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Amazee Labs Drupal Entwicklung und Web Design Zurich Austin. Emerging Technology Trends for 2015. Tech Rating - Rating tarent 2014. Twitter: Die besten Tipps & Tools. Twitter, der Kurznachrichtendienst mit der 140-Zeichen-Beschränkung, ist heute für viele deutsche Unternehmen ein wichtiger Kommunikationskanal.

Twitter: Die besten Tipps & Tools

Längst beschränkt sich sein Nutzen nicht mehr nur auf den B2B-Bereich, sondern bietet auch Unternehmen im B2C-Bereich Chancen und Möglichkeiten, um mit Kunden und Fans ins Gespräch zu kommen. Mit passenden Tools, bewährten Strategien und einige Tipps können Unternehmen Twitter optimal nutzen… Twitter: Support- und Kommunikationskanal Oft wird die Frage gestellt, wofür sich ein Kurnachrichtendienst mit gerade einmal 140 Zeichen pro Nachricht denn überhaupt eignet. Die Antwort ist einfach, eine gute Umsetzung jedoch nicht ganz leicht: Sowohl Kommunikations- und Supportkanal als auch als Kontaktpunkt.

Auch Mobilfunkanbieter und Unternehmen andere Branchen nehmen sich daran ein Beispiel und setzen Twitter inzwischen als Servicekanal ein. Als Kommunikationskanal kann Twitter für Unternehmen primär zwei Funktionen erfüllen: Reputationsmanagment. Awesome Drupal Deployment With Features and Drush Webinar. 30 Extremely Useful Drupal Tips and Tricks, you proably ignored. Below is a compilation of some extremely useful Drupal Tips and Tricks.

30 Extremely Useful Drupal Tips and Tricks, you proably ignored

Its those small important things we ignore or keep searching for. This post collates it in one place. Feel free to bookmark and share it. Drupal Configuration related tips Customize Error Pages of your website. Drupal Security Tips for Developers. I’ve recently been reviewing a few security related patches and it soon became apparent that many developers make the same mistakes over and over in regards to best practices for security in Drupal.

Drupal Security Tips for Developers

So below, a very short post on the common mistakes and solutions. Correct usage of t() Quick Intro to Behat — Behat 2.5.3 documentation. Blog. Online regex tester and debugger: JavaScript, Python, PHP, and PCRE. Acht Wege zur stetigen Qualitätskontrolle – Teil 1. Acht Wege zur stetigen Qualitätskontrolle – Teil 2. Noch mehr Continous Integration fürs Frontend Schnelles Copy-Paste, krude Fixes, offene Tasks oder kaum kommentierter Code.

Acht Wege zur stetigen Qualitätskontrolle – Teil 2

Werksverkauf - Confiserie Coppeneur et Compagnon GmbH. Dear Chocolate Lovers, our Industrial Selling in Bad Honnef offers a wide selection of our products just leaving production.

Werksverkauf - Confiserie Coppeneur et Compagnon GmbH

In addition we constantly offer a great range of bargains, testproducts, overproduction, pralinés und chocolate with flaws for low price. Unit-Testing für JavaScript: Jasmine als Basis für Jest. Jest basiert auf dem relativ bekannten Test-Framework Jasmine, kann aber Einiges mehr.

Unit-Testing für JavaScript: Jasmine als Basis für Jest

Neben den Basis-Features von Jasmine ist Jest auch in der Lage, eine ganze Reihe von Vorgängen zu automatisieren. So ist Jest in der Lage, selbstständig alle Tests in einem Repository zu finden, oder Mock-Objekte ganz automatisch zu generieren zu, damit du deinen Code schneller Testen kannst – ohne irgendwelche Abhängigkeiten berücksichtigen zu müssen. A personal Drupal resource site. Localized and Multi-Lingual Content in Drupal 7. To make this whole process easier we'll cover the following in this article: Understanding the difference between interface and content translation Discuss the two alternative systems for content translation in Drupal 7 and how they differ Walk through the installation and set up of a D7 multilingual site Provide an extensive list of modules, articles, and resources that may be helpful Interface Translation There are two basic components to the translation system, the translation of the interface and the translation of content.

Localized and Multi-Lingual Content in Drupal 7

Wiki Patterns - Best Practices for wiki use and adoption - Knowledge Wiki - Base22 Wiki. At one point, someone created a great site that aggregated a lot of the best practices an adoption ideas for wiki usage and adoption called

Wiki Patterns - Best Practices for wiki use and adoption - Knowledge Wiki - Base22 Wiki

Like a lot of the good things on the web, that site seems to have fallen by the wayside. Below are the links to the pages still useful and archived in the Internet Archive (Called the Wayback machine) for anyone looking for them. We may mirror some of the best content here and start expanding on it. About Wikipatterns There is no 'right' way to use a wiki. HP Linux Imaging and Printing. Integrating Contrast Checks in Your Web Workflow ◆ 24 ways. It’s nearly Christmas, which means you’ll be sure to find an overload of festive red and green decorating everything in sight—often in the ugliest ways possible.

Integrating Contrast Checks in Your Web Workflow ◆ 24 ways

While I’m not here to battle holiday tackiness in today’s 24 ways, it might just be the perfect reminder to step back and consider how we can implement colour schemes in our websites and apps that are not only attractive, but also legible and accessible for folks with various types of visual disabilities. This simulated photo demonstrates how red and green Christmas baubles could appear to a person affected by protanopia-type colour blindness—not as festive as you might think. Source: Derek Bruff I’ve been fortunate to work with Simply Accessible to redesign not just their website, but their entire brand. Although the new site won’t be launching until the new year, we’re excited to let you peek under the tree and share a few treats as a case study into how we tackled colour accessibility in our project workflow.

DevDocs API Documentation. The new code. Cultural Appropriation: Using Museum Collections For Free Digital Work. The majority of web designers working today focus almost exclusively on the new and current, neglecting the vast depth of world cultural history.

Cultural Appropriation: Using Museum Collections For Free Digital Work

The result creates a “hall of mirrors” effect, with design trends echoing each other, and sites often repeating mistakes that were first encountered and solved in other media millennia ago. Increasingly, museums are moving their collections online, making their physical appropriations digital and completely free for use and allowing designers easy access to the rich tapestry of design history for inspiration and content. Some of my favorite sources include: Web Developer Reading List: Clients, Contracts and Portfolios. For obvious reasons, most web development resources, including this one, focus on making web pages. But to achieve long-term success, the business of web development – making a portfolio, getting work, writing solid contracts, and managing clients – is equally important. Goals: Learn the basic skills of running a web development business as a freelance developer / designer; create a promotional portfolio.

Required Skills: none. Persona interviews. Bronwen Buswell is a newcomer to Drupal. Based out of Colorado Springs, Colorado, Bronwen works as a Conference and Communications Coordinator at a nonprofit called PEAK Parent Center, which is dedicated to supporting the families of children with disabilities. While Bronwen’s role isn’t technical, she needs to use her company’s website as part of getting her work done. “We’re federally designated by the US Department of Education, so we try to be a total one-stop shop information and referral center,” Bronwen said.

“Families can call us about any situation related to their child, and we will either refer them to the right agency or provide what they need. We’re focused on helping families navigate the education and special education systems, and we serve families with children ages birth through 26, with all sorts of disabilities, including autism, down syndrome, learning disabilities, and so on. " Resource Guide: Managing Media in Drupal. Media is at the heart of a great website experience. Images, videos, audio files - this is what brings a website to life for your users. Drupal has hundreds of modules designed to make handling and displaying media files easier for developers. If you are new to Drupal Module development, here is an overview of modules. Are you ready to bring your website to life? Getify/You-Dont-Know-JS. How not to develop a site using the Features module. The Features module for Drupal is a powerful tool for site development, but it's got its share of challenges, as Lullabot's James Sansbury noted in an insightful piece on Features including dos and don'ts of using Features as a deployment tool.

Features lets you push configuration like content types, fields, blocks, and views from the database into code. At its best, it can provide a smooth and reliable means of building out configuration on a development site and then deploying it to production. But it can also have you tearing your hair out, trying to remember who did what, which changes have already been captured, where those supposed "conflicts" came from, and why everything's suddenly showing as "overridden". A Hacker's Guide to Git. A Hacker’s Guide to Git is now available as an e-book. You can purchase it on LeanPub. Introduction Git is currently the most widely used version control system in the world, mostly thanks to GitHub. By that measure, I’d argue that it’s also the most misunderstood version control system in the world. This statement probably doesn’t ring true straight away because on the surface, Git is pretty simple. Once you start talking about branching, merging, rebasing, multiple remotes, remote-tracking branches, detached HEAD states… Git becomes less of an easily-understood tool and more of a feared deity.

I think a big part of this is due to many people coming to Git from a conceptually simpler VCS – probably Subversion – and trying to apply their past knowledge to Git. Privoxy. Lightbeam for Firefox. Tracking & privacy Not all tracking is bad. Many services rely on user data to provide relevant content and enhance your online experience. But tracking can happen without the user’s knowledge. GPG-Agent › Wiki › UltraLinx. Drupal 7 cheat sheets. InternAA: Exclusive interview with FOMC President Dräcker. Not everyone takes on a completely new position at the age of 126.

Edmund Friedemann Dräcker may have been born in 1888, but he’s still as fit as a fiddle today. A retirement that consists of withdrawing from public life is nothing for the oldest warhorse in German diplomacy though. In recent times the special missions the Foreign Office always entrusted him with have steadily become fewer and farther between. The world’s crises were never something the East Prussian and practicing Buddhist “Eddie” Dräcker ever really cared about though. So his decision to take on a task that appears made to measure was merely logical. This is where its President afforded internAA an exclusive interview. InternAA: Mr. Dräcker: Well, that’s quite easy to explain. Drupal Modules, Simplified. Drush 6.x. Rich storytelling with Drupal, Paragraphs and Islandora DAMS (DrupalC… Views Calc - Calculations for Your Fields in Views.

By Steve Burge Views Calc is useful little Drupal module that allows you to perform calculations inside Views. Views Calc allows you to perform Count, Sum, Average or Minimum calculations on a single field. Let's see an example of how Views Calc works. To follow the example, you need both the Views and Views Calc modules to be enabled. In this example, I created a content type called "Exercise", with a field called "Miles jogged" that allows me to record how far I've run. Rubber Duck Debugging. Rss. Web Development - Delray Beach, South Florida.

Channel 9: Videos for developers from the people building Microsoft Products & Services. What is Channel 9? NodeSchool. Free Computer, Programming, Mathematics, Technical Books, Lecture Notes and Tutorials. Rohdesign - Designer Mike Rohde. Drupal 7 Views with Faceted Filters, without ApacheSolr. Search facets and filtering are a great way to guide your user to the information they are looking for.

Find out what modules are installed on any Drupal website. Is this site built with drupal? 8 ways to take the pain out of Drupal's admin forms. When you really look at it, most interactive web applications like Facebook, Hotmail, and even Google Docs are really just forms. You put in values, click submit, it interacts with a database, code runs, and you see results. The Current State of Drupal Admin Themes. Manage Fields Wisely. Drupal makes it easy to add fields to your site, which you can use to trigger custom functionality in your modules and themes.

It's nice, but there's also a dark side. As sites grow more complex, these fields can get out of hand, resulting in one or more of these outcomes: Tab Memory Usage. OCEARCH.ORG » Knowledge Wants To Be Free. What Are Cookies As is common practice with almost all professional websites this site uses cookies, which are tiny files that are downloaded to your computer, to improve your experience. This page describes what information they gather, how we use it and why we sometimes need to store these cookies. We will also share how you can prevent these cookies from being stored however this may downgrade or 'break' certain elements of the sites functionality. UX: Die 12 besten Blogs, die in jeden Feed gehören. Paragraphs Demo. DrupalCon Los Angeles 2015: Better tools for content creators. Drupal video training, Drupal tutorials and website development tips by Shane Thomas.

TRAVIC - Transit Visualization Client. AIS-Schiffspositionen/-verkehr in Echtzeit. X Marks the Spot: A Beginner's Guide to Online Maps in Drupal. Map configuration for Drupal. Bash - Delete multiple remote branches in git. Change commit messages of past Git commits - makandropedia. Slider Search Drupal - Facet API Slider. Realityloop. Drupal Development Melbourne. Drupal 7 Conditional Fields Module. Untitled. How to create a Drupal Tag Cloud with Vi... Javascript - How to make an HTML back link? Say Hello world to Drupal 8! [Basic steps involved in Creating a custom module in Drupal 8] Easy Site Administration for Both Site Builders and Site Admins. Essential Drupal: Stage File Proxy. Comparing D7 and D8 outta the box. An introduction to AngularJS and Drupal. Publishing Content on Relative Dates Using Rules in Drupal 7. Kick-Off Meeting: Drupal 8 Manual Project. Elegant Drupal 7 Administration: Mobile Theme Menu Modules. Drupal Website Performance.

Illustrator Finds A Creative Way To Spend Time On A Train. Hilarious Post-it Notes Left on the Train for Motivation and Cheer. Future-Proof Your Drupal 7 Site. How to Create a Glossary View in Drupal. Toolbar and Admin Menu Tweaks. A PHP Developer’s Guide to Caching Data in Drupal 7. Drupal 7 Views 3 glossary mode: where is it? Taxonomy and permissions - best approach? "Require Installation Of Untrusted Packages" while upgrading with the update manager - Ask Ubuntu. Ultimate guide drupal 8. Proposal: A Style Guide for Seven. Cracking Acquia Drupal Certification - Acquia Certification - Acquia Certification Study Guide - Acquia Certification Dumps - Acquia Certification FAQ. Drupal core committer takes Acquia Certification exam. You won't believe what happens next!

Multilingual Drupal 8.