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HOWTO – Box Backup. Introductions and Overviews ¶ xkr47 has written a task-oriented Box Backup howto ​here. (maybe this could be migrated to this wiki?) Tips and Tricks ¶ Running Without Root tells you how to set up your client and server if you'd like to run those daemons with minimal privilege. Redundant Servers gives advice about running a pair of redundant servers for failover, resiliency and high availability. Bandwidth Mangement So tips and trick for bandwith management. BoxBackup HOWTO. All content on this web page is © Copyright 2006 Jonas Berlin (aka xkr47) and licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License. Contact information is available on my home page. This page shows how to set up ONE boxbackup server and one or more clients in a Linux environment. At least this is more or less how I did it (and made it work).

It doesn't attempt to explain thoroughly what is done, just show what needs to be done, and where. If you are setting a two-way backup scheme where guy A backs up to guy B and vice versa, be aware that that will be two separate setups, and the HOSTNAME_SRV (defined below) will be different for each. Please note that my choice of locations for the files in /etc differ slightly from examples in the official documentation. Client configuration(s) are in /etc/boxbackup/clients/CLIENT/ instead of just /etc/boxbackup/. Other important caveats: The page is divided in three columns: One for the CA i.e.

There are two possible setups: SystemRequirements – Box Backup. Supported Systems ¶ The following platforms are officially supported: OpenBSD (4.3) Linux (Debian Lenny, Ubuntu 8.04, Fedora 9, Red Hat/CentOS 5.2, Slackware 12, Arch Linux) NetBSD (this has minor issues with dates on symlinks) FreeBSD (7.0) Mac OS X (10.5) Microsoft Windows (2000 and XP) Solaris (OpenSolaris) If you have a supported system then installing and using Box Backup should be easy. Installation instructions are available for all supported platforms. If you have an issue with a supported platform, you can expect prompt assistance from the user community in resolving it. Other Platforms ¶ Box Backup is highly portable and likely to work on most Unix systems.

If you want to run Box Backup on such a platform, you are welcome and encouraged to do so. However, please note that each additional platform adds to the amount of work needed to test each release, and therefore slows down development. Installation – Box Backup. Warning: Several people have complained that when old files are deleted from the client, they are removed very quickly by housekeeping.

This is a known limitation of the housekeeping algorithm. We are working on a solution. In the mean time we advise all users to have alternative backup arrangements for unchanging (archived) files, to protect them in case of deletion. Other Languages ¶ ​Instructions in German by Hans-Joachim Baader Important Note ¶ Please pay attention to the Upgrading section below if you: have previously run any version of Box Backup on any of your systems; or plan to run different versions on different systems; or copy configuration files from an older installation of Box Backup; or configure Box Backup without using the bbackupd-config command.

Please pay special attention to the Upgrading to 0.11 page if you want to run 0.11 on any of your systems. Stable Download ¶ Version 0.11.1 is the current stable released version, and recommended for normal users. Packaged Versions ¶ Box Backup. Box Backup. BoxComparison – Box Backup. Within this document, encrypted and on-line are used in very specific ways to describe backup systems. encrypted - The data to be backed up is transmitted and stored on the server so that the data can only be recovered if secret encryption keys are available. on-line - The backup server does not use tape or any other removable archive media. All data is stored within the server file system on conventional hard discs, and every (current) file is always available.

Only backup systems which are both encrypted and on-line are compared in depth. Other systems have brief notes at the end of this document. Please contact the developers with any systems that have been missed, or with corrections to this analysis. This is not intended to promote Box Backup, but as an objective comparison to allow you to decide which system to adopt. Encrypted, On-Line Systems ¶ Other Systems ¶