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Balderdash! or, a tale of two witches - Map. Hailey Baldwin considers herself a supermodel too humble to say it about herself in Harper's Bazaar Australia cover profile. There’s girl sh-t, boy sh-t, sibling sh-t, and then there’s Supermodel Sh-t.

Hailey Baldwin considers herself a supermodel too humble to say it about herself in Harper's Bazaar Australia cover profile

We don’t get it often, mostly because the real supermodels don’t give a lot of interviews. But when it happens it’s glorious because their shade has been honed in an industry that values judgyness and c-ntiness (see: Tom Ford, Anna Wintour, Karl Lagerfeld). Plus there’s all that suppressed hanger. Everyone knows about Naomi Campbell and Tyra Banks’s feud, mostly because Tyra brings it up every year or so. The story goes: Tyra went to Paris to model, Naomi was already on top, and there was an instant rivalry fueled by the industry’s unspoken “one black model per shoot/runway” rule at the time. Before writing for GQ, Caity Weaver wrote brilliantly for Gawker, which is now shutting down and Intro for August 19, 2016. August 19, 2016Posted at 4:13 PM Posted by Lainey Dear Gossips, Gawker announced yesterday that it would be shutting down.

Before writing for GQ, Caity Weaver wrote brilliantly for Gawker, which is now shutting down and Intro for August 19, 2016

I have been reading Gawker for a long time. Please wait... Tokyo Otaku Mode! Singapore really has almost all the Japanese things I needed T____T.

Tokyo Otaku Mode!

I am back to KL now for my maternity leave, and the danna is based in SG now, so I really can’t wait to join him again so our family can be together!! In Malaysia, one of my biggest woes is that there’s no way I could watch Japanese channels live. When I stayed in Japan with Junya while being 8 months pregnant and have mobility limitation, we just watched TV all day all night and it was so so so addictive.

I miss Japanese TV programs T___T. But Singapore hassssssssssss. It is a cable/IPTV channel showing Japanese programmes including classic and more recent Japanese drama, variety, anime, sports, documentaries, culture, fashion and music programmes. One of the programs on WAKUWAKU JAPAN is “Kawaii Asia“, where famous Japanese models share Japan’s kawaii culture. Rebecca Harrington - Archive. Vintage Stash & Forever Young. ♥ Previously, i was using one of the leather customised passport case from the Vintage Stash!

Vintage Stash & Forever Young

The quality was super best, and best of all, its hand made! Korean Beauty Vloggers We Love Watching. Much of our beauty know-how comes from the pros and research—there’s nothing more fascinating than learning the science behind our favorite beauty products, frankly.

Korean Beauty Vloggers We Love Watching

But what about technique and practice? There may be no amount of scientists who can tell you the best ways to apply concealer or how to get your hands steady enough to make an even and symmetrical cat-eye. For that, we consult YouTube where a plethora of vloggers are sharing every technique, practice and opinions on pretty much any beauty products you can think of. When it comes to K-Beauty, there’s no loss for material either. Our Top 3 Fave Online Beauty Resources. KMALL24: WHAT’S IN MY LIMITED EDITION RED BOX. Did a unboxing video on YouTube and it should be out a few days after this entry, thanks kmall24 and MyFatPocket for making this happen.


So I bet that you’re curious what is this big red box that I’m holding onto right? Fyi, this is kmall24 limited edition k-beauty red box that is ranging at $22, $44 and $66 at the moment! Usually it will cost you more than this!!! The one I received is $66 red box that includes 7 FULL SIZE products and NOT sample or travel size!!!! More information is on this picture shown below: Awesome Japanese household items! Awesome Japanese household items!

Awesome Japanese household items!

I must admit that, recently i have gotten more excited whenever i shop in Japan for detergents than i do when i walk into H&M on sale. #truestory. Welcome to a mother/housewife’s life lol. I loooooove grocery stores, lifestyle and home departments, all the amazing Japanese inventions never fail to amaze me. GOOD MORNING feat. I’M IN. I’M IN shorties is designed to be branded with handpicked inspiration quotes and it’s made of soft, comfortable patterned fabrics.


Which makes it easier for me to sleep in it, you can treat it as a intimate wear or casual wear! Up to you on how you want to rock it! Their shorties also comes with 2 pockets and leg opening is made for comfort fit! CUSTOMIZED YOUR ITEM WITH THE VINTAGE STASH NOW. The Vintage Stash is a returned client of Yutakis and I was excited when Yutaki told me that they specialized in customization, which I can choose from laptop folders, passport holders to pencil cases and more.


Yutaki got a laptop folder and I chose a black leather passport for myself, while the mint label and airplane charm is picked by TVS team, but don’t worry as you’ll be able to 100% customize everything yourself! Visit and start customizing now! Quote ‘miyake’ for 10% discount and don’t forget to like their IG: @thevintagestash p/s: Apparently my blogskin is having some problems now… Sighed… Please bear with it for a moment while I try to get this whole thing straightened out. Photography by Yutakis | fairytalefactory Clothing from Topshop Accessories from The Ordinary Co. With knowledge, comes beauty. YouTubers V.S Bloggers. **Oh and one thing, everytime you read my blog and see that the font changes halfway, it isn't done deliberately hor!

YouTubers V.S Bloggers

Everytime I edit something from my phone, it'll happen. Damn weird one. Been a huge fan of MANY YouTubers after so many years and have seen so many improve and grow so much over the years. It seems like for YouTubers, the more subscribers they have, the more motivated they are to work even harder. Some even create multiple channels. Our BIG Move! Hey everyone! Just wanted to share a bit of a life update. Drumroll please... We have just moved into a new (to us) house! Out of the (Chocolate) Box Ideas for Valentine's Day - Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. If you’re celebrating with your boo then you’re probably getting those reservations and gifts on lock. But not everyone likes celebrating the holiday – at least not in the traditional flowers and chocolates kind of way.

A Mario Kart marathon sounds like an awesome way to celebrate to me! If you opt for spreading the love with your girl friends or want a more customized holiday experience (DIYs always show you care), then try one of these gift ideas and blow your amigos and amores minds. The Heart Stuff. Advertorial Those who have been following me for awhile would know that I have, indeed been bitten by the travel bug. I CANNOT wait to leave Singapore for a good couple of weeks in a few months, or maybe even earlier if my friends and I decide to be spontaneous as usual. I love the idea of leaving everything behind for a short period of time, to relax, rewind and simply... chill. That said, packing for travel adventures should be a no-brainer. Dude, you are supposed to be whisking yourself away from all ze stress in the world. And that sucks, cause I never ever seem to find something appropriate and end up using my usual wallet on a trip. Left to right in clockwise direction: Travel Money Pouch, Notebook and Passport Holder I was beyond thrilled when The Heart Stuff decided to send some of their stuff my way, which will totally save me on my next trip in December!

Feeling lost? Kikki.K Stationery & Gifts. Etsy - Your place to buy and sell all things handmade, vintage, and supplies. 5 Favorites: Black Friday Deals - - Design for everyone, for everyday. This Company Makes Exact Plush Toy Copies Of Your Pets. The Cuddle Clones toy company makes custom plush-toy replicas of pets from photos sent in by their clients. The company’s founder, Jennifer Graham, came up with the idea for custom plushies when hanging out with her Great Dane, Rufus. When he passed away in 2009, she finally created a stuffed-animal replica, and now other users have also started memorializing their pets with Cuddle Clones. Of course, two heads are better than one – you can get a plushie if your pet is perfectly healthy as well!

More info: | Facebook | Instagram (h/t: dailymail) I Love Your Hair, Will You Marry Me Print.