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Hiking Trails, Mountain Bike Trails & Trail Maps. The Definitive Guide to Parkour For Beginners. This is a guest post from NF community member Dakao, who trains in all kinds of awesomely nerdy things like weapon making, martial arts, and parkour.

The Definitive Guide to Parkour For Beginners

I’m fascinated with the concept of parkour but haven’t tried it yet, so I asked Dakao to put together a guide for people who want to get started but don’t know how. Take it away Dakao! It’s inevitable that someone would connect the dots between Nerd Fitness and parkour. After all, parkour’s approach closely follows the precepts of the Nerd Fitness Rebellion: If you have NO idea what parkour is, watch this quick 4-minute video and get inspired: Parkour Australian Team Video What Is Parkour? Parkour is natural, effective movement. What Is It Not? Flips, tricks, aerial acrobatics, etc. Parkour is for Everyone Anyone can figure out a way to traverse an obstacle. Start Taking Charge of Your Life) Anything we do in life can be as easy or hard as we care to make it. Beginner Training For Parkour Do two sets of this list, every other day. 10 of the Best Places to Hike in the United States.

A good portion of the United States was battered and bruised this past winter with nasty weather and lots of snow.

10 of the Best Places to Hike in the United States

We were forced to stay indoors for much of the winter months, and spring has seen lots of rain and tornadoes come through much of the country. But now, finally, it seems the weather has turned the corner, affording all of us nature lovers the chance to get out and head to the trails. The United States is a huge country with tons of variety, so there’s no shortage of awesome places to lace up the boots, get that blood pumping, and take in some amazing views.

If you’ve been stuck indoors much of the winter and spring, here are ten great places around the country to get out and hike. Zion National Park – Utah With a wide variety of options and a multitude of landscapes, Zion National Park in Utah is a hiker’s and climber’s paradise. Popular hikes in Zion Angels Landing - One of the most popular hikes in the park is also one of its most challenging. Grand Canyon. Rules of the Air. From the GCFL archives (it has its own page).

Rules of the Air

Every takeoff is optional. Every landing is mandatory. If you push the stick forward, the houses get bigger. If you pull the stick back, they get smaller. That is, unless you keep pulling the stick all the way back, then they get bigger again. Received from Royce C. Return to Jim Huggins' Humor Page. How to Make a Bug Out Bag. Pack a Backpack for Camping. From Wired How-To Wiki A well-packed sack will save your back.

Pack a Backpack for Camping

Photo by The Glasshalffull via Flickr. It's happened to everyone before. You start out in the comfort of your living room, with a cavernous empty backpack and all your gear spread out before you. Then, six miles out, you realize: Despite stuffing your pack to the brim, you've forgotten your rain shell and soaked your food in fuel. This article is part of a wiki anyone can edit. Outside In Especially with a lightweight backpack, you should put your sleeping pad in first.

Sleeping bag next Pack in the reverse order of stuff you'll need. Distribute your supplies Tent: Heaviest items go in the middle and closest to your back. Cooking Gear: If you're planning on hot meals along the side of the trail, your portable stove is up next. Dry Clothes: Even if you don't intend to change your clothes, bring an extra set - especially socks (wool or poly, not cotton)!

Medical: Consider the environment you're entering. Balance it out.