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An Officer and A Consulting Detective - Sunnyrea. In retrospect Sherlock feels such things as dress uniforms should come with a warning label or perhaps a warning bell for when walking into rooms.

An Officer and A Consulting Detective - Sunnyrea

Sherlock has never been one to pay much attention to clothing unless in reference to a case. Clothing can be very useful for clues and identifying bodies, of course. Aesthetically, however, clothing has never been worth the contemplative time it takes to consider something appealing or not. Sherlock occupies his time far more constructively than deciding a suit or pair of shoes merits purchase or praise. This was all true until thirty-five minutes ago. “Sherlock!” Sherlock does not look up from his book. “Well, you were – oh wait, found them!” Sherlock rolls his eyes for no one’s viewing pleasure but it needed to be done. “Sherlock?” “Hmm?” The grammar of the writer, however, is commendable considering the sorry state of the English language on many a speaker’s tongue. “I have the memorial ceremony for my unit today, do you remember?” “Of course.” The Elephant in the Room - Kantayra.

John didn’t lust after Sherlock.

The Elephant in the Room - Kantayra

John had always been exclusively heterosexual, and even Sherlock’s sudden, jarring, fascinating entry into John’s life didn’t make John suddenly want to have sex with a man. Some people could spark to life with a sudden, unexpected attraction, John knew, but it seemed that John just wasn’t wired like that. No, John didn’t lust after Sherlock, at all. John was, however, madly in love with him. Bees - bwblack. “Bees?”

Bees - bwblack

John asks incredulously. “You want to move to the country and raise bees?” “Something is killing the bees, John.” Frostbite - i_know_its_0ver. Today hadn’t been going well from the start.

Frostbite - i_know_its_0ver

But at least now, John thought, it couldn’t get much worse. Following the criminals on their own had been a bad idea. It always was, but Sherlock had been stubborn as usual about not calling in the police until they knew all the facts. He claimed it was because the detectives would slow him down, but John suspected it was really because he liked to make a big show of solving the case, of putting all the facts together in one stunning display of intellect.

One Day Like This - fengirl88. It’s the first warm day of the year and John Watson is wearing a short-sleeved red shirt.

One Day Like This - fengirl88

This has never happened before. Sherlock mutters to himself that it’s not fair. He’s been doing really well at training himself not to stare at his flatmate; he knows that staring makes people feel uncomfortable and he doesn’t want to make John feel uncomfortable because then John might decide he wants to move out and share a flat with someone who doesn’t stare at him all the time. But he doesn’t know how he’s supposed to cope with this. The Issue of Cuddling - lavvyan.

Love, Sherlock decides several months into living with John, some four weeks after they've declared their mutual affection and agreed to adjust their relationship accordingly, is even worse than its reputation.

The Issue of Cuddling - lavvyan

It's certainly not worth the effort his body seems determined to go to whenever he's in John's presence. When John enters the room, Sherlock's heart picks up its pace. Fermata - Riza. Chapter Text Sherlock doesn't really know why he's doing this.

Fermata - Riza

He's irritated beyond all measure at these feelings, these distracting thoughts and sensations that are making it impossible for him to get any work done. He knows John doesn't love him. John loves him, but not in the way Sherlock wants him to. Predawn - ingenious_spark. The sun will rise soon, but Sherlock pays it no heed.

Predawn - ingenious_spark

All of his remarkable mind is focusing on John at this moment, imprinting this moment for future perusal. In the dim grey light Sherlock feels as if there is nothing hidden from him, no continual surprises (and oh, John is full of surprises), just himself and this man. There is something on the tip of his brain that Sherlock cannot put a name to and it slips away before he has a chance to try. So instead he studies this man. This gorgeously, simplistically human man. His skin is a warmer, more golden tone than Sherlock's, as he lies on his back on the bed, sound asleep. A Relaxing Pastime - cyparissus. It wasn't that Sherlock was particularly affectionate or cuddly.

A Relaxing Pastime - cyparissus

Usually he was quite the opposite. It was more likely that he just forgot John was a person instead a piece of furniture. Not that he considered John a piece of furniture, it was just all too easy to forget about complicated social rules when he had more important things to think about. Laying out on the sofa was one of Sherlock's favored thinking spots, so favored that he would flop down on it heedless of whether John had already sat down or not.

If he did happen to flop down onto John he took it in stride, after all, he had better things to think about. Most times, he didn't mind. So it was a natural movement, borne from being rather fond of tactile affection himself, and also borne from being too comfortable, too at ease, that led John's hand to drop into Sherlock's hair. The ordinary charms of John H. Watson - marysutherland. In many ways, it's easier to say what John Watson's looks aren't than what they are.

The ordinary charms of John H. Watson - marysutherland

He doesn't have sticking-out ears, or a bald patch, or a broken nose or any of the other commonplace aesthetic disadvantages of men. There's nothing obviously off or comic about the proportions of his face. On the other hand, he hasn't got cheekbones or hair or eyes or lips. Well, obviously he has - almost everyone does - but not in the memorable way that some people do. He doesn't have Sherlock's perfect bone structure, that makes him seem carved out of marble.

A Study in Intimacy - doodle. John’s hand is warm and solid against Sherlock’s shoulder, and the heat from his palm bleeds through his shirt to his skin. There’s the slightest hint of pressure from John’s fingertips as he squeezes, carefully. The touch lingers for several more seconds as a cup of tea appears on the kitchen table in front of Sherlock, delivered by John’s right hand. John finally lets go, fingers slipping away slowly and making the physical contact last as long as possible.

Sherlock wonders if John is even aware of what he’s doing. Sherlock has been up all night, bored and listless without a case, and John knows his habits well enough now to no longer pass comment. John collects his own tea from the counter and reaches around Sherlock to steal the long ignored paper from in front of him, his chest brushing Sherlock’s back and shoulders. Sherlock feels a sudden flood of warmth that has nothing to do with the tea his hands have curled around.

Proper (First) Date - redcarrigan. "I've been thinking," John said conversationally from the kitchen as he poured himself a cup of tea. "Have you? " Sherlock asked in a tone that suggested that he did not care in the slightest. He rested on the sofa, long legs spread out before him, his nose buried in a thick textbook about forensic science.

John sipped his tea and then leaned against the nearby doorframe. His eyes ghosted over Sherlock thoughtfully before he took in a deep breath and licked his lips, "Yes. Sherlock's brows knitted together and he lowered his book, finally looking interested, "Oh? " John took another sip of his tea, this one longer and deeper, before humming an affirmative, "A proper one. " Sherlock said nothing but his face spoke volumes so John hastened to explain, "You and I have been, ah, out before. "'Us' as in you and I in our now advanced intimate relationship. " A Realisation - mattsloved1. Sherlock was in the middle of an experiment when he glanced down at his left hand. A warm feeling of awe and contentment, associated only with Doctor John Watson, warmed his frame. The pipette in his hand fell to the ground as Sherlock dropped into the empty seat behind him.

He still sat in shock minutes later when John entered their kitchen, shopping bags in hand. One glance at Sherlock and John set the groceries on the floor, grateful it had been cleaned that morning, and knelt in front of the consulting detective. Of Bumble Bees and Beatles - Hokum. John Watson would readily admit that the moment he discovered online shopping was one of the more significant episodes in his life.

It might seem ridiculous to the more technologically talented people in the world but John had always been a bit behind everyone when it came to things like computers and the internet. Tours of duty around the world and the time constraints of being a doctor had left him adrift of many of the modern advances. In all honesty he could barely use the fancy phone Harry had given him when he had returned home from Afghanistan. The touch screen had caused no end of problems. He either jabbed it too hard with his finger so nothing happened or the voice dialling would randomly start calling people when he wasn't aware of it.

It had taken him a while to get his head around the whole internet business; he had even brought a book on the subject but that turned out to be more of a midfield than learning how to use the computer. The Connection - StoneWingedAngel. Brilliance - oopsabird. Brilliance "…shape and size of the wound show that the victim was stabbed, once, some sort of knife, but that's not all. The weapon was removed slowly, deliberately. And see if you look at this here, you can tell that the weapon was left in the wound for a time after he was stabbed, and retrieved afterward. " John straightens up and away from the body, pulling off his surgical gloves as he does so. "And that's all she wrote. " Sherlock furrows his brow, delving deep into thought.

"Maybe they forgot they left it, and then returned in a panic to get it? " "No no no remember you said before the knife was drawn out slowly not in a panicked way at all. A Sad Thing - mydickisthealpha. A Realisation - mattsloved1. It's an Experiment - YupThatsMySock. Soft Lips Are Open - daybyrandomday. You and I - ameliajean. Bayswater to Edgware to Marylebone to Baker, and it’s snowing. Anywhere i go, you go - falling_voices. Errantcomment has just updated Sherlock Holmes' Diary. Read it. The Scent of Surrender - Kryptaria. The first sign of trouble came right after John pried the boot open with a crowbar.

Making Art - Vash137. A Sleeping Sherlock - Ruyu. I’ll never forget the day Sherlock fell asleep on me. The weather was quite horrible and left us stranded in our flat, unable to trek across the city and discover clues for the case we were working on. It's Not a Math Equation - RaccoonRaconteur. John was fairly used to seeing odd things when he came back to the flat after his shift at the surgery. Sherlock was emphatically not one's typical flatmate, and he'd learned to deal with open flames and the occasional cloud of smoke as a matter of course (although he was never going to be used to coming home finding the furniture actually on fire, or bloody body parts hanging around, and his madman best friend wandering around in a sheet draped like a toga). Kissing John Watson - misslucyjane. Sherlock never had much use for sex, and even less for kissing. The slobber, the bacteria, the sheer pointlessness of mashing your mouth to someone else’s — no, he had neither the desire nor the patience for it.

When he was intimate with someone, which was rare, he preferred it to be efficient, quick, and impersonal.


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Touchstone [Series]

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