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Dream SMP

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Direct action - maggie_is_confused. A War of Love - AnotherGreyUser. Chapter Text "Oh Geooorge~!

A War of Love - AnotherGreyUser

" "OH MY GOD SAPNAP HELP! " The sound of George's shrieks barely covered the bone chilling laughter coming from the masked man. Dream knew he'd already won. With Bad and Sapnap dead, no one was left to save George. "WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO, I'M AT SPAWN! " "WHY ARE YOU AT SPAWN?! " "Geooorge~" "He must've broken our bed! " "YES! "If you hadn't broken our bed we'd have won! " "But I did! "That's not true! "Yeah, I almost got you in the village too!

They were right that they almost got him. "Maybe, but I still won! " The trio of hunters sighed in unison at their enemies joy. "I'm just glad it's over. "I had to kill you! "Yeaahhh sure. "Hey man, you never know! " "Dream, Sapnap was running away with all our stuff and you STILL went after me! " Dream wheezed out a laugh at the frustration in the older man's voice. Lvr Boy - kyh27.

Lime Cinderella - RandomFujoshi571. Chapter Text Technoblade was a young, but brave and fearless prince.

Lime Cinderella - RandomFujoshi571

The people of SMP respected the royal family, and the nation as a whole was united except for a few scummy advisors and politicians here and there. Though the citizens respected Technoblade in general, they mainly did for two overwhelming reasons: 1) His unusual tenacity when it came to farming. (Potatoes specifically) 2) His unrivaled prowess on the battle field, able to overcome any opponent easily. Techno took pride in this and took pride at his untouchable reputation.

Such a prosperous kingdom hosted many events, but the main attraction of the kingdom which even brought millions of tourists were their monthly tournaments. So it was no surprise if a new talent appeared, it was a common occurrence and they'd most likely be scouted into the royal knights. Technoblade grunted as he dodged another arrow.

And so the Sky Fell Down - TheCreatorCrew. Chapter Text Everyone knew the tale.

And so the Sky Fell Down - TheCreatorCrew

The tale of the travellers. While the true story had been muddled by misstellings and exaggeration, there was a few true facts that everyone knew; seven travellers, looking for a safe place to rest their head and set up a town, stumbled upon an abandoned SMP. Nobody knew why it was abandoned, they all just knew it was abandoned. A few ruins of towns lie scattered around, rather far away. Actually, all the citizens of the SMP’s around were simply gone, vanished. So, they never left the territory of the SMP. Four is a crowed - ArchivesOfLove. The Crew of Misfortunates, Misfits, and Miracles. - BubblyBee. Chapter Text The bells tolled, ringing the familiar tune of "Here comes the bride".

The Crew of Misfortunates, Misfits, and Miracles. - BubblyBee

It was a song that made most eager and happy- crowds of nobles gathered in the large hall. Everyone in the kingdom knew the wedding would be a splendid one. Everything was set perfectly. The Warmth of a Fallen Mask (Series) - Pillow_Girl1. Drabbles, Short Stories, and Oneshots - infectiousKnowledge. Chapter Text This will be updated with every new story that gets added!

Drabbles, Short Stories, and Oneshots - infectiousKnowledge

"curious feeling of falling" & "searing feeling of rage"

UNLIMITED. - goatz. Chapter Text January, 21. 7:15 AM. “...

UNLIMITED. - goatz

And welcome to the school year!” His voice bounces off the walls thanks to the microphone, stark and clear with the quality. Bad fixes his hoodie over his head, looking over the students sitting in the auditorium. When Bad was a freshman, he never imagined that himself as a senior would’ve been the president of the student council and the one to be giving the yearly school announcement for new freshman and other students. The sound of clapping brings him back out of his thinking and he smiles kindly towards the crowd. “If any of you have any questions, feel free to come up to me to ask them during the next few hours!”

MCYT AUS (Zombie au and Supernatural Creature Au) - hurricane_child. Dream Centric Oneshots - WinkBonk1210. MCYT smutty oneshots - Freshtale_trash. MCYT Kinktober 2020 - orphan_account. Is it wrong to try to pick up Daedric Mages in a Dungeon? - EllipticallyOrbitedTeapot. In front of everyone - Brabblecure. Dream smp smutshots (mostly techno and sapnap) - PurplePineapplePop. Dream SMP-verse (Series) - mudfrog. A Very Merry Dreamnoblade Christmas {Oneshots} - birdsofmalcontent. Chapter Text God, how the hell is he supposed to buy a gift for someone he barely knows?

A Very Merry Dreamnoblade Christmas {Oneshots} - birdsofmalcontent

Dream sighs, running a hand through his hair. Stupid Wilbur with his stupid proposition. Give me your hand - orphan_account. "Give me your hand.

Give me your hand - orphan_account

" "What? " "Just give me your hand. " Techno frowned in confusion, he didn't understand why Dream would be asking that, out of nowhere. The pink-haired man was getting ready to move his base one more time, even farther away, he didn't want another butcher's army to go for him and try to execute him once again, even though he wouldn't be surprised if no one try to go for his neck, specially after all the disaster that he, Dream and Phil single handedly caused.

Common Sayings - Kaalia. Everyone has soulmates, it's not something that anyones ever denied.

Common Sayings - Kaalia

And it's not something Technoblade could deny either, if the words inked on his arm had anything to say about it. good game Technoblades just glad he's never really been interested in finding his other half, given how often he hears the two words. These two words are said to him nearly a hundred times a day as he goes from one pvp game to the next and never once do the black words on his arm tingle or fade the way his dad said they would. I'll think of a title later - Anonymous. The first time that Prince Techno heard of the masked fighter known as Dream was after a short-lived duel he had won against his energetic (and quite annoying) brother Tommy.

I'll think of a title later - Anonymous

“C’mon, Techno, can’t I just try one more time? If that bloody rock wasn’t there I could’ve won!” Tommy said, delivering a swift kick to the aforementioned rock and sending it flying across the courtyard. The rock had been in a rather unfortunate position for him and had caused him to stumble while moving backwards, so to a certain extent Tommy had lost because of the rock, but that’s the kind of thing one had to look out for in a fight. Just a Knock Away - iamsomebodynobody - Minecraft (Video Game. Techno had just finished putting Tommy to bed and put the kettle on boil when he heard a knock on the door. He sighed, hoping whoever it was would just go away, he didn’t have the energy to talk to anyone.

When the knock was persistent for every fifteen seconds, he got annoyed and approached the door muttering death threats. When he had opened it, he had not expected to see his childhood friend turned rival there leaning against the door frame. “Hey, Technoblade,” he sighs like he was admitting defeat. “Dream,” he nods back, looking him up and down. “I know we weren’t on the best terms,” he sighs. Tommyinnit's Exile and the War (Series) - DeadBreadDead. Loyalties - Sinner_Writes. "I know you're the traitor. " Tommy freezes, completely filled with panic at the voice. He had been counting the supplies in their community chest, trying to evaluate just what they'd be going up against. As such, his back was turned -- but he'd still recognize that voice anywhere. Of course, it wasn't anyone that he could convince otherwise.

No, it had to be the fucking Blade. Dawn through broken windows - TrashcanWithSprinkles. Technoblade likes the crow's nest. In a ship full of people who are very familiar with each other, it's the quietest spot to go hide in during the days. And during the nights, the harsh cold winds are at its loudest up there, usually loud enough to drown out everything else that torments him in the silence of sleeping hours. It's not a spot where he can get blindsided from, nor have anyone sneak up on him. The Goatman is Real and he Wants his Bridge Back - Sinner_Writes.

For as long as George has known him, Dream has always had a strange aura about him. It’s dark, sinister, and somehow completely recognizable as something other than his friend. And since George is a firm believer of the supernatural, he only assumes that Dream is being haunted. Dream, however, just laughs at him. Unfortunately, he also decides that George’s incredibly valid concerns are a spark of inspiration to make a paranormal hunting show. Music from the earthen ground - planey.

Dream has always assumed Techno was like the river current: silent but relentless, eroding away at rocks as if they’re nothing. He chips away at enemies, sometimes with his bare hands as if they were mere ants, squeezing them to a pulp to the point where they would raise white flags immediately after. He isn’t wrong. Techno is like water: strong and swift, morphing into different moulds and still coming out on top. Sometimes, though, he’s laid back.

Drifting along and simply watching the people around him with an unspeakable amount of calm and tranquility. Of gods and fields - TrashcanWithSprinkles. The Nether portal made a strange noise, when he arrived. Invisible string (tying you to me) - magpieCastiel. 'cause your love's a fucking drag - ph0sphenes. L’manburg— well, the ruins of it— was quiet. There was no more screaming, no more crying. Not a sharp sound of a sword leaving it’s holster or the whistle of an arrow gliding through the air. Fallen Snow - DepressedPidgen. Dream is, for a lack of better word, an abomination of Nothing and Everything. A twisting amalgamation of primordial chaos and destruction tightly coiled under squirming human flesh, barely held back by the sallow straps of a bloodless mask. Betrayal. - scout (scout_eki) Techno could hear shouting surrounding him, protests filling the air as he stood in the middle of the entirety of L’Manburg.

The only one who wasn’t shouting was a man with a smiley face mask, who was currently standing beside the pinkette. Cardboard box - SJ_CocaCrack. Dream's head hung down, him dragging a cardboard box, not feeling happy. Dream did once have a home was the thing, that was gone now though, and now he just took advice from Technoblade. He found himself a cardboard box, leaving it in the forest, the box being quite large. Dream then got inside of the box, curling up into a ball, taking his mask off. To marry a dream - quqin.

The land of the south is the land of silk, fortune, and dreams, they say. It is what he has married, Techno realises, as he stands at the altar beside the prince of the south. Once again with feeling - WinterEnchantress. In the end, it’s just the two of them standing between the ruins of L’Mangerg. Techno rests his sword on his shoulder, not caring about the blood smearing his cape as Dream jumps down from somewhere, green clothes bloodied and dirty. Pink hair, hatred, and bullshit - morlnsk. Techno sees him instantly as he opens the door and enters school. Pandoras Box - Kaalia. Chapter Text Tommy stared out into the ocean, the waves crashing against the sandy beach. Is this what your hugs would feel like? - dayhoya. Wolven Storm - EvilAngel413. Black void.

That's the only thing Dream has ever seen. Black void filled with fuzzy, dashed, white outlines of various objects, contraptions, buildings. Everything in this ‘world’ seemed empty, cold, dead. Except for the people. Crass destruction - ambiguoustrash. Blessed - In_Much_Stress. How About A Trade? - RonnyDonny. One Cold Night - AnonymousLurkingReader. Hunting the Beasts - Spuffysky. You weren't Supposed To See This (I Did This For You To See) - Self_Indulgent_Scribbles. Spilling our guts out on a heart shaped bowl - DepressedPidgen.

Mcyt one-shots - Shadow_Walker_1201, twistingdeceit

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Potato king and blob man - panic (panic_kingexe), panic_kingexe. Dreamnoblade oneshots pog !! - Nominhelpme. War Met Death (in a Waffle House Parking Lot) - MythReferencesOnly (ithefantasticfanatic) Hunger - GrayGlass7. Hush at the Library! - Anonymous. Up To No Good - EvilAngel413. An arranged marriage!?!? Oh wait, it’s my longtime crush, pogchamp!!! - jawrj_wuhz_fawnd (Ness_No_Entiende) Chaos - aloe vera (Brokuto_Kotaro) A God’s Blessing - Hail_fucking_hydra. Dreamnoblade Omegaverse Oneshots - Notanactualhumanbeing. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh it's Dreamnoblade - TiredTrash_exe. Not Quite Expected. - ELLIOTTPHOBE. "Sweetheart" but like rivalry - Sleepy_Nochu. Quiet - paperpaws. Dreamnoblade one-shots (Serie Dreamnoblade one-shots (Series) - Ace_of_Spades_11. TechnoSleep - AnonymousLurkingReader. A Pig & Blob - Suga_BloomLili. When a God is bored he tries to make friends. - Cheerrie. Old bridges, new ones arise - Notanactualhumanbeing.

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