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Sasha Finds: Natural Deodorant. August 26, 2016Posted at 9:29 PM Posted by Sasha It’s been the hottest summer on record in Toronto, well, who the f-ck are we kidding here, AROUND THE GLOBE….but hey, this is a beauty post so I’m not gonna get too real on your asses.

Sasha Finds: Natural Deodorant

But I will say that the rising temperatures have put my pits to the test. I already sweat like a muther on a normal day, so once you add 40 degree weather into the mix, my armpits are crying down the inside of my arms. And I wish my sweat was the sweet scent of honeydew, but that ain’t the case. Not only does it pack your pits with nothing but the best, natural, non-toxic ingredients, but it’s seriously the O.G for B.O. Check out the brand’s site or if you’re in Canada hit up Kiss & Makeup. (Note: Sasha Finds articles are NOT paid endorsements. Heroine's Maid "Tires" Out Warrior Twins. This HaBO request is from Jenn, who is hoping to find a romance based on a secondary character: I’m looking for a book where I only remember a supporting character – no idea who the hero and heroine are; no real idea about the plot except as it relates to this girl.

Heroine's Maid "Tires" Out Warrior Twins

I read the book in high school, so it likely would have been published in the early 90s, no later than 1995 or 1996. We were reading all the old skool classics then – Johanna Lindsey, Julie Garwood, Virginia Henley, some Bertrice Small for the kinky stuff. If it had pirates, castles, or Fabio on the cover, we read it. Harlequins were too tame for us. I’m pretty sure that the setting was Medieval-ish with a castle and associated village.

Not to be defeated in her quest, somehow or another she ends up confessing her problem to the evil priest of the village (or maybe he finds out from one of the brothers? Sorceress, Vampire, & Gladiator Love Triangle. This HaBO comes from Ashleigh, who wants to find what she describes as a ” fantasy/adventure/romance:” I read this (many times!)

Sorceress, Vampire, & Gladiator Love Triangle

About twenty years ago. Tina Hedges: The Beauty Shaman, on Her Company: LOLI Beauty, and Being - Korean Skin Care Blog - Peach & Lily. Welcome back to #PLSkinterviews!

Tina Hedges: The Beauty Shaman, on Her Company: LOLI Beauty, and Being - Korean Skin Care Blog - Peach & Lily

In this series we’ll talk to women who inspire us about skin care—and so much else. This series is about more than just our favorite products, but rather about some of our favorite people. We hope you find their stories as inspiring as we have! Though you might not know her name, Tina Hedges's career has most likely impacted the contents of your last #shelfie. The marketing wunderkind and now, Queen of ‘un-bottled’ DIY natural beauty vis-a-vis LOLI beauty—a subscription beauty box unlike any other we’ve seen has been around the proverbial block. Beauty in the Kitchen. Heroine Given as a Gift in a Transparent Dress. This HaBO request comes from Mala, who wants to find a historical romance: Soooo, I remember this: she is some kind of princess/daughter of a clan leader or something similar.

Heroine Given as a Gift in a Transparent Dress

The hero is some kind of warlord, chief, king, etc. Heroine Rips Dress in a Mine. This HaBO request comes from Erin, who is searching for a book that may or may not be a romance: This book may or may not be billed as a romance.

Heroine Rips Dress in a Mine

It might be more in the LaVyrle Spencer historical fiction-type category. I read it sometime in the mid-late 90s, but I don’t know if it was a new book then. Historical Romances with Some Magic, Some Old Skool, & More! A Little Bit Wicked A Little Bit Wicked by Victoria Alexander is $1.99!

Historical Romances with Some Magic, Some Old Skool, & More!

This is the first book in the Last Man Standing historical romance series, which revolves around a group of men who wager they can stay unmarried the longest. Some readers found the romance progression a little slow, while others seem to love the heroine. Secret Babies & Forgettable Sex. This HaBO comes from Olivia, who seems to have been searching for quite a while: So I can’t seem to find this book, I’ve looked on and off for years.

Secret Babies & Forgettable Sex

I’m pretty certain it was one I read at least ten years ago when I was still checking out romance books from the library instead of buying them. Horrible for when you want to re-read something. I believe it might have been a Regency (but who knows, cause that was back before I knew more about English history, so I paid less attention to the time periods). It starts off with the hero’s father (I believe) dying, and the heroine is younger than him, late teens possibly. I know the child stayed in her life, either she cared for it and just stayed in the country or a family member passed it off as theirs. Hero Can Claim Fortune after Sex-Fest with Heroine. This HaBO request is from Catherine, who has a very thorough description of a historical romance: During the summers of 2011 & 2012 I read a ridiculous number of books (3-4 daily.

Hero Can Claim Fortune after Sex-Fest with Heroine

Everyday. It, no I, was nuts). Hero Falls Overboard, And His Fiancee Transforms While He's Gone. This HaBO is from Jenn, who is looking for a historical where the hero goes overboard: Long-time lurker, first time HaBO-er.

Hero Falls Overboard, And His Fiancee Transforms While He's Gone

I’ve been reading romance novels since elementary school (when my grandmother put Nora Roberts’ Honest Illusions ( A | BN | K | G | ARe | iB ) – still, after all these years, my favorite – in my hands while telling my mother that “There’s really no sex,” hahahahaha, oh, Grandma). So I’ve read a ton of them, and I have a really hard time keeping them straight sometimes. You know when you start reading one, and then you realize you’ve totally read it before? Marriage of Convenience With Smuggling and Attempted Murder. This HaBO is from Karin, who read this book in a translated edition. It sounds a lot like Devil’s Bride crossed with…something else. I look in here regularly – for recommendations and laughs about bad reviews, and I think it’s time I make a HABO request. I read almost only Regency romances, and it has been so almost from the beginning. My second or third was a Regency, and it’s what I’m trying to find.

I read this in German (I’m in Switzerland), but it would mostly likely have been published in the US originally. She's a Tricksy Healer With Fake Blood Recipes. This HaBO is short and sweet, and it’s from Rachel, who is looking for a historical she read. She remembers one key scene: Hello! I’m looking for a historical romance novel, possibly highland based. Anyway, all I can seem to freaking remember is the lead female is a healer (of course), and somehow gets hooked up with this big burly guy.

Anyway, the only part I’m able to remember specifically about this book is: lead male gets drunk, him and lead female end up in bed, nothing happens because he passes out, but for some reason she wants him to think he deflowered her (maybe they’re married? So she mixes up some herbal concoction that resembles blood, but pours too much on the sheets and when he wakes up he’s all ashamed of himself and thinks he hurts her. It’s driving me crazy that I can’t remember the book. Ok, thinking about the potential comedy of this scene has me in stitches.

Ahem. Do you recognize this book? Pregnant Heroine with Feather Boas, and a Romantic Suspense with Ties. This HaBO is from PropellerBeanie, who is looking for two of the first category romances she ever read: Hi Bitches! In the early 2000s a neighbor who was moving overseas left six grocery bags filled with contemporaries – Silhouettes, Harlequins, and other line romances – on my doorstep. Not being into contemporaries, I sniffed in ambivalence and thought I’d just donate them. One or two on top caught my eye, and before I’d made it to the Goodwill I’ll be darned if I hadn’t zipped through several of those bags of romance titles. Wow! The Heroine Doesn't Like Her Endowments. This HaBO is from Frauke, who has been inspired by all the brilliant HaBO solving around here! After witnessing another HABO solved, here goes my obsession of the last 15 years. I am afraid I don’t remember much details, but here it is: I read it 1995ish, but maybe it’s older. The Hero was an Englishman in China (or somewhere else in Asia).

Maybe he was a trader? I remember a scene where the Hero witnessed the Heroine doing some martial arts stuff. Sexytimes in a hut or a shed (dusty, leaning against the wall). And her being anxious about the size of her breasts (too big for Chinese tastes), but the Hero being… quite fond of them. Please – it’s eating on my brain for the last 15 years – I need help! HaBO: Three Short Romances, One Missing Orgasm. Chelsea is looking for a set of three stories she read in one book – it sounds to me like an anthology of category short stories, but I could be wrong: Okay, my friend and I need help!

We read a collection of 3 shorter contemporary romance novels when we were in middle school (2002-2005) but it might be older than that. Her mom had gotten it and the only story we really want to find is the second(?) One. It was about a woman who had never had an orgasm. HaBO: Missing Pension Fund and Missing Shoes. HaBO: She Broke a Vase - Oops. HaBO: Two Books, Both Contemporary. HaBO: Historical with a Shoe Cover. HaBO: Recent Rock Star Romance With A Domme. HaBO: Ex-Military Bodyguard and a Heroine in a Costume Shop. HaBO: Seeking a Particular Riverboat Historical. This HaBO request is from Cassie, who is looking for a riverboat historical.

Remember when they were everywhere? Looking for book from 90’s. It had to do with a young women becoming the ward of a riverboat owner. Man came from wealthy family. Girl was daughter of prostitute. The book starts with man thinking he was going to have the young child as his ward. HaBO: Medieval with Fake Underbrush Coupling, Plus a War Horse.

HaBO: Historical with Crushed Roses. HaBO: Fantasy Romance, With Requisite Silver Hair. HaBO: Contemporary Revenge Romance in the Beach House. HaBO: Better Courtship Through Science! HaBO: Shapeshifting Hawks and Fishermen Heroes. HaBO: The Heroine was an Assassin. HaBO: Historical With Scientist Heroine. HaBO: Trying Again With Smugglers Under Her Skirts. HaBO: There’s a Secret Baby and Some Blackmail? Piece of Cake. HaBO: Harlequin Presents a Cruise Romance. HaBO: Historical Heroine Ruined, Writes a Lot of Letters. HaBO: Western Heroine Handcuffs Herself to Bank Robber Hero - Smart Bitches, Trashy Books. HaBO: Faux Fiancee To Be Named Whitney Whitney - Smart Bitches, Trashy Books. HaBO: 80s Christmas Romance at the Mall - Smart Bitches, Trashy Books.

HaBO: She Hit the Saw With the Hammer - Not a Euphemism - Smart Bitches, Trashy Books. HaBO: Estranged Couple at Regency Holiday House Party - Smart Bitches, Trashy Books. HaBO: In the Sample, The Hero Handcuffs Himself - Smart Bitches, Trashy Books. HaBO: Sometimes It's a Birthmark, Sometimes It's a Cough - Smart Bitches, Trashy Books. HaBO: Her Mom Threw Away Her Romance Stash - Smart Bitches, Trashy Books.