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Untitled. Untitled. Untitled. Untitled. Part 1 - Drupal Theming - Panels & Panels Everywhere HD. CapitalCamp 2013: Paraphrasing Panels, Panelizer and Panopoly. DrupalCon Denver 2012: WHAT'S NEW IN THE PANELS UNIVERSE. Untitled. Semantic Site Building by Jody Hamilton. Drupal powered sites showcase and directory. Translate content on field level with Entity Translation (Drupal 7) Last updated January 28, 2015.

Translate content on field level with Entity Translation (Drupal 7)

Created on September 15, 2011.Edited by jhodgdon, Francewhoa, batigolix, LeeHunter. Log in to edit this page. Notes. Mr. Data Converter. Introduction to Git with Scott Chacon of GitHub. Drupal - Drupalpress panel permissions for content editors. Over the past few months our site has undergone a total re-design // upgrade from Drupal 6 => 7.

drupalpress panel permissions for content editors

The priority was to rebuild functionality and migrate content quickly and cleanly – permissions schemes and editing privileges for our content contributors took a backseat. Now that the site has been launched and stabilized, we’ve begun to look at some of the tools we used to try to figure out how and if we can train our librarians to use them. A successful Git branching model » In this post I present the development model that I’ve introduced for some of my projects (both at work and private) about a year ago, and which has turned out to be very successful.

A successful Git branching model »

I’ve been meaning to write about it for a while now, but I’ve never really found the time to do so thoroughly, until now. I won’t talk about any of the projects’ details, merely about the branching strategy and release management. It focuses around Git as the tool for the versioning of all of our source code. (By the way, if you’re interested in Git, our company GitPrime provides some awesome realtime data analytics on software engineering performance.)

Why git? For a thorough discussion on the pros and cons of Git compared to centralized source code control systems, see the web. But with Git, these actions are extremely cheap and simple, and they are considered one of the core parts of your daily workflow, really. Enough about the tools, let’s head onto the development model. Setting up PhpStorm for Drupal's Coding Standards. There is a more up-to-date article on the phpstorm website.

Setting up PhpStorm for Drupal's Coding Standards

This article adapted from the original article PhpStorm for Drupal by Angus Mak of Lullabot Debugging Drupal modules and themes (or Drupal core itself) can be challenging without a good IDE. Drupal Development using PhpStorm. This tutorial describes the features and best practices relevant to using PhpStorm as an IDE for Drupal development (including modules, themes and core). Starting with version 7, PhpStorm bundles the Drupal Plugin providing many Drupal-specific features for Drupal 7 and 6. Drupal 8 is supported starting with PhpStorm 8 EAP. Enabling Drupal Integration in an Existing PhpStorm Project, or Creating a New Drupal Module. RedmineTextFormatting - Redmine. Below is Textile formatting, for Markdown formatting see #15520.

RedmineTextFormatting - Redmine

Links¶ Redmine links¶ Redmine allows hyperlinking between resources (issues, changesets, wiki pages...) from anywhere text formatting is used. Link to an issue: #124 (displays #124, link is striked-through if the issue is closed) Link to an issue note: #124-6, or #124! Dreditor. Open source HTML5 Charts for your website. Z E I T U N G. Is this site built with drupal? Front End Ops Conference 2014. XSS game. Das erste Daily Scrum Meeting.

Das sogenannte Daily Scrum Meeting ist ein tägliches Treffen der aktiven Projektteilnehmer das Informationen zum aktuellen Stand der Arbeit liefert.

Das erste Daily Scrum Meeting

Es ist so kurz, dass man sich dazu nicht mal setzen braucht (Stand-Up Meeting). Scrum Training Series: Free Scrum Master Training. Scrum Methodology. Converting Photoshop Files to Code With Project Parfait. Project Parfait is a new tool from Adobe, currently in beta, which lets you open up any PSD directly in the browser to extract CSS, text and image assets from it.

Converting Photoshop Files to Code With Project Parfait

At the moment it only works on Chrome but Adobe plan to roll it out across all browsers as development moves on. Opening up a PSD in Project Parfait is super easy. Just go to and click the big blue Upload Your Own PSD button in the top right corner: Then, after logging in with your Adobe ID, drag and drop your PSD onto the empty panel area and it will upload for you: Ngrok - secure introspectable tunnels to localhost. Color Contrast Checker.

You are here: Home > Resources > Color Contrast Checker Contrast Ratio: 8.59:1 Normal Text WCAG AA: Pass WCAG AAA: Pass Sample: I am normal text Large Text WCAG AA: Pass WCAG AAA: Pass Sample: I am large text.

Color Contrast Checker

Be Awesome in PHPStorm. DrupalCon Prague 2013 Videos. Upload.

DrupalCon Prague 2013 Videos

System Administration Screencasts. Stupid Git Tricks. Drupal Association. Top 20 mistakes you will make on your 1st Drupal project. Wie ist meine IP-Adresse? GitHub Training & Guides. Meth. is strictly a parody, satire and humor site, all content herein should be treated as such.


None of the views expressed on this page should be confused with the actual views of the authors, advertisers, the hosting company, any service providers or the owner of this domain name. Everything on this site is intended to spoof, parody and satirize. We make no claims as to the accuracy of our uses the names of public figures for purposes of satire only. The Current State of Drupal Admin Themes. Themes, themes, the magical fruit… wait, nope, I'm pretty sure that's something else. Anyways, I believe we're to a point in the Drupal community where we no longer have to scrounge around to find good looking and FREE Drupal themes that have long since been readily available in the Wordpress community.

Of course, us Drupalites know how awesome and powerful Drupal is, but we've all heard the same thing, "Drupal's admin theme is crap, Wordpress just looks so much better. " It's true, Wordpress does have a very clean user interface, and it's something they've perfected over the years, but that doesn't mean that Drupal can't get to that point. Git Internals. You may have skipped to this chapter from a previous chapter, or you may have gotten here after reading the rest of the book — in either case, this is where you’ll go over the inner workings and implementation of Git. I found that learning this information was fundamentally important to understanding how useful and powerful Git is, but others have argued to me that it can be confusing and unnecessarily complex for beginners. Thus, I’ve made this discussion the last chapter in the book so you could read it early or later in your learning process. Git pretty — justin hileman dot info.

Vladikoff/chromeos-apk. Developing Drupal sites: Plan or Perish. One of the key challenges Drupal developers face when building a complex Drupal site is that there are many moving parts. It's not unusual for a mid- to large-sized site to have as many as a dozen content types, 50+ fields (some of them shared), 20 different Views displays, a couple of flags, some nodequeues ... there's a lot that goes into a Drupal build. Keeping track of all of them can be a challenge when building out a site. Taming the beast: Learn Views with Wunderkraut. Today, almost six weeks and some 4500(!) Plays later, I posted the 27th and last episode. The response has been tremendous, and I'd like to thank everyone watching, commenting and in other ways contributing to the success. This blog posts sums up the series and promotes the next one: Learn Page manager. Material Design: Google veröffentlicht 750 kostenfreie SVG-Icons.

A Lesson In Security. Badassify your terminal and shell. As a developer you probably spend a lot of time using the terminal. Perf.Rocks. A framework for modern User Stories. Can I use... Support tables for HTML5, CSS3, etc. Dpunkt.openbooks. Osterrätsel 2015. Problem with monthly calendar starting on monday [#2214703] [Documentation] Open Atrium Permissions [#2226783] CSS Specificity Graph Generator - by Jonas Ohlsson.

Understanding CSS Stats: How to Make the Most of the Numbers - Envato Tuts+ Web Design Tutorial. In case you didn’t notice, the CSS analysis site received an overhaul recently. PHPMD - PHP Mess Detector. Sebastianbergmann/phpcpd. Drupal-Agentur / Drupal-Freelancer in Ihrer Region finden. Essential Drupal 7 Modules. Drupal is a great CMS but really isn't very powerful out of the box.

To harness its power you'll need to use contrib (contributed) modules. Contributed modules are created by the community and are not part of the core Drupal download. But they can be downloaded and installed from the website. Welcome — Write the Docs 1.0 documentation. Home. Generate nice documents out of Confluence. The Making of an Event-driven Stateless GUI. Automatic Documentation with Flex-UI-Tests.

Mobile-Friendly Test. Outline – Web Design & Consulting.