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If Things Had Been Different [Series]

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#1 If Things Had Been Different - Lady FoxFire. Title: If Things Had Been Different By: Lady FoxFire Date: October 8, 2007 Rating: G Pairing: None Warning: Character death… kind of Category: Transformers Movie 2007 Summary: At the end of the movie everyone lived happily ever after at least until the next movie but what if something unexpected happened?

#1 If Things Had Been Different - Lady FoxFire

Disclaimer: To try to claim the Transformer universe as my own would be the biggest insult I had ever committed in my life, luckily I'm smart enough not to even try. Bad Author Notes: I really hate it when my own bunnie that I try to give away bite me in the butt. Ron Witwicky opened the front door of his home and found two men wearing Army dress uniforms standing there. "Yes? " "Mr. Ron nodded looking at the men in curiosity. "Ron? " "Judy," Ron said as he tried to grab his wife and drag her back into the safety of the house only to have her avoid his grasp.

"Ma'am. Judy turned on Captain Lennox. "Please ma'am. The two soldiers looked at Mrs. "Yes ma'am. "How do you take you tea, gentlemen? " Mr. #2 Unexpected - Lady FoxFire. #3 Never Argue with the Queen - Lady FoxFire. Title: Never Argue with the Queen By: Lady FoxFire Rating: PG Pairing: none that are not cannon Warning: Muse's sense of humor strikes again Category: Transformers Summary: The Autobots learns a very important lesson about Earth women and why it's best not to disagree with them.

#3 Never Argue with the Queen - Lady FoxFire

Disclaimer: If I made any profit off of this fic I would take a long vacation but I don't and I can't. Bad Author Notes: This fic would have been out long ago but I caught the flue and lost about a week there and then I had to rewrite chapter 2. Chapter 1 - The Queen Has Commanded Three days has passed since Sam brought Jazz back from the dead and in the US Military aircraft hanger, Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and Sam watched in amusement as Ratchet put Jazz through his paces. Jazz raced down the obstacle course that Ratchet had designed in his alt mode. Transforming at the finish line, "How did I do, doc? " "Your speed, agility and transforming ability are at the same level they were before you died," Ratchet reported.

#4 We're Doomed - Lady FoxFire. Title: We're Doomed By: Lady FoxFire Rating: PG-13 Pairing: None Warning: None Category: Transformers Movie 2007 Summary: #4 in the 'If Things Had Been Different' universe - Sometime sitting on the porch with a glass of lemonade can change your life Disclaimer: Looking through all my receipts and I can't find the one that says I own the Transformers Universe.

#4 We're Doomed - Lady FoxFire

Bad Author Notes: If you haven't figured it out my stories are centered on Sam and how he's deal with his new life. As Sarah Lennox pushed open the screen door with her shoulder, two glasses of ice cold lemonade in her hands, she was not expecting the scene before her. In the front yard was her precious baby girl, who recently mastered the ability to crawl, discovering the joy of the feeling of soft grass on her hands and knees. It was only the sight of Sam Witwicky sitting calmly on the porch stoup, watching Annabelle and the stranger that stopped her from racing out into the yard to rescue her baby from the unknown man. "Yeap. "Yeap. #5 When All Else Fails There Is Always Plan C - Lady FoxFire. Title: When All Else Fails There Is Always Plan C Author: Lady FoxFire Pairing(s): none… yet Rating: PG-13 Category(s): Transformers Movie 2007 Summary: #5 in the 'If Things Had Been Different' universe - The Autobots would do anything in their power to protect and care for Sam but what will they do when they face an enemy they can't not fight.

#5 When All Else Fails There Is Always Plan C - Lady FoxFire

Disclaimer: A huge black robot a walked onto the stage. Bad Author Notes: Sorry this took so long to complete this fic but while writing a nightmare someone is having is easy, writing a scene in which you watch someone have a nightmare is hard to do. The sounds of night drifted through the open bedroom window but they were not a source of comfort to the young man who lay in the bed. "No," he moaned as his head rocked back and forth in his sleep.

His breathing quickened as he faced the monsters in his dreams. #6 Better Than A Backward Flushing Toilet - Lady FoxFire. Title: Better Than A Backward Flushing Toilet Author: Lady FoxFire Pairing(s): None Rating: PG-13 Setting: During season 5 of StarGate SG-1.

#6 Better Than A Backward Flushing Toilet - Lady FoxFire

Set in my 'If Things Had Been Different' series Warning: None Category(s): Crossover Summary: Take one group of space explorer-alien fighters mix with another group of alien fighter. Disclaimer: I'm going to the easy win tonight instead of taking the chance and going for the million… I do not own the StarGate SG-1 series or the Transformers series nor do I make any money from this fic.

Bad Author Notes: The time line has been adjust so that the Transformers movie happen sometime at the beginning or during season 5 of StarGate SG-1. Yes this is crack. The soldiers sitting at the briefing room table rose and stood at attention when General Hammond walked into the room followed by a Colonel, a Major and two civilians. "Be seated," Hammond said as he sat down at the head of the table with Colonel at his left hand.

"What type of things? " "Dr. Dr. Dr.