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The Accidental Project Manager: Controlling your project. The Cultural Construction of Drupal. The dominant narrative surrounding Drupal 8 is that it will leave small websites behind, but that oversimplifies the situation.

The Cultural Construction of Drupal

Reinventing Drupal’s User Experience process. The Drupal core product needs to become more engaging and useful right out of the box.

Reinventing Drupal’s User Experience process

Usability testing has shown why. Here, we want to look at how we can change our process to be more efficient and effective. We learned during the Drupal 8 process, that our way of building the product side of Drupal has many challenges. We propose to adopt a different way of working that avoids current pitfalls and enables a fresher, faster way to iterate on the core product. What exactly are those pitfalls you say? Lack of agreement on our target audience makes it near impossible to make design decisions and accept the trade-offs that come with them.A lack of reassurance that changes that are worked on will be accepted. This is no fun! Some facts on the Top 5.000 Drupal modules. Some facts on the Top 5.000 Drupal modules 85,2% of the top Drupal 7 modules do not have a Drupal 8 version, and other fun facts and figures.

Some facts on the Top 5.000 Drupal modules

This series of blogposts is the introduction of my session on ‘Selling Drupal modules & distros’ at the DrupalCon New Orleans on May 12.My aim is to identify the issues and current state of innovation in Drupal and to fuel debate on this important matter. It’s easier to talk with with some data. So I paid a Python developer from Pakistan 150 euro to build a scrapper. Welcome to the Drupal Usability team. Drupal news, podcasts, email services, training worth knowing about. Drupal is moving forward at such a pace it is dificult to keep up with all the developments globally.

Drupal news, podcasts, email services, training worth knowing about

Here are some of my favourite sources. DrupalTV - approaching 500 Drupal videos and presentations curated from a variety of sources.The Weekly Drop - Bob Kepfords essential weekly email summary of all things Drupal.Lullabot email list - Regular updates on Drupal news. UX links & resources. Links for finding what to work on, where discussion happens and how the process works.

UX links & resources

Discussion. 15 Steps To Life Without Drupaler Burnout - Axelerant. Burnout for Drupalers is severe.

15 Steps To Life Without Drupaler Burnout - Axelerant

Active contributors fixed on giving back to the open source world are faced with it all too often. This has been an ongoing conversation at DrupalCon Barcelona, and the realities of professional burnout are being taken seriously. Estimating Drupal projects - Pixelite. Background Estimating Drupal projects can be tricky, and there are a number of tools and guides out there to help make your life easier in this topic.

Estimating Drupal projects - Pixelite

I thought it would be a great idea to aggregate this data, and present some of the best information out there. It is up to you to choose the best match for your team. Resources. Estimating Drupal projects - Pixelite. Building a Better Drupal. In his semi-annual “Driesnote” at DrupalCon Barcelona last month, Drupal founder and project lead Dries Buytaert spoke openly and frankly about some of the challenges facing the Drupal project and ecosystem.

Building a Better Drupal

One of those challenges is the increasing amount of time it’s taken to develop each release as Drupal has grown larger and more complex. In my session the next day, Architecting Drupal Businesses that Are Built to Last, I discussed how building complex software is in many ways like building a large building. Much as the way that we’ve approached construction has changed over time, so has the way that we approach building websites.

White papers and Case Studies. gives the Enterprise serious business advantage- it’s very different to everything else out there in today’s market.

White papers and Case Studies

This page offers you case studies, references and product marketing material. Please fill-in the form below to get full unrestricted access to all documents, or just click on the download links under each document. Introduction to Summary of business and technical value that provides an organisation ; business & technical management [en][fr][de][es] [2 pages] TOP Drupal modules 2015 for Views — Internetdevels official blog. We can’t imagine Drupal without Views.

TOP Drupal modules 2015 for Views — Internetdevels official blog

It comes in fresh Drupal installation and new modules are being attached to it as the time passes. This additional modules affect the work of Views, extending the functionality and adding new useful features. Here is a short review of modules that could be combined with Views successfully. If you’d like to get a detailed instruction about the installation of certain module, go to this module’s page and use readme.

Hopefully, this article would be useful for you. 1. Redesigning the content creation page for Drupal 8. We want to be faster and bolder in shipping design improvements for Drupal 8. But how? Lets have a look at a relatively big (but not super huge) design change built for Drupal 8 during the development cycle and see what we might learn from it. Redesigning the content creation page. Using the Content Type to manage content consistently. In previous blog post we have installed Drupal 8 on our system manually as well as using Drush. Drupal 8 Provides two built in content type Article and Basic page.

Drupal 8 Views Slideshow Tutorial. By Steve Burge If you're getting started with Drupal 8, there are some key features you'll need to master. You'll probably want to learn how to set-up calendars, contact forms, comments, multi-lingual sites and of course, slideshows. Contribute to Drupal 8 community translations from the comfort of your site. 6 Reasons To Deploy Drupal 8 With Docker (+How To Guide) — Wodby blog. 6 Reasons To Deploy Drupal 8 With Docker (+How To Guide) In this article, I will explain why you should use Docker for Drupal and demonstrate Drupal 8 deployment with the official images from Docker Hub. What is Docker? Docker allows you to package your application with all of its dependencies into a standardized unit called container.

Your application, for example, Drupal website, has dependencies, such as a web server (Nginx/Apache2) and a database (MySQL/MariaDB/PostgreSQL). And usually, when you want to deploy a new copy of your website, you install these dependencies manually via OS packaging system, such as apt-get or yum, then you configure them, install extensions, etc, which is not really a great experience. Of course, you could use orchestration tools, such as Puppet, Ansible, Salt, Chef which automate your installation and configuration process.

Or you can use completely different approach: container virtualization Docker. Google Maps Made Easy with GMaps.js. Google Maps has proved to be a highly successful Google service, incorporating a range of invaluable tools such as Street View, Route Planning and Google Traffic. Many companies and organizations rely on Google Maps to provide their services – and it’s thanks to the Google Maps API that they’re able to do so. The Google Maps API and GMaps Google introduced the Google Maps API in 2005. This allowed developers to create custom applications with Maps. Google subsequently launched APIs for Android and iOS application development. As useful as the Maps APIs are, they take a bit of knowhow to utilize. In this article, we’ll look at map components like Markers, Polygons and Overlays.

Acquia guide for govcms 1.0. VIDEO: Welcome to DrupalCon - The Barcelona Edition. Did we have fun in Barcelona? OMG, yes! Did we eat all the tapas on the menu and wash them down with pitchers of sangria? Augmenting OSTraining’s Drupal 8 site building course. A few months ago OSTraining did a crowdfunding campaign. Ultimate Guide to Drupal 8. Working with long-term projects. For long-term projects one of the engineering challenges is to cope with technical evolution. The languages, libraries, and third party software like database engines and web servers we are using are under continuous development; new features are only added to the current development branches and security updates are only applied to currently supported releases. Using the example of one of our projects I will point out specific challenges and possible ways to deal with them in a series of posts.

On the German weekly DIE ZEIT offers subscriptions to digital formats of their newspaper in epub, mobi, pdf and mp3. Since 2011 Drupal 6 with Ubercart was used to take orders and deliver the content. Fulfillment is handled by a third party also providing the service to the company's print publications. In 2013 several challenges slowed down development: The web stack was still running on Ubuntu 8 with PHP 5.2 which had reached end of life. Drupal 8: best authoring experience for structured content? Drupal 8 will ship with big authoring experience improvements: WYSIWYG editing & in-place editing, thanks to the Spark distribution that Acquia — my employer — is sponsoring. The Do's and Dont's of Getting Support in IRC. Last updated November 28, 2015.

UNITE4HERITAGE - Drupal 8 site by AGILEDROP. Chapter Three. Tutorial: editorial workflow with rules. Last updated August 13, 2015. Created on January 14, 2011.Edited by BigEd, nerdoc, mitchell, sillygwailo. Log in to edit this page. Based on the instructions at. Media Initiative. Top 40 Drupal Modules Revisited. Upgrade Your Tools: Build a Drupal Developer Toolkit Tutorial. Somehow we're nearly at the end of September. School is back in session and the summer "break" has ended. Daymuse's hometown of Richmond hosted more than a half million bike race spectators. Drupal's major event, Drupalcon, was a smashing success in Barcelona.

Now we're looking forward to New Orleans next year. You may have noticed a long stretch since our last post on the Daymuse blog. How to Get a Views & Panels Site to Work with Workbench Moderation. The Drupal Universe Daily. The future of decoupled Drupal. Setting up a Docker development environment with Vagrant - Part 3 - ActiveLAMP. This post is part 3 in the series “Hashing out a docker workflow”. For background, checkout my previous posts.

Now that I’ve laid the ground work for the approach that I want to take with local environment development with Docker, it’s time to explore how to make the local environment “workable”. In this post we will we will build on top of what we did in my last post, Docker and Vagrant, and create a working local copy that automatically updates the code inside the container running Drupal. Requirements of a local dev environment. Require JS, Grunt, Bower, Foundation and Drupal - Part 2. 28 pages of unmarred perfection. Managing Your Content Management System. The first rule of content management systems is that you’re using the wrong one. Always be shippable. DrupalCon Barcelona by drupalcon. Tokens, Performance, and Caching. Chapter Three Wireframing Template for Sketch. Multilingual happenings at DrupalCon Barcelona. Automatically Populate Drupal Fields From Other Content.

Upcoming events. Better, then Bigger: Cultivating the Drupal Community. Grav - An alternative for small Drupal sites. Require JS, Grunt, Bower, Foundation and Drupal - Part 2. How Acquia is addressing the explosion of sites. DCNorth15 - Contributing to Drupal - Emma Karayiannis. Purespeed: PHP tuning. Drupal Security – This is how it’s done. Amazee Labs Drupal Development and Web Design Zurich Austin Cape Town. Introducing Drupal Through Its Community. Understanding Drupal Security Advisories: The Risk Calculator. How to Use Aggregation and Compression in Drupal.