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Avengers & Spiderman. Venom (2018) & Spider-Man. Venom-o-us - Chapter 1 - Madlyinlov3onda - Venom (Comics) Chapter Text Another smile, another day you avoid death.

Venom-o-us - Chapter 1 - Madlyinlov3onda - Venom (Comics)

At least that’s how it seems to go in your current workplace. Every day you deal with the people no one else wants to deal with, and act as the barrier between a possible serial killer and the other employees. You deter robbers, scare away creeps, and welcome regulars, all with the same flash of white teeth. A receptionist. You watch the latest potential customer smile back to you, grab a pamphlet to the business, and walk away. Which when it came down to it, wasn’t that much, but it was the thought that counts. You grabbed one of the Kisses from the glass bowl next to your computer, deciding that the sugar might help your current mood.

After aliens attacked New York a few years ago things have been even more strange in the city. Nobody thinks of robbing a massage therapy business. “Having fun?” “Y-yes. She eyed the folder with a slight smile, before she walked past the counter to grab her purse. “Hello, how can I help you?” “Yep!” Falling for the First Time - Chapter 1 - deadlysupia - Venom (Movie 2018) Chapter Text Thankfully, the next new days were called off all thanks to a bunch of villains that had destroyed a part of the building that you work at.

Falling for the First Time - Chapter 1 - deadlysupia - Venom (Movie 2018)

It was a good thing you had been on your lunch break when it happened or who knows what Venom would have done if you were in serious danger. It was a sweet gesture that he had found you so quickly in the aftermath - even if you did assure him that you were completely fine now that he was there. You find yourself now soaking your weary muscles the next day in the bathtub considering most times you would take a quick shower and off you went. Considering the higher ups of your job was giving you paid leave until they fixed the collateral damages was at least a common thing in attacks like this. You weren't complaining though as it gave you time to spend with Eddie and the Symbiote equally and you weren't about to spoil that chance for the next few days to even a week. "WE DID NOT EXPECT TO SEE YOU THIS WAY. "WE DID GOOD. "OOH... "Yes! Sweetness - StrikeCommanderReyes - Multifandom. Cravings - Khaleesi_of_Lannisport - Multifandom.

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