed to be doing the job that I do.

It’s the People They Know · An A List Apart Column

Via a series of fortunate events and chance encounters, I’ve built a career in an industry I that love and that still interests me today. Article Continues Below. 10 Great UX/UI Design Cheat Sheets. Everyone needs a little help sometimes, even the pros.

10 Great UX/UI Design Cheat Sheets

It’s hard to remember every single little detail. Menu Design: 15 UX Guidelines to Help Users. Planning and Organizing Workshops · An A List Apart Blog Post. Article Continues Below.

Planning and Organizing Workshops · An A List Apart Blog Post

What Psychology Teaches Us About Structuring the Workday. Our workdays often are governed not by priorities or desires but by what’s screaming loudest and closest in our faces.

What Psychology Teaches Us About Structuring the Workday

Well-intentioned as you might be about having a productive day, it’s easy for the hours to pass in a flurry of emails, meetings, and demands that eat away at your time like a tapeworm—stealthy, but destructive. Sure, there are tons of productivity hacks out there—from to-do lists to time-management apps to mindfulness exercises. Everything seems to work for at least a short while, until the suck of everyday demands takes over. The lazy person's guide to saving the world - United Nations Sustainable Development. End extreme poverty.

The lazy person's guide to saving the world - United Nations Sustainable Development

Fight inequality and injustice. Fix climate change. Whoa. The Global Goals are important, world-changing objectives that will require cooperation among governments, international organizations and world leaders. Why You Should Use a Performance Budget. I’d like to suggest a fundamental concept that will allow you to implement a true performance culture for your web projects: the performance budget.

Why You Should Use a Performance Budget

It’s a kind of budget that isn’t expressed in dollars, but in seconds, megabytes or even the number of files served! It’s a concept that should be used and understood by all kinds of online professionals, to create faster websites and to support them throughout their life-cycle, because speed matters. Initial findings The web keeps getting bigger. How Sitting Is Harming Your Body and What You Can Do to Counter Its Perils. By Maria Popova More than a century after Thoreau’s magnificent manifesto for the rewards of walking and the evils of sitting, we have finally put data around the all too obvious fact that the human body, a marvelous machine animated by motion, is not meant for extended stillness. As someone deeply partial to verticality and a longtime standing desk user, I was delighted by this animated PSA from TED-Ed, which delves into the science of all the atrocities that sitting inflicts upon our bodies and what we can do — right now — to alleviate them:

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Food. Writing. Before public speaking… Blabbing Wisefully – Doing it GTD Style. Doing it GTD Style. The 28-Day Squat Challenge You’ll Want to Start Now! To read drupal. To read tech. 10 sketching tips for beginners. Beginner's Guide to Sketching is the latest installment in the 3DTotal Beginner's Guide series, offering inspiration and advice for anyone looking to take their first creative steps, from choosing the right drawing tools to understanding shading and value, adding color, and creating a finished scene. Subscription offer Our friends at 3DTotal have given us a special sneak peek of the book with 10 top tips to help you on your sketching journey!

Plus, Creative Bloq readers can get 15 per cent off the book in the 3DTotal shop until the end of September 2015 – just enter code BGSKETCH15_CB at the checkout! 01. How to create curly hair with simple lines Tip from: Eva Widermann Draw two straight vertical lines; these will be your guidelines for the width and length of the curl. Double this wavy line a little below the first. 02. Tip from: Brun Croes When shading, use an extra piece of paper underneath your hand. 03. Tip from: Patricia Ann Lewis-MacDougall 04.

Tip from: Marisa Lewis 05.