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Rich text editor Redactor adding additional paragraph p tags - Craft CMS Stack Exchange. Current community your communities Sign up or log in to customize your list. more stack exchange communities Stack Exchange.

Rich text editor Redactor adding additional paragraph p tags - Craft CMS Stack Exchange

How to add custom Redactor toolbars to the default Rich Text field in Craft CMS - Straight Up Craft. The default Rich Text field in Craft CMS comes with three options to use as your toolbar: Default, Simple, and Standard.

How to add custom Redactor toolbars to the default Rich Text field in Craft CMS - Straight Up Craft

If you’d like to add custom toolbars, you can do so by adding custom toolbar config file in your craft/config/redactor folder. Redactor is the WYSIWYG html editor that Craft uses for its Rich Text field and a Redactor config file is a json file that tells Redactor what settings it should be using to build your toolbar. Create a custom toolbar # Let’s create a new toolbar called ‘Simple With Link’ which is just like the default Rich Text ‘Simple’ config but adds a link button as well. To create this new toolbar, create a new Simple With Link.json file in your craft/config/redactor folder and add the following json code: Let’s take a closer look at what each part of this code does: To view the list of buttons that are available, you can take a look at the ‘buttons’ setting in the Redactor documentation. Craft. Choosing the right CMS. June 24th, 2014 Do you have a go-to CMS that you always use?

Choosing the right CMS

If so, you've likely also been curious about what some of the other CMSs out there are like. Will they make your job any easier? Why do the other communities like them so much? Maybe they would provide you with that one hidden feature that you never knew you needed. Choosing a CMS can be a very personal decision. In contrast, I've been all over the map with CMSs during the past few years.

Each CMS that I've used has had their pros and cons. Craft is the new ExpressionEngine. As of this writing in 2013, the topic of which CMS (Content Management System) to use is a bit redundant.

Craft is the new ExpressionEngine

I've long felt that web agencies and freelancers should generally avoid building their own CMS to sell to clients, opting instead to use off-the-shelf third-party solutions. The reason for this is simple: In-house systems are often shoddily made because they require a dedicated team to maintain, fix and improve - something agencies, who can only thrive on filling time sheets full of billable hours, almost always skimps on. The only way to make these in-house CMS's profitable for said-agency is to build in monthly fees that cover the support and maintenance costs associated with keeping the system up-to-date and bug free. Over the last ten years or so, a handful of CMS's popularity has risen to the top of the pile of the many hundreds of available options.

​Why Craft will make you happier than Wordpress, Expression Engine, Pyro, Drupal and other CMS. A company can have the best-looking site in the world, but if it's hard to update and maintain, it's next to useless.

​Why Craft will make you happier than Wordpress, Expression Engine, Pyro, Drupal and other CMS

It stops being a tool for good, and starts becoming a monster with a lust for frequent sacrifices (of time and energy, that is, not goats and whatnot). There's dozens of systems out there for adding, changing and organising website content. We've tried all the main ones, and we found out two things: popular doesn't always equal best, and more features doesn't always mean better. Wordpress, Pyro, Drupal, Joomla, Expression Engine – they're all widely used, but none of them can compare to Craft, the new kid on the block. It's fundamentally different. On paper, this seems like a downside. Other CMSs are like a Swiss Army Knife, packed with tools to suit every application imaginable.

Matt Wilcox, Web Developer & Tinkerer. Deciding on a Platform. Winner: Craft CMS. January 29, 2014 It was difficult for me to determine which platform to use for the latest version of this site.

Deciding on a Platform. Winner: Craft CMS.

Decisions about whether or not to have a database, and how I would be writing content had me flipping back and forth between different content management systems. About That Craft CMS. Craft was built on the cusp of the renaissance by the friendly folks at Pixel & Tonic.

About That Craft CMS

It has the earmark of systems built on modern principles. It makes every effort to avoid quirks that steepen learning curves. It sticks with standard, familiar design patterns and components. What sets Craft apart is its friendliness toward front- and back-end developers alike. Entry Types - Features - Craft. Matrix - Features - Craft. Made up of blocks Matrix fields are made up of multiple blocks.

Matrix - Features - Craft

Blocks are made up of one or more custom fields. Matrix fields can have multiple block types A single Matrix field can have as many types of blocks as needed, which the author can pick and choose from when adding new content. Each block type gets its own set of fields. Flexibility without compromise Matrix enables you to give your authors a huge amount of flexibility without compromising your control over how things are output. Use them anywhere. Matrix fields aren’t just for entries. Craft vs. Perch vs Statamic - What's the Best CMS for My Needs? – Designer News.

Your next CMS should be Craft or ExpressionEngine. When it comes to content management systems there are hundreds of thousands of options.

Your next CMS should be Craft or ExpressionEngine

Even within a specific language like PHP there’s a vast array of different choices. I’m going to talk about two popular PHP CMS solutions: Craft and ExpressionEngine. I want to discuss why, I think their powerful data modeling, flexibility, and communities make them two of the best choices for a CMS. Craft Demo. Directory Plugin for Craft CMS - Dukt.

Pricing - Craft. How can I purchase Craft Client or Craft Pro?

Pricing - Craft

Right within the CMS. If you’re running Craft Personal or Craft Client, there’s a link at the bottom of every page in the CP, which brings up a modal window that handles the whole process. Is there a way I can try Craft Client or Pro out before buying? Yes. As long as you’re running Craft CMS from a non-public-looking domain name (e.g. If I buy the Client edition now, can I upgrade it to Pro later on? Yes, for an even $100. Can I purchase an edition locally, and then transfer it to production? Yes you can. Introduction - Documentation - Craft. Craft.

A Review of Craft CMS & Tips to Get Started. Eight years, hundreds of web projects, and a dozen content management systems later, NMC has largely standardized on three options: Drupal, Wordpress, and our own HiFi. The two open source options are popular, stable, mature, and boast active development communities.

HiFi we've worked hard to make flexible, powerful, and intuitive. A Review of Craft CMS & Tips to Get Started. Craft vs. WordPress: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Data. Any web developer who has been working in the industry for more than a few days has probably heard of WordPress.