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6 Apps That Kept Up My Social Media While I Backpacked New Zealand. New Zealand is incredible, but Wi-Fi in New Zealand is not so incredible.

6 Apps That Kept Up My Social Media While I Backpacked New Zealand

Knowing this, I left our brokerage social media in the hands of various apps and automated web-based services for almost three weeks while I was on vacation 8,476 miles away. The sad thing is, no one really noticed I was gone. Our impressions, comments and sharing stats were not drastically different while I was away. They were lower, but not significantly lower. Bloglovin’ Calm. Your Desire to Get Things Done Can Undermine Your Effectiveness. I have two kinds of problems: the urgent and the important.

Your Desire to Get Things Done Can Undermine Your Effectiveness

The urgent are not important, and the important are never urgent. —Dwight D. Eisenhower President Eisenhower was not alone: In their work lives people routinely feel pulled between tasks that demand immediate attention and tasks that are important, the ones that bring them closer to achieving their long-term goals. Unfortunately, our and others’ research shows that people have a natural tendency to overly focus on the former (such as responding to mundane emails) at the expense of the latter. One of the main reasons this happens is that human brains are wired to seek completion and the pleasure it brings — a tendency we term “completion bias.” Complicating matters, finishing immediate, mundane tasks actually improves your ability to tackle tougher, important things. The results? In addition, completing small tasks frees up the cognitive resources people need to tackle other activities. In 2011, psychologists E. If We Wait Until We're Ready, We'll Be Waiting for the Rest of Our Lives – Lemony Snicket.

It’s never the right time to go through a life-changing decision.

If We Wait Until We're Ready, We'll Be Waiting for the Rest of Our Lives – Lemony Snicket

To Anyone Who Thinks They’re Falling Behind. To Anyone Who Thinks They’re Falling Behind You don’t need more motivation.

To Anyone Who Thinks They’re Falling Behind

You don’t need to be inspired to action. You don’t need to read any more lists and posts about how you’re not doing enough. We act as if we can read enough articles and enough little Pinterest quotes and suddenly the little switch in our brain will put us into action. Putting off tomorrow. “Procrastination is the thief of time.”

Putting off tomorrow.

-Edward Young Over and over and over again over these last two and a half years, I’ve reminded myself how precious time is; that it shouldn’t be wasted. After all, I’ve seen it in action: the way a mere phrase or phone call or the briefest of moments can permanently alter every cell in your body, so that afterwards you never think or dream or breathe the same way again. Marie Kondo's The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: We Tried It.

What Is It: Japanese cleaning consultant Marie Kondo‘s method (a.k.a.

Marie Kondo's The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: We Tried It

“KonMari”) of getting rid of all your junk and rearranging your home—and your life—for the better. Who Tried It: Rennie Dyball, PEOPLE senior news editor Level of Difficulty: 10. An Open Letter To Those Not Graduating On Time. To the person that isn't graduating on time, It sucks, and I won't lie to you and tell you it doesn't.

An Open Letter To Those Not Graduating On Time

The day you walk out of Advising, head hanging down because you aren't going to finish in four years, makes you feel ashamed of yourself. A message from Stewart Butterfield to Slack employees. What follows is the full text of a message Stewart Butterfield sent to all Slack employees on Sunday, January 17, 2016.

A message from Stewart Butterfield to Slack employees

I asked him if I could share it externally, not only because it touched my heart, but because I think it’s an important message for everyone to read and absorb, not only Slack employees. “Tomorrow is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day​ and the SF office will be closed in observance. Nationwide it is still, frustratingly, not an uncontroversial holiday. Only about a third of private businesses make it a paid holiday while several states mix the observance of Dr. We are not, as a company (and I am not, as an individual) going to get into the habit of editorializing about the significance of different holidays or make recommendations on how to observe them. These are people who have been beaten, and burned, and raped, and shot, and hanged because they stood up for their own ​basic​ dignity.

Want to Be an Outstanding Leader? Keep a Journal. From The New York Public Library Research has documented that outstanding leaders take time to reflect.

Want to Be an Outstanding Leader? Keep a Journal.

Their success depends on the ability to access their unique perspective and bring it to their decisions and sense-making every day. Extraordinary leadership is rooted in several capabilities: seeing before others see, understanding before others understand, and acting before others act. A leader’s unique perspective is an important source of creativity and competitive advantage. But the reality is that most of us live such fast-paced, frenzied lives that we fail to leave time to actually listen to ourselves. Why I Taught Myself to Procrastinate. Photo NORMALLY, I would have finished this column weeks ago.

Why I Taught Myself to Procrastinate

Jason on Design Note Taking Rules for Effective People. People often confuse a “transcript” with “notes”. The people who struggle with this the most with this are overachievers. The straight A students. It’s a good example where we can all learn from the people who look for the minimum amount of work to do so that something won’t come back to them or blow up in their face. You know, lazy people. When someone misses details in a meeting it either means they’re not taking notes, or they’re not taking good notes.

Instead of taking down every word of a conversation, only take notes in the following buckets: You probably know to ask yourself, “What do I want?” Here’s a way better question. Everybody wants what feels good. Everyone wants to live a carefree, happy and easy life, to fall in love and have amazing sex and relationships, to look perfect and make money and be popular and well-respected and admired and a total baller to the point that people part like the Red Sea when you walk into the room. Everyone would like that — it’s easy to like that. If I ask you, “What do you want out of life?”

Disapproval Matrix — Ann Friedman. In my ongoing quest for the perfect framework for understanding haters, I created The Disapproval Matrix. (With a deep bow to its inspiration.) This is one way to separate haterade from productive feedback. The Value of Time: How Much is Your Time Really Worth? Not all uses of time are equal and this simple truth can make a big difference in life.

People who spend their time doing more profitable work make more money. People who spend their time investing in others build better relationships. Suggestions for Avoiding the Workday Motivation Melt Down. Personalize your routine.