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Bing Maps for Enterprise Developer Resources. One thing that the Bing Maps Development Community is lacking (at least in an official sense from Microsoft) is a nice list of all (or at least most) of the Bing Maps Development Resources out there.

Bing Maps for Enterprise Developer Resources

A couple lists have been posted on the Bing Maps MSDN Forums, but there isn't any real list anywhere. So, I've decided to start the below list to get a better archive started that links to the majority of the Bing Maps Development Resources that I am aware of. Also, remember that this list is by no means an all inclusive list of all the resources out there. If you know of any resources worth noting, please send the link to me so I can include it below. Thanks. NOTE: I am currently in the process of migrating the content of this page, plus much more, over to the Bing Maps Showcase on CodePlex. Enjoy,Chris Pietschmann List Last Updated: 10/13/2010 Link: You can sign up for a Developer Account here: Interactive SDK Bing Maps for Enterprise JavaScript (AJAX) Interactive SDK Podcasts.

If broken it is, fix it you should : .NET Debugging Demos - Info. .NET Debugging Demos This is a series of debugging demos aimed to help you get some hands on experience in debugging the most common types of Hang/performance, memory and crash scenarios in .net applications.

If broken it is, fix it you should : .NET Debugging Demos - Info

The demos are written in ASP.NET which means that you do need IIS and .net framework 2.0 installed on the development machine where you install the demos. Each new demo will have a set of instructions on how to get started but the lab instructions are deliberately kept very brief in order to give you the most chance to explore on your own. Hints will be available for each demo in case you get stuck. New demos will be published on as time permits (I am planning to release one new lab per week). All demos will use the same web site so there is only one application to install for all demos. Installation 1. 2. 3. XAML, WPF, Silverlight, .NET, Office 2007, Windows : Anatomy of. Last week I created a document that incorporates my experiences developing the Shock Silverlight online game so far.

XAML, WPF, Silverlight, .NET, Office 2007, Windows : Anatomy of

The document discusses the basics of online games in Silverlight and has a lot of practical examples (code) and a working project that you can use to build your own game. Don't make the mistakes I did! Happy coding! Open Document: Anatomy of a Silverlight Game.docx Download Source Code Project Play Sample Game Here are the abstract and contents of the doc: Abstract: Typical online games have a start screen, levels, storyline, transitions, high scores, chat, and other features that can take significant amount of time to develop. There are challenges when building online games, such as full screen support and scaling; speed optimization; animations; real-time calculations. Learn how to develop compelling Silverlight games faster, by using a base framework for the common game elements outlined above.

Contents: About the Author About this Document Goal Scope Target Audience. ScreenCast Coffee Workflow WF. How To: Customize Your Own Killer "Enigma" Desktop.