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Pimcore Wins the 2010 Most Promising Open Source Project Award. November 2010 | Open Source Packt Publishing is pleased to announce that Pimcore has won the Most Promising Open Source Project Award category in the 2010 Open Source Awards. The Most Promising Open Source Project Award, sponsored by OpenCandy, is a revamped category for the Award this year, featuring Open Source projects, whose first release date is less than two years from 9 August, 2010. “Winning this Award is a huge boost”, said Dietmar Rietsch, the founding member of Pimcore. “It’s not simply about the money either, it’s the recognition of a year of hard work and dedication from the team and Pimcore’s community.” “Pimcore is an exciting content management system framework which has great long-term prospects.

“Pimcore is an easy to use new solution and a high sense of professionalism can be found in everything from the project website to the documentation.” Oss-sec: Remote code execution in Pimcore CMS. Pimcore. Pimcore is a free and open-source web content management platform for creating and managing web applications and digital presences released under the terms of the BSD Licence. The pimcore platform contains various integrated applications for web content management, product information management, multi-channel publishing, e-commerce and various other marketing-specific applications like digital asset management, marketing management and an integrated behavioral targeting engine for personalizing content.

Pimcore is being positioned as an open-source suite for customer experience management (CEM or CXM). Technologically pimcore is based on PHP , the Zend Framework and MySQL as the database layer. Technology[edit] The base of pimcore is the object-oriented pimcore API. Everything that can be done within the pimcore administration interface can be programmatically done by using the pimcore API or (since version 1.3) by using the SOAP webservice interface to pimcore. Usability[edit] Zend framework - What are the (dis)advantages of PimCore. Try pimcore now! : pimcore platform. Open Source Content Management and Multichannel Platform The Premier Open-Source Multichannel Platform Try Now Download Try pimcore now! We're super confident you'll like what you see! Web Content-Management Admin Interface Username: admin Password: demo Frontend This online-demo is also available as a download (Sampe Data).

Attention: The demos are reset every day! E-Commerce, Asset Management & PIM Username: demo Password: demo2013 Optional Login: Username: Password: demo2013 API-Key for this user: 23b4f21155d1fc90c5bd5e3cd4c4ddf4 For more information please contact us: Home > Resources > Try Now!

Resources Ready to benefit from all the awesome features? Download Contact Info pimcore GmbH Gusswerk Halle 6 Söllheimerstraße 16 5020 Salzburg, Austria Follow Us Recent Posts Technology Short Info. Pimcore vs. Drupal comparison. Documentation - pimcore - Pimcore Documentation. API Docs. System Requirements - pimcore - Pimcore Documentation. Plugin Developer's Guide - pimcore - Pimcore Documentation. Skip to end of metadataGo to start of metadata In order to be able to enhance pimcore and its already powerful core features, pimcore comes along with a plugin API.

Thereby developers are able to reuse modules created for pimcore websites, or enhance and add system features. Pimcore plugins can be developed by utilizing Javascript user interface and PHP backend hooks. The following sections explain firstly how to design and structure plugins and secondly how to register for and utilize the hooks provided in the PHP backend and the Ext JS frontend. Pimcore. Pimcore: Powerfully Professional Content & Asset Management. Advertisement There are a huge range of content management systems on the market, all of which offer some basic, yet capable content and asset management features throughout their admin panels.

However, the open-source Pimcore platform takes these options, and focuses on them in a way which results in a highly professional content, asset and document management system. Corporations, businesses and experienced website builders know what they want from their website, they just need the correct tools for the job – and that's where Pimcore out does most other CMS.

Whether its digital asset organization, or detailed performance refinment, Pimcore has it all. Pimcore has a few key attributes worth discussing, so let's dive in. Powerful Design Tools Although efficient content management is Pimcore's core strength, the platform also ensures that issues of design can be dealt with in an easy, yet powerful way. Professional, Detailed Management Options Analytics & Performance Features Sound good? Zend framework - What are the (dis)advantages of PimCore. Multi-Channel Experience and Engagement Management Platform.