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Watch This Buzzy Face-Sculpting Device in Action. From this editor's POV, there's no question that the latest frontier in the beauty market circles around at-home skincare devices.

Watch This Buzzy Face-Sculpting Device in Action

Bringing the dermatologist's office into our bathrooms is the M.O. du jour, via a vast array of handheld lasers, microcurrent devices, and ultrasonic infusers—and the options have expanded so quickly that it can be difficult to single out the truly innovative from all the flashy hype. This Facial Countouring Tool Has a 35K-Person Waiting List. We're willing to bet you've scrolled past an ad for the FasciaBlaster on your Facebook or Instagram feeds, especially if your search history errs on the side of beauty and skincare.

This Facial Countouring Tool Has a 35K-Person Waiting List

In short, it's a tool with handles on either end and small claw-like attachments along its length. You use it to rub along your body to break up fascia, the connective tissue that divides our muscles. The idea is that doing so will lessen the look of cellulite and break up fat for smoother, more defined limbs. (Check out this Pinterest board to see all of the real-life before-and-afters.)

Ashley Black, creator of the FasciaBlaster, has gained a huge cult following (over 864K followers on Facebook) full of faithful "Blasters" who swear by the transformative abilities of this noninvasive treatment. Tutorial: How to De-Puff Your Face in 3 Minutes Flat. Dr.

Tutorial: How to De-Puff Your Face in 3 Minutes Flat

Nguyen recommends doing this massage technique morning and night with your serum. We love Ultraceuticals Ultra A Skin Perfecting Serum ($125). Aim for a full three minutes, but in a pinch, even just one minute will help wake up (and de-puff) your complexion. 1. Apply a nickel-sized amount of product to your fingertips. 2. 3. 4. How I Permanently Removed My Under-Eye Bags. I asked that very question of celebrity facialist and dermarolling proponent Kerry Benjamin only a few weeks ago, after it occurred to me that I wasn’t satisfied with my own explanation of “Uh, I think it boosts your collagen by making tiny micro-injuries in the skin.”

How I Permanently Removed My Under-Eye Bags

I wasn’t wrong, but it was so unbelievably simplistic that even after months of putting it into practice, I was still half-convinced that there was dark magic involved. Not quite. “Basically, the skin around your eyes is very thin and delicate,” Benjamin explained as she pressed a roller into my face. “When you see dark circles, you’re actually just seeing the blood pool around your eyes through the skin. Celebrity Beauty Secrets and Makeup Tips. The Truth Behind Dry Brushing - The Chriselle Factor. The Right Brush When shopping around for a dry brush, it's important to get one with firm bristles and an easy to grip handle.

The Truth Behind Dry Brushing - The Chriselle Factor

The brush I have uses cactus bristles, which is very coarse, so I only use it twice a month. The Strokes Dry brushing works best before you get into the shower. MICRONEEDLING 101. I tried microneedling by a professional a few months ago (thank you Mashell Tabe!)


And have loved watching the transformation in my skin by continuing it at home 5 x a week. It plumps up the skin, making my fine lines look less visible. How? By activating epidermal growth factors kind of like a superficial acupuncture (think about it, if you get a little cut somewhere, your body sends all of its healing agents to the cut to repair it). LINKS WE LOVE: 7 HUMIDIFIERS WE'D LOVE TO OWN. 5 Ways to Look Younger Without Botox - The Chriselle Factor. You guys might have read my Byrdie article about How To Look Younger Without Botox Or Fillers, so today I wanted to continue that conversation and talk about more tips and tricks on looking younger.

5 Ways to Look Younger Without Botox - The Chriselle Factor

I mean let’s be real … We all get to a point where we ask ourselves, “Should I try it?” Yes, I’m talking about Botox and fillers. But the next time you find yourself asking these questions I hope that you will consider these tips! I’ve gathered theses along the way… whether it be through my beauty obsessed mom, a reliable friend, or just some good old research on the Internet. These are things that I have personally tried and have seen some sort of result- immediate or not. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Next Gen Beauty: The 411 on the Most Buzzed about Devices. Beauty devices aren’t necessarily something new.

Next Gen Beauty: The 411 on the Most Buzzed about Devices

There have been motor-free ones like the derma roller and epilators for decades. In today’s world though, when our skin care isn’t working fast enough for us and we’re taking more preventative measures to stay youthful, high-tech beauty tools have really upped their game. Now you plug in your cleanser, use vibration waves to make your moisturizer absorb deeper and zap away any imperfection. And that’s not even the unusual tools you can use! Beauty technology is being developed by companies that truly understand and care about the longevity of your skin and want to create unique, state-of-the-art technology that really works.

How to Treat Acne Scars & Improve Your Skin's Appearance - The Beauty Breakdown. I'm not even exaggerating when I say I get hundreds of comments, emails, messages, etc. about acne and how to fix acne scarring.

How to Treat Acne Scars & Improve Your Skin's Appearance - The Beauty Breakdown

First off, I apologize that I can't respond back directly.. there's just not enough time in the day to answer all of you guys :( Plus, I can't see your skin in person, so it's hard to tell what's causing your skin concerns if I can't actually see your skin concerns... describing your skin as red and irritated can unfortunately mean a lot of things so I can't narrow down how to help you :/ Apologies but hopefully this will shed some light on some issues you might be having. This is where Banish Acne Scars comes in and Dermarolling. Let's get to the breakdown... What the heck is Dermarolling?! I know, it sounds insane and the tool you use looks like a little medieval torture device. Japanese beauty products on Rakuten Malaysia. Make Beautiful Happen. Have you ever dreamt of a life where you can become more and more beautiful by just staying home and enjoying things that you like?

Make Beautiful Happen

I have not dreamt about that, because i’m living that life lolol. Ok la it’s a little buay paiseh to say like that, but the truth is, as a full time mom, i spend most of my time at home and i enjoy it. One would think that for the amount of time i spend in the comfort of my own house, i can’t even be bothered with my make up and dressing up unless i need to go somewhere. That, is actually true XD. 6 New Ways to Remove Unwanted Hair at Home. Forget about paying for expensive IPL packages, get your own IPL machine for less than S$250. Unusual beauty tools that are surprisingly practical –

People don’t always think of the beauty industry as a leader in technological innovation, but it certainly is. New technologies are constantly being created, especially in regards to skin care and makeup application, and old techniques are always being perfected. (No wonder there are as many products as there are out on the market these days for us to try.) These five tools may look freaky, but they’re more practical than they seem. NuFace Facial Toning Device: This cute portable machine uses one of the aformentioned beauty technologies – microcurrent technology – to provide a mini, noninvasive facelift. Give your loved ones the gift of a healthy smile this Christmas! I love Christmas and it’s about that time of the year again!

Which means I need to stress about what gift to buy for my love ones, talking about finding the right gift. Despite the best efforts of my family, bf and friends, some gifts just aren’t a good fit. Beauty School: How to Use a Derma Roller - – Lush, juicy lips have received quite a bit of attention over the past year.

While some women have turned to injections to get a prominent pout, others have turned to nonabrasive methods like illusion creating makeup application, plumping products and Derma Rollers. The latter I briefly mentioned last summer in my 5 Ways to Plump Your Lips video, but after questions arose from my recent Into The Gloss piece, I wanted to share more. Micro needling involves rolling a Derma Roller with hundreds of little needles across your face and lips to stimulate collagen growth. The needles, when gently pressed against your skin with even pressure, create tiny punctures. This, in turn, activates your self-healing mechanisms and rejuvenates the rolled skin. FruitVege Mask Machine. This machine here is selling like hotcakes and I am very sure that some of you find this machine because the video is being share on Facebook very often lately.

It’s amazing how a machine is able to create facial mask! 100% natural and organic, you can see how it’s made with your own eyes. Clariancy – Home IPL Hair Removal Device. Velvet Smooth feet in a switch! Sponsored Post.