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A flexible, well integrated task automation tool to rule them all ..

Can talk to CMDB systems
Can talk to CM systems (or run tasks with CM scripts)
Can talk to CI (Jenkins)
Probably can brew coffee for us too while we work .. :-)


Installation & downloads

Pro & Commercial Support. Rundeck - DZone. Description Rundeck is open source utility designed to help operations teams automate routine operational procedures and deployment. Teams can collaborate through Rundeck to share how processes are automated, delegate execution of those processes, and share visibility into operational activity. Rundeck also includes access control, workflow building, scheduling, logging, notifications, and plugins for integration with external data sources and tools. Product Strengths Designed for automating all ongoing operational tasksFully open source software projectExtensible through first and third-party plugin systemsBuilt for enterprise scale concerns, including security and auditing High Profile Customers Salesforce, Ticketmaster, Apple, Disney Free Trial Open source software Product hosting options On-premise and cloud hosted Build artifact repository support JFrog ArtifactorySonatype Nexus Continuous integration engine plugin support Jenkins/HudsonAtlassian Bamboo Issue tracking tool support Yes No Tool Type.

With CMDB as inventory provider

With Jenkins. - Prakash Rudraraju uses Rundeck to provide visibility and self-service operations in secure environments. Prakash Rudraraju TechOps at Rundeck user for 1 year Mission: Automate operations and improve trust by providing visibility Key Rundeck Use Cases: 1. Visibility into Deployments in Secure Production Environments TechOps, responsible for production deployments at, was facing dual requirements that seemed at odds with each other. On one hand, engineers and managers from across the technology organization needed to be able to watch production deployments while they happen and examine the output if any issues or anomalies arise. On the other hand, because takes the security and integrity of their user’s data very seriously, direct access to production systems had to be restricted to only the TechOps team. The old method of deployment consisted of having TechOps run scripts on the command line, tailing log files, and then pointing people to log files in Splunk if there was a problem. 2. 3.

TechOps must regularly patch deployments every 2 months to remain compliant. Techzone 2014 presentation rundeck. Rundeck's History and Future. - Job Scheduler. Job scheduling is one of Rundeck's most popular capabilities. Top uses include: Scheduling and organizing tasks that were previously triggered manually Providing visibility into jobs that were previously run through cron or custom tools Replacing / avoiding expensive and unwieldy legacy job schedulers ✓ Agentless Rundeck is considered an "agentless" system because it does not require the installation of a special Rundeck client on the remote hosts. By default, Rundeck uses SSH to execute commands and scripts on the remote servers.

Windows users normally use the winrm plugin to execute commands. If your use case requires an agent, Rundeck's "NodeExecution" plugin can be used to delegate remote command execution to an external agent system (eg, salt, mcollective). ✓ Script storage Rundeck can copy local and web accessible scripts to remote nodes and execute them. . ✓ Multiple platforms Rundeck is a Java webapp and typically runs out of Tomcat or Jetty. . ✓ Any OS account ✓ stdout/err transfer. - Tour. Welcome to Rundeck, the human interface to your operations. Rundeck features fine-grain access controls, a built-in job scheduler, and the ability to define workflows that dispatch commands and scripts to your nodes. Import Node information from anywhere: Chef, Puppet, Amazon EC2, or your own in-house CMDB / node list. Nodes can be organized using tags or other customizable attributes. Run commands and scripts on your nodes. Run them in parallel on multiple nodes.

Run commands ad-hoc by just typing in the command and hitting enter. Fine-grain access control capabilities allow you to specify who can do what and to what resources. - Runbook Automation. In the course of day-to-day operations, there are all sorts of procedures executed by your team -- provisioning, trouble shooting, diagnostics, maintenance, data management, etc. Rundeck is often implemented as a "runbook automation" tool by companies who want to improve control over their daily operations activity, reduce errors, improve visibility/auditability, and reduce mean time to repair (MTTR). Rundeck's runbook automation capabilities help you to standardize your operating procedures, set access controls so you can share those procedures with others inside or outside of your team, and see reports on all activity in one place. ✓ Custom Workflows Rundeck provides tools to define, build, deploy and manage automation.

These automated processes are defined in Job Workflows. Workflow steps are used to automate the individual tasks of the process. User inputs for the workflow are described by job options. . ✓ End-to-end Orchestration Across Local or Remote Servers ✓ Cross-Platform. - Job Scheduler and Runbook Automation.