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This Is My New Favourite Anti-Ageing Pillowcase, Hands Down. If you ask me, silk pillowcases can be a magnificent thing.

This Is My New Favourite Anti-Ageing Pillowcase, Hands Down

Not only do they possess numerous purported beauty benefits (which are backed up by lots of anecdotal evidence), they're also just nice to sleep on. After switching to a silk anti-ageing pillowcase a few years ago I noticed a huge change in both my skin and hair. I saw a noticeable reduction in "sleep crease", the ironed-in wrinkles you wake up with after sleeping on a regular pillowcase, and hair frizz.

Apparently, these effects are down to silk's capacity to allow skin and hair to glide as you move, rather than tugging and scratching as cotton can do. The one issue with silk anti-ageing pillowcases seems to be that they're not vegan. Enter: Bamboo. Peonykiss. #KDrama Before i start blogging , here is a video you should watch.


New Korean drama coming up on 15th August ! Moonlight Drawn By the Clouds featuring Park Bo Gum. Noob Cook Recipes - Singapore food and cooking blog. Official website for recipes, books, tv shows and restaurants. 21 Healthy Food Bloggers You Need to Follow. Cooking weights and measures. Measuring spoons (metric) - 2.5 mL, 5 mL, 15 mL, 50 mL, 100 mL, 125 mL Measuring Spoons (Customary units) In recipes, quantities of ingredients may be specified by mass (commonly called weight), by volume, or by count.

Cooking weights and measures

For most of history, most cookbooks did not specify quantities precisely, instead talking of "a nice leg of spring lamb", a "cupful" of lentils, a piece of butter "the size of a walnut", and "sufficient" salt.[1] Informal measurements such as a "pinch", a "drop", or a "hint" (soupçon) continue to be used from time to time. In the US, Fannie Farmer introduced the more exact specification of quantities by volume in her 1896 Boston Cooking-School Cook Book. Today, most of the world prefers metric measurement by weight,[2] though the preference for volume measurements continues in the United States ("almost exclusively"),[3] North America, Australia, and Sweden.[4][not in citation given] Different ingredients are measured in different ways: Eggs are usually specified by count.

The Metric Kitchen. The instructions and tables presented below will walk the reader through converting a recipe to metric measures.

The Metric Kitchen

It is important to note that these conversions only work with U.S. recipes. Bread flour cup measurements and equivalents in grams (g) and ounces (oz) Cooking Conversions and Equivalents. 27 Diagrams That Make Cooking So Much Easier. Celebrity updates, news, opinions on Smutty Food. Recipe for Strawbie Cheesecake Cupcakes! HAD to blog about these cos these were really the most delicious(and I don’t even use the word delicious.

Recipe for Strawbie Cheesecake Cupcakes!

Ever.) cupcakes I’ve ever made. Tons of strawberry cheesecake cupcakes online but I was really taken with this one. Fantastic layout and awesome pics. I was sold when she said, “Ladies, there’s only 3 recipes you’ll ever have to learn to win over any man’s heart: the perfectly seared steak, killer mashed potatoes and these Strawberry Cheesecake Cupcakes.” Haha Mine are an adapted version of hers so if you care to read about how I did mine, here goes: These are the ingredients I used.

For the crust: 15 Digestives crackers, crumbed 125g of butter(half a block or enough to make the Digestives crumbs stick when pressed down. 1.5 sticks in original recipe is too much, I used that and my 1st batch was crazy oily, oil leaked through my cupcake liners. Preheat oven to 170 degrees Celsius. Mix the Digestives crumbs and butter and sugar and put roughly a tablespoon of it in each cupcake. Karlas Closet. Veggie.num.num — delicious vegetarian recipes.

Tokyo Terrace. Food, Travel, Lifestyle and everything in between. On board Carnival Spirit to New Caledonia by Billy Law | Sep 16, 2014 Cruising, love it or loathe it?

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When I received the invitation to hop on board of Carnival Spirit for a … read more Hot Star Large Fried Chicken – Sydney CBD by Billy Law | Sep 9, 2014. The Pioneer Woman. The Diva Dish — - seed-to-kitchen cooking from a four-season garden, with a loving focus on soup. A community driven visual potluck. SPROUTED KITCHEN - A Tastier Take on Whole Foods. Smitten kitchen. Skinnytaste. Rasa Malaysia: Easy Delicious Recipes.

Not Without Salt - “Where would we be without salt?” - James Beard. Joy the Baker. Move Nourish Believe - Living the Lorna Jane Philosophy. Mother Thyme - simply delicious. Eat to Live. Cook to Love. Minimalist Baker - Simple Food, Simply Delicious.

Midnight Jam Lady, Daytime Food Fiend. Cooking a whole salmon Salmon is usually quite expensive here, but not if you buy it as a whole fish.

Midnight Jam Lady, Daytime Food Fiend

It’s huge, of course - anywhere from 2.5kg to 5kg - so the challenge then is two-fold: how do you portion and store it well, and how many ways can you cook it so you never get bored eating salmon? We’ve taken to buying it whole once a month whenever we come across really fresh salmon at the supermarket. It makes for nutritious and healthy meals without really breaking the bank. Do the maths: salmon fillets usually go for $3.50 per 100g, but the whole fish is sold only at $1.40 per 100g, which is easily 2.5 times cheaper by weight. Kitchen Wench — Feeding friends and family, one recipe at a time.

Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams. Jeni Britton Bauer Before Jeni began making ice creams, she studied art at The Ohio State University, worked in a bakery, and had a serious hobby blending perfumes and collecting essential oils.

Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams

It was the perfect foundation for a would-be ice cream maker. Jeni left college to do her own thing from scratch, opening Scream Ice Cream in 1996 in Columbus, Ohio’s North Market. Healthy. Delicious. - Easy weeknight meals and fun weekend projects, featuring fresh ingredients. GreenLiteBites. Green Kitchen Stories » The healthy vegetarian recipe blog.

Gimme Some Oven. - A Food Blog by Jennifer Pallian. Recipes. Feed Me Phoebe - Gluten-Free, Healthy Recipes and Wellness Tips From Chef Phoebe Lapine. Edible Perspective. Eat Yourself Skinny. Eat-Clean Diet Archives - Tosca Reno. Healthy and tasty food for everyone to enjoy! Your home for all things Design. Home Tours, DIY Project, City Guides, Shopping Guides, Before & Afters and much more.

David Lebovitz. Bakingdom — All you need is love. And dessert.