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Bendy and the Ink Machine

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Bending to Whims - LordTraco. Chapter Text An entity became.

Bending to Whims - LordTraco

What were they? They felt the world flood around them in endless creation and fluctuations. He Will Set Us Free - Star_Going_Supernova. In another world, Henry turned a corner and sucked in a breath, immediately ducking back around it.

He Will Set Us Free - Star_Going_Supernova

There was an Edgar copy just ahead of him. He cautiously peeked down the hall with the toon, ready to make a break for it— he’d rather not have to kill anyone else if he could help it. What he wasn’t expecting to see was Edgar flailing about, his teeth making rapid clack-clack-clacks that sounded distressed to Henry. His gaze drifting down, he spotted the source of the little guy’s panic. These Kids These Days with Their Ink Machines - grumpyhedgehogs. A little love can go a long way - TrickCheebs.

Catalyst - Star_Going_Supernova. BATIM - After Events - scorchedrosesandbooks. Hi guys!

BATIM - After Events - scorchedrosesandbooks

So, this idea was playing around in my head a bit and I decided to try writing it out. There may be adjustments throughout the work, but please be understanding.Also, this writing is inspired by the BATIM Art of the-vampire-inside-me tumblr & doberart tumblr as well as the BATIM music video called "[SFM BATIM] 'Can't Be Erased'" by Plushak youtube. So, give them some love because they are amazing people and, as always, please R&R! It had been nearly a year since the events that occurred in the old studio. Almost a year, and yet, it felt so long ago. A Creator's Heart verse [Series] - Star_Going_Supernova. Inky Depths AU [Series] - Gears112. The Real Reason. - LafemeNikitta323. There's No Escape - Star_Going_Supernova. “I’m sorry, Bendy,” Henry said, looking like he genuinely meant it.

There's No Escape - Star_Going_Supernova

But Bendy knew there was only one thing his Creator could be apologizing for. He lunged forward, a split second behind Henry as he twisted to his feet and ran towards freedom. He couldn’t let his beloved Creator escape. They’d never get to save him if that happened. Drip Drop, Ink Splot - veronica.toon.7. I normally stay away from indie horror video games but after the fandom springing up around BATIM started catching my attention, I thought I at least should check it out.

Drip Drop, Ink Splot - veronica.toon.7

Now even more stuff keeps coming up and, I'll admit, I quite enjoy some of it. I suppose the concept of a substance that we assign value of meaning too now suddenly gaining a will and means to do things on its own without the artist's pen is just an interesting concept to me. Epic Mickey did it first, but I still look into this one more. Anyways, I thought since the fire is still burning strongly for this game, better step in quickly and put in my work. This takes place after chapter 2 and my view of the end of the game. I own nothing. Last Look - FandomsMJ. Disclaimer: I do not own Bendy and the Ink Machine or related characters.

Last Look - FandomsMJ

A/N: Originally I was going to hold of on writing/posting any BatIM fics until the game was completed, but this idea would not leave me alone. Besides, we know something like this is extremely unlikely to happen in the game, so it can't be 'disproved' or anything. Revival (of Hearts and Minds Alike) - Star_Going_Supernova. Bendy screeched at the sight of the intruder, immediately setting off in pursuit.

Revival (of Hearts and Minds Alike) - Star_Going_Supernova

The man was obviously injured, and he limped nearly as badly as Bendy himself. It was all too easy to catch up to him before he could find a Little Miracle Station, and with a quick twist, the intruder’s neck snapped. Satisfied with a job well done, Bendy stood back and watched as ink surged up from the floor to engulf the man. As with all the others, he’d be absorbed into the hive mind, occasionally taking the form of a Searcher or, if he was very unlucky, a copy of a Butcher gang member.

The ink trickled away, leaving Bendy alone in the corridor. Renewal (of Souls and Bodies Alike) - Star_Going_Supernova. Chapter Text Henry pushed open the door and immediately froze at the sight of the room’s occupants.

Renewal (of Souls and Bodies Alike) - Star_Going_Supernova

Near two dozen inky, human-shaped creatures stared back at him. Above him, Bendy hissed low and long as he leaned further over Henry. The ink-people flinched, and a few of them who had looked like they’d been ready to move closer to them went still. A Twisted World - The Great Fossil King. Chapter 1: The New Day.

A Twisted World - The Great Fossil King

Henry awoke from his sleep. Siting up he scan the room. Is been about a week since Boris the only company and friend he had since he came to this nightmare of a studio. But, he can't help but to grief for the death of his beloved friend. As Henry got out of bed and walked out the room. Bendy and the Ink machine (Bendy x Henry) - mlpfnaffan. The Hellish Love I Bare to You (Bendy X Henry) - Fennic Fox. Stories Written in Ink [Series] - Katastrophe94. Back to Your Roots - MidnightCreator. Chapter Text Dear Henry, It seems like a lifetime since we worked on cartoon together. 30 years really slips away, doesn’t it?

Back to Your Roots - MidnightCreator

If you’re back in town, come visit the old workshop. There’s something I need to show you. Ink Spots - RiYuYami. Chapter Text Henry pulled the switch, and tensed up when the lights dimmed suddenly, just as he heard the sounds of machinery and liquid moving above and around him. Why did a cold sense of dread rush down his spine, all he did was finally turn on that machine, was this really such a bad thing?

Considering all the work he had to put into this, and the strange things he had seen in such a short amount of time… maybe there was something more to this Ink Machine than meets the eye? Shaking his head, Henry decided to just head back to the other room, he’d worry about such things when he finally got the chance to speak with Joey. Speaking of him, where was the guy anyway?