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Ray Hagins: Deconstructing the biblical psychosis 1. The Reasons Why Ancient Egypt is Special to the African Diaspora. Ancient Egypt the daughter of Ethiopia AFRICANGLOBE – Most of us living in the Diaspora do not know which African ethnic group or groups we hail from.

The Reasons Why Ancient Egypt is Special to the African Diaspora

And so, when we honor and revere the Motherland, we tend to see it as a whole. African World Heritage Sites. There are 85 cultural world heritage sites in Africa, including four on the islands of Cape Verde (1 site), Madagascar (1 site) and Mauritius (2 sites), and five that are listed under the Convention’s natural (as well as cultural) criteria.

African World Heritage Sites

About ten percent of the cultural sites are classified by UNESCO as ‘cultural landscapes’, a special designation for areas that represent the ‘combined works of nature and of man’, generally applied to places where traditional forms of land use and indigenous culture persist. To facilitate an understanding of cultural world heritage we have grouped sites into 13 categories, which bring places of a similar nature together. Thus, there are four sites that - although they are widely dispersed across eastern and southern Africa - are concerned with the fossil record of human evolution and origins.

Likewise, nine sites cover rock art and other aspects of human pre-history. Egypt: The Source Of The Bible - Part 5: Dr. Ray Hagins. Bible Version Comparison Charts. Christianity and Islam A Strategy For Our Division - Part 4: Dr. Ray Hagins. Somali alphabets, pronunciation and language. Somali is a member of the East Cushtic branch of the Afro-Asiatic language family.

Somali alphabets, pronunciation and language

It has 10-16 million native speakers and perhaps half a million second language speakers mainly in Somali, where it is an official language, Ethiopia, Djibouti and Kenya. There are also significant numbers of Somali speakers in Europe, North America and Yemen. Hidden History of The Nile - Religious Evolution & The Holy Trinity. Mc6eb0ufUn1rimy91o1_500.jpg (JPEG Image, 500 × 668 pixels) - Scaled (98%) m9pciagPol1qiydw9o1_r4_1280. Diasporicroots.tumblr. Ancient African Writing. Ancient African Writing Ancient Africa has the world's oldest and largest collection of ancient writing systems.

Ancient African Writing

Evidence of such dates to pre-historic time, and can be found in various regions of the continent. By contrast, continental Europe's oldest writing, Greek, was not fully in use until c. 1400 BC (a clay tablet found in Iklaina, Greece) and is largely derived from an older African script called Proto-Sinaitic. Mc1nj64mVr1rnmgcuo1_500.jpg (JPEG Image, 500x661 pixels) - Scaled (97%) m0a5acKe2m1qcp26qo1_1280.jpg (JPEG Image, 635x676 pixels) - Scaled (95%) 9uardians of the 9th 9ate - A #Nubian styled #pyramid discovered in... Nubian Spirit (Nubian/Kemetic Spirituality) pt1. Carte des royaumes et empires d'Afrique avant la colonisation. Africa You Will Never See in HIS-STORY books (crucial info) Destination terre , livre deuxième : Les peuples. Le menhir carré coiffé , de Kalokol , à Namoratunga II , près du lac Turkana , au Kenya … Livre deuxième : Les peuples 3ème partie : Les tokhariens Chapitre 19 : Les bantous Les bantous Bantous signifie : humains , dans la langue kongo Les bantous sont établis du Soudan à l’Afrique du Sud et de l’océan Atlantique à l’océan indien Ils sont agriculteurs et sédentaires et ont acquis , dès l’antiquité , la maîtrise du fer , ce qui leur a permis de coloniser des territoires pendant une période d’environ quatre mille ans … Les clans familiaux bantous sont la plupart de type matriarcal , et pratiquent le respect et la soumission envers les anciens de la tribu Histoire des bantous Les Bantous seraient originaires du sud de la rivière Bénoué au Nigeria , et auraient migré par étapes vers l’Afrique centrale , puis vers l’Afrique orientale et australe Cette colonisation des Bantous débute au 2ème millénaire av.

Destination terre , livre deuxième : Les peuples

Ils maîtrisent la métallurgie du fer Le commerce bantou Le fer des bantous. BLACK WOMAN THE UNIVERSAL MONARCH. Zamani Project. Sacred Sites of Ethiopia and the Arc of the Covenant, Ethiopia. Armed guard and obelisk Axum, Ethiopia Sacred sites of Ethiopia Seldom visited by foreign tourists over the past few decades due to its continuing political problems, Ethiopia is most well known as being the possible cradle of humankind.

Sacred Sites of Ethiopia and the Arc of the Covenant, Ethiopia

Fossil remains (the famous Lucy) discovered in northeastern Ethiopia have been dated to roughly 3.5 million years, making them the earliest known example of an upright walking hominid. The oldest known stone tools, dating to 2.4 million years, were also found in this same region. THE KUSHITES OF KEMET pt.2. Mali Empire. The Mali Empire (Manding: Nyeni;[4] English: Niani), also historically referred to as the Manden Kurufaba[1] was a Mandinka empire in West Africa from c. 1230 to c. 1600.

Mali Empire

The empire was founded by Sundiata Keita and became renowned for the wealth of its rulers, especially Mansa Musa. The Mali Empire had many profound cultural influences on West Africa, allowing the spread of its language, laws and customs along the Niger River. It extended over a large area and consisted of numerous vassal kingdoms and provinces. The Mali Empire[edit] Arawak. Indigenous Americans. The Olmec Untold American History. LES BANTU. Je vous propose une reconstruction faite par D.W Phillipson, qui semble être approuvé par nombre d'auteurs (il a utilisé à la fois l'archéologie, la linguistique, les traditions orales, les données ethnographiques et les documents écrits) : Phase I: aux environs de 1000 BC Développement initial de la langue bantu, au Cameroun, au sein d'une population qui utilisait encore des outils lithiques mais qui, à une date relativement ancienne, avait déjà domestiqué les chèvres et peut-être inventé quelque forme d'agriculturePhase 2a: 1000-400 BC Quelques uns de ces bantuphones se dispersèrent vers l'est, le long des franges septentrionales de la forêt équatoriale.


C'est ainsi qu'ils entrèrent en contact avec les agriculteurs, qui pourraient bien avoir été des locuteurs de langues archaïques du Soudan central. Sapanlrg.jpg (1800×1294) African Kings and Kingdoms of India. Cours:palops:cinco:afancientmap.gif [Lingalog] Africa-map-true-size. African-civilizations-map-pre-colonial. 2013+Conference+on+Global+Modernities_Map+of+Africa. African_20slave_20trade. Moorsplayingchess. Incredible Lesson On Igbo Moors & Etymology of Africa, Biafrans.. by Amir Ishaq - Mount of Olives Garden of Prayer. Résultats Google Recherche d'images correspondant à. The Marranos: The Moorish Jews of Portugal, Spain and Benin (Guinean) Coast (Part 1) – Oguejiofo Annu – Rasta Livewire. Black Moorish Jews of Maghrib, Sudan and Iberian Pennisula: the Marranos Black Jews have lived in Iberia and Africa as far back as the time of the Carthaginans.

The Marranos: The Moorish Jews of Portugal, Spain and Benin (Guinean) Coast (Part 1) – Oguejiofo Annu – Rasta Livewire

Jewish traders sailed on Carthaginian merchant ships and traded all along the coast of North Africa and even into the Americas. Many African tribes along the coast of North Africa and way into the southern savanahs, beyond the Sahara deserts they were ancient Hebraic jewish tribes. Black African Moors of The Great Senegal Empire Pt 1– by Jide Uwechia – Rasta Livewire. A True Moor “Zenaga/Sanhaja tribe: Berber tribe of southern Morocco, Mauritania and Senegal who gave their name to modern Senegal, their original homeland.

Black African Moors of The Great Senegal Empire Pt 1– by Jide Uwechia – Rasta Livewire

They formed one of the sub-saharan tribes of Berbers which, uniting under the leadership of Yusef bin Tashfin, crossed the Sahara and gave a dynasty to Morocco and Spain, namely, that of the Almoravides. The Zeirid dynasty which supplanted the Fatimites in the Maghrib built the city of Algiers was also of Zenaga origin . Moorish Rulers - Black Kings / White Slaves pt 1. Black African's Moors Ruled Europe 700 Years. You're full of crap, racist scum. In my presence, saying this crap, you'd already be grovelling in the sand. The Moors who invaded Iberia were non-black Berbers. There were blacks among the Moors, especially later, but Tariq and his soldiers were Berbers. Southern French? LOL... for 2 weeks maybe. THE MOORS WERE BLACK AFRICANS NOT ARABS!!! You are so wrong my friend.The description Moors has referred to several historic and modern populations of Muslim (and earlier non-Muslim) people of Berber, Black African and Arab descent from North Africa, some of whom came to conquer and occupy the Iberian Peninsula for nearly 800 years.

The North Africans termed is Al Andalus, comprising most of what is now Spain and Portugal. Moors are not distinct or self-defined people, but the appellation was applied by medieval and early modern Europeans primarily to Berbers, but also Arabs, and Muslim Iberians[1] As early as 1911, mainstream scholars pose that "The term Moors has no real ethnological value. UNTOLD BLACK HISTORY: The Moors & Myths Surrounding The Slavery Holocaust pt.2. MORE PROOF: The BLACK MOORS Who Invaded Spain were NOT White! pt. 2. OurTrueNorthAmericanOrgins. OUR TRUE NORTH AMERICAN "BLACK" ORGINS: By Antonio Mark McCoy Sr.-© Antonio Mark McCoy Sr. 2003, 2004, 2005.

Antonio Mark McCoy Sr. Golden Phoenix Publishing, LLC. ARE ALL SO CALLED "BLACK" PEOPLE MOORS? ETYMOLOGICAL AND HISTORICAL PROOF THAT THEY ARE. Ancient West African Megacities. TA-SETI'AN THE GREAT EMPIRES OF WEST AFRIKA. DOGON PEOPLE: AFRICA`S ANCIENT GIFTED ASTRONOMY TRIBE. Dogon oral traditions state that for thousands of years they have known that the Earth revolves around the Sun, that Jupiter's has moons and that Saturn's has rings.

The Dogons calendar is quite non-traditional in that its fifty year cycle is based neither on the Earth's rotation around the Sun (as is our Julian calendar) nor the cycles of the Moon (a lunar calendar). Instead, the Dogon culture centers around the rotation cycle Sirius B which encircles the primary star Sirius A every 49.9 - or 50 years. Carl Sagan concludes that the Dogon could not have acquired their knowledge without contact with an advanced technological civilization. He suggests, however, that this civilization was terrestrial rather than extraterrestrial. Western Africa has had many visitors from technological societies located on planet Earth. Chronologically, the earliest of these amphibious entities would appear to be the Babylonian fish-people. TRUTH finally revealed by unbiased historian, Basil Davidson (R.I.P.)