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Pack Bond - WeeLittleBeastie. "You look at that sky one more time and I will make you stand in it. " Owen's jibe is playful, but Barry can tell he's getting annoyed at his partner's inattention. He's not looking at the other man, his focus on the pack of raptors below the catwalk. Four pairs of lethally intelligent yellow eyes are locked on him, waiting for instructions.

Barry sighs and gestures toward the thunderheads building above them. "Not yet. " "A little…" he throws his hands up in defeat and retreats back down the catwalk, muttering about stubborn bastards. He feels the rumble of thunder, and Delta's attention wavers as she looks up at the sky and shakes her head. The thunder's getting louder, and he can see the lightning building every time it throws the raptors into sharp relief.

And the world explodes. There are protocols. The security Barry understands, at least in part. He'd joked about it once, that if ever there was a way to go, getting taken out by his pack of raptors would be it. "Barry…" He does. Blue - Bestbuds55. Author's Note; I saw Jurassic World in theaters on the 11th, and it was absolutely packed. The film was everything I wanted to to be and my childhood like screamed in agreement the entire time. It's nice to see a movie I loved as a small child and realize that it wasn't just a kid thing; as I still love them now. Here to childhood nostalgia. Also, for anyone who cares; this is the 50th story to go up on my account! I've never been prouder and I how everyone who reads my work will continue to support me in the feature. Warning: Spoilers for the Jurassic World movie, kind of at least. Owen had lived through the traumatic events for the hand designed killing machine of a dinosaur; watched the close of the park and then ultimately decided that he shouldn't leave.

These animals would all die without the proper care. Owen really wasn't that much different than that lady; only one raptor had survived the battle and Blue had retreated back into her cage. Blue was alone now, but not really. Jurassic World: Pack Blue - Lung Tien Lien. Jurassic World "Pack Blue" (Disclaimer: I own no part of the Jurassic Park franchise. Obvious spoilers in here for people who haven't seen the Jurassic World movie yet.) Each day, Blue's eyes scoured the pen for her squealing prey – sometimes pink and curly-tailed (maybe big enough for two or three bites) and sometimes of different colors, though those seemed to be little more than flailing, clumsy, clawless limbs attached to masses of hot, juicy innards.

But of all the limb-creatures that walked above and sometimes entered her pack's pen, Blue never forgot the mottled eyes of her first alpha. She soon ruled over her sisters, "Delta," "Echo," and "Charlie," always commanding their submission. She wondered if he knew that the round, thick body he seemed to find so important always set her and her sisters' maws watering with hunger.

For now, he was her alpha. But that came before Blue and her sisters met the White One. What was it? "Blue! " Blue paused at the man barking out her name. No church in the wild - amosanguis - Jurassic Park (Movies), Jurassic World (2015) -z- “It can’t be done,” they tell him. “It shouldn’t be done,” he says, then he looks down at the egg, listens to the sounds coming from the inside, “but that’s never stopped us before.” In the beginning, Owen tells himself that this is all for behavioral science. That his work with cheetahs and lions and tigers isn’t as important as this is. He promises himself (and his mama and his sisters back in the US) that he won’t get attached.

But now that he’s looking down at the tiny raptor hatching from her egg and, as soon as they make eye contact, he’s falling in love and he knows he’s going to be breaking that promise. He names her Bravo (his codename is Alpha, he thinks it fits) and when he notices the color of the long, jagged stripe running down the length of her body, he starts to call her Blue. Charlie and Delta hatch next, nearly simultaneously. “Hello, beautiful,” he whispers. Delta calls to him, grabbing at the pad of his finger. The fourth raptor is late and Dr. Dr. -x- “Off!” Dr. End. So drunk on you - endquestionmark - Jurassic World (2015)

Owen doesn’t dream like a human any more. He used to, very briefly, dream in languages that he could articulate, and concepts that he could explain: jealousy, fear, elation, all these things which he now realizes are inseparable from being human. With Blue, and Echo, and Charlie, when he spends a night in the barn with them, he can pick them out by their markings, true, but also by the way they sleep. Blue is in the center of their pack huddle, bracketed by Echo and Charlie, and she curls up, sacrificing range of motion for security and warmth and the protection of her peers. Charlie isn’t quite as incautious, and Echo is even more guarded, easy to wake at any point in the night. Predator instincts, Owen knows, are a hell of a thing to dial down, even here, where they’ve never been tested against anything more dangerous than, once, a particularly vacant cow, which they had stripped to the bone in a matter of seconds.

Owen’s taken down feral cheeseburgers with more effort. FNG - amosanguis - Jurassic World (2015) -z- The new guy comes in swinging his arms, cock-sure and ready to jump into the pit. Barry doesn’t say anything, just shakes his head and calls Owen. “Your newest victim is here,” he says, “he looks like he’ll be a real keeper.” The kid, he introduces himself as Austin, glares. Barry brushes it off (the kid would be put in his place soon enough). Blue lifts her head suddenly and calls out, shrill and rapid staccato calls, making Austin jump and Barry smirk.

“He must be close,” Barry says, standing from his chair and walking out of the back room and towards the front door, through the bars of the gates he could see out into the paddock – see how Blue and the others have their snouts in the air, hissing between calls. Blue’s echoing calls ring out again, joined by her sisters – a chorus welcoming Owen to the paddock. “They heard him before we did?” Barry chuckles at how Owen continues to coo at the raptors. “That’s the guy who controls the raptors?” “Three years?” Austin just nods. “FNG?” It's a Small Jurassic World - bluerosele - Jurassic World (2015) Indominus Rex was turning out to be a colossal bitch. Which, okay, yeah wasn't that faire he didn't know her personally but when anything starts killing animals for sport, his forgiveness wears thin to be, well, nonexistent. They have a plan. Or well Claire has a plan because Claire always has a plan despite being part of the cause of needing a plan.

But, for she cleans shit up. Including further genetically altered already powerful animals that have been calibrated to be unable to acclimate to any environment due to previous mentioned intensified adjustments. So, Indo's a bitch but she's got enough reason to be, what with being treated like a fucking nature puzzle piece twisted around intended to fit everywhere, but can't fit anywhere now. Well, he'll let Claire continue dramatic speeches about that. The raptors are snuggled down next around and beside him, holding him inside their little self-made nest and he appreciates the comfort. Like father like daughter he guesses. "Indominus," Paleontological Behavioralism - Chapter 1 - bluerosele - Jurassic World (2015) Chapter Text Owen was okay with the death and general indifference and destruction of everything natural Jurassic World had to offer, it was an occupational hazard, but the one thing Owen was okay with them not doing was happening right fucking now.

Blue was the first one they rounded, wrapping an electric lasso around her face and pulling backwards, the neutral static guiding her away. Owen was as confused as the others as she was taken away. The sound she made should never happen, and Jesus all the others were starting it too. Owen ran towards her, not processing the threat but focusing on getting rid of it all the same. Which is, of course, when three other ropes shot out, rippling through the dark, dragging them away from the safe fluorescence of their cell. He’s torn in four different locations, as the ropes had thought out well, pulling his girls in each corner, and he couldn’t choose, because how the hell was he supposed to choose. Clever Girls - bluerosele - Jurassic World (2015) Throughout Owen's career in comparative psychology and paleontology focused on vertebrate species, he was able to construct a connection to a field of research built on speculation that the Jurassic Reboot initiative would figure out they needed.

Despite what InGen's self-concieved notion of being the only commodity in the re-establishment of dinosaurs existence, there was one thing that didn't translate through numbers and the biomechanics: these dinosaurs were living animals, and needed to be treated as such. So, InGen secured insurance the dinosaurs won't only live but survive and stabilize by absorbing Owen, and a staff which orchestrated similar vocations to lead them to the same position, into the program.

In short, Owen got in, Owen got raptors, and Owen raised those raptors. Succeeding in all other measures to finally be able to study in an immersive replicated pack dynamic he'd spent so long reading about, Owen could conclude one thing: Raptors are really fucking smart. "Whoa! " Behind Blue Eyes - Comedia - Jurassic World (2015) Owen had always had a special relationship with Blue. It was natural - as the groups Alpha he was all but expected to connect with the beta on some level. It was a professional thing, part of training. But Owen had connected through training before. He knew what it was like to get close to a group, only to have them taken from him. Because of this he tried not to let his work affect his personal life. However, he’d always been good at reading individuals. Moments after meeting up for a date, he read both disappointed and irritation in her. The cage was different. Those were the days of youth, because as time passed the hunger faded.

Few noticed the change in the raptors. Unlike many others at the facility, Barry understood Owen’s bond with the pack, at least in some sense. Late one night, a few weeks after they had named the pack, Barry brought a six pack to the cage. “I think we’re in too deep.” “You’re damn right we are.” “Naming them, I mean… come on man.” “I know, I know.” Blue - thefairyknight - Jurassic World (2015) Their first attempt with the raptors involves a nest of three – Alpha, Beta, and Gamma. Owen isn’t there when they hatch. When he arrives on the scene they’re already three months old. Dangerous, vicious, and above all, insecure. They screech whenever anyone gets too close to the paddocks, and have to be sedated every time they’re moved. A year after he takes the job, Gamma finds a weak point in the scaffolding and knocks one of the handlers into the pit. It’s over before anyone can get the stun guns out. A few days later, management makes the call and the trio gets put down.

He’s there for the hatching, this time. “Hey there, Blue Girl,” he says, before he remembers that he’s not supposed to get too attached. She bites his thumb in reply. Owen lobbies for the hatchlings to stay in the same pen until they’re old enough that it becomes a problem. “People upstairs want results,” Claire tells him. “Oh,” Owen replies. She gives him a baffled look. “Why would I do that?” She stiffens. “I don't!” Keep me in your clouded minds - starstrung - Jurassic World (2015) He gets the call a few hours before dawn. Not dressed, blinking away sleep, and fingers fumbling on the coffee machine controls, he learns that the raptors are hatching ahead of schedule. “Where’s Barry? He was supposed to be the one they imprinted on. That’s what we’ve been preparing for.” “He’s on the mainland and won’t be back until morning,” the scientist on the phone says. “Believe me, I would rather have him here. The irritation in his voice is not helping, but Owen tries to ignore it.

He also knows that if these raptors don’t imprint on a human the second they’re out of the shell, months of preparation are going to have been for nothing. “I’ll be there in five,” Owen tells the scientist, and hops on his motorcycle. When he gets there, the egg shells have just begun to splinter. Right now they are just reptilian instinct and newly sated hunger. There’s no handbook on how to bond with your raptors. As far as job promotions go, he thinks he would rather have passed on this one. Fire in Your Lungs and Blood in your Belly - Chapter 1 - Draikinator - Jurassic Park (Movies), Jurassic World (2015) Chapter Text There is new air within your lungs and new dirt beneath your talons, smells brand new and altogether invigorating. The world beyond your walls is more vast than you imagined but familiar in an achy way within your bones you don’t understand. The wind screaming past your scales tastes of pollen and wet underbrush, the earthy scent of decaying organic matter, fresh dew and silt- salt water in the distance and gasoline, a smell you recognize but have never been so close to.

And the Prey. Its scent is filling your nostrils, burning your insides like the sun itself- the Alpha wants it dead. The Alpha has food- this is not about food. The grass between your toes and the cling of the humidity to your skin, the cool wind along your spine and the pleasant strain of your muscles pushing you farther than you’ve ever had the opportunity to go before. And then it barks at you.

And what follows that is pain. And you follow the new Alpha out of it. In the Presence of the Storm - Draikinator - Jurassic Park (Movies), Jurassic World (2015) Owen pinched at Delta's hind leg quickly with a sharp hiss and she yipped, a guttural half-bark, half-snarl and skittered back behind him, cowing in an over-exaggerated display of submission, head low, eyes downcast. He stared down carefully until she had backed up behind Bravo and Echo, into her proper place in the hierarchy, in front of Foxtrot and Charlie, who both watched her with more casual enthusiasm than Owen was really certain how to curb.

"Eyes on me, eyes on me. Okay, hold. Hold! " He enunciated sternly when Echo stepped toward him and the strip of goat meat he was holding hungrily. She bowed back into line, pawing anxiously at the ground, talons kneading the dirt. Bravo's eyes were locked just below his, rigid- it was good to see, she wasn't making eye contact so she wasn't challenging his authority. He took a bite of the seared meat and looked down at them while he chewed, asserting his dominance as the first to eat. His fingers loosened, then fell slack. "Owen! " “Yeah. “Hm?” Alpha Scent - Euca (Khel) "Girls! " Owen sighed in exasperation.

Taking care of four adolescent genetically modified velociraptors was not an easy task. The darn critters got into everything and they were smart. Frighteningly so. Echo had loved getting into cupboards until Owen had baby proofed them. Little Charlie quickly figured out that if she pushed objects up against the counter, she could use them as a stepping stone to get onto the counters to find the treat jars. Delta knew that she could get away with a lot if she looked as cute and innocent as possible.

And Blue...Blue learned the quickest ways to Owen's heart. Take that moment for example. What he did not want was to spend his evening wrangling and wrestling with four rambunctious raptors. After he called out to his girls, he was thankful to hear their peeps coming from the general direction of their giant dog bed they shared. "Aww, Blue! " So, Owen decided to take a shower and continue his search once clean. God, Owen loved his job. Wild Frontier - RunawayDeviant.