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But how do I USE (You need a client)

You, my friend, need a CLIENT. is just a network protocol - you need something that speaks the language. Here are my suggestions:

Quick-and-effective: just use the web UI that came with your server account.

It works in mobile and desktop browsers and should let you do most things you want, like post, reply, and even upload images.
Desktop Clients:
I use Linux and sometimes Mac, so I like Pumpa ( and Dianara ( You can even get clients in Windows. Check out the full list of desktop clients at How-To Guide
Mobile Clients:
I use Android most of the time, so I recommend getting either Impeller ( or Puma. Both are available from the F-Droid store. Impeller is also available on Google Play.
For iOS, there is “Social Monkeys” - it's not free, but it's worth the small amount of money it costs: in the Terminal
“p”: the Python/ equivalent of “t” (for Twitter, written in Ruby), you can check your activity stream and inbox, send messages, reply to messages, post images, etc. I love this. And Your Language - it's a client thing

Many people mistake the Web UI Client that comes bundled with a server with They are not the same thing. The Web UI is a demonstrator client utilizing the vastly more flexible network underneath. Don't mistake the client for the protocol. For instance, the old flagship Statusnet instance, has a web UI that only supports English translations.

Social Network App Choqok 1.5 Released, Hits Ubuntu PPA. users are once again able to dent themselves content using the open-source Qt social networking app Choqok.

Social Network App Choqok 1.5 Released, Hits Ubuntu PPA

Released at the weekend, Choqok 1.5 is the first release of the app in more than a year and a half. It arrives with a small but welcome set of changes, the most notable of which is a working plugin for the service used by (and a handful of smaller microblogs) since 2013. The older “StatusNet” plugin which supported previously has been renamed ‘GNU Social‘. Choqok developers are keeping it included to ensure that users of self-hosted ‘StatusNet’ services can keep chatting away without interruption. Twitter fans will not be left in a flap with this update either. Other general changes shipping as part of Choqok 1.5 include: Option to disable system trayNew URL expander pluginGNU Social plugin adheres to server’s custom character limitFixes for ‘yourls’ and ‘’ URL shortening plugins sudo add-apt-repository ppa:adilson/experimental.

Clients · e14n/ Wiki. Dianara. Dianara is a client, a desktop application for GNU/linux (and other systems) that allows users to manage their social networking accounts without the need to use a web browser, and provides many features not available in the standard web interface.


It is free software. (Learn more about here.) Check the Dianara category on this blog for more up to date information. 2 new messages! These are system-type notifications under Plasma Desktop, by the way. Pumpa. Dianara , a client for the decentralized and free social network is a general social network.

Dianara , a client for the decentralized and free social network

Besides the obvious advantage of being decentralized and free, you can publish formatted text, pictures or whatever you want There is no character limit or any other class. The first step is register an account in The easiest is to go to the web site and press the button Try it now. Then signed into the web interface, remember your user ID (and password, obviously) Now you can download Dianara from the Synaptic package manager Here you can launch Dianara and create a desktop icon Opening and authorizing Dianara Opening Dianara first we introduce our address and click Get Code Verifier Now the browser will open and you must enter your username and password and authorize Dianara Copy and paste the Verifier into Dianara Now , click on authorize application and save details Clicking on the photo icon you can put an avatar and your data In the Timeline you can see messages from your contacts, comment, share, like it… Writing posts Me gusta:

Xray7224/p. Gettingstartedwithpumpio [Cooley-Sekula Document Central] New users of federated social networks may, at first, be a bit confused about simple things that seem so obvious on Facebook and Twitter.

gettingstartedwithpumpio [Cooley-Sekula Document Central]

People coming from another Federated network to may find it hard to locate people, etc. How do you find people to interact with? What programs should you use to post, reply, etc.? This little guide will help general users - people who just want to talk and share - get going. You can find me over at.