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Learning Meteor

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Learn Meteor.js Properly. (Learn Meteor and Everything You Need to Know about It) At the end of this article, I outline two comprehensive study guides to help you learn Meteor properly. The study guides are for both beginners and seasoned developers. The first study guide, which uses a book, a paid screencast, and some free online resources, teaches you how to build a sophisticated, modern social-media web application with Meteor. And the second study guide, which uses only free resources (one affordable screencast and free online resources), is just as instructive as the first, though you won’t build a specific web application throughout the course. Our Career Paths and Courses Website Is Now Live New UPDATE on April 26 2015 Enrollment for our Career Paths is now open. First, I give a comprehensive Meteor overview, in which I discuss just about everything you want and need to know about Meteor before you commit to investing your time and other resources in this still burgeoning though exceptional technology.

Yes? Discover Meteor - Packages. Discover Meteor - Learn how to build real-time JavaScript web apps with the Meteor.js framework.