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Morale - Not_You - The Avengers (2012), The Avengers (Marvel Movies) Stark Spangled Banner - Adenil - Captain America (Movies), Iron Man (Movies), Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Avengers (Marvel Movies), The Incredible Hulk (2008) Head/Heart/Lungs - triedunture - The Avengers. Stark Tower was not as ugly on the inside.

Head/Heart/Lungs - triedunture - The Avengers

Steve could even forgive it for blocking the natural light that used to turn Grand Central into an artist's dream; he still couldn't believe the sun no longer slanted through the station like it used to. Well, it would be a few years yet before Grand Central was back in working order anyway. In its absence, the lobby of Tony Stark's New York headquarters was doing a good job stealing Steve's breath. A series of glass cylinders served as elevators, filtering light through the first thirty stories into a lush garden ringed with blue pools of flitting goldfish. It was something out of a fairytale, and yeah, Steve was getting pretty used to staring since he'd woken up from the ice, but this was something else.

"Captain? " Steve turned to find Pepper Potts, the willowy redhead he'd seen at Stark's side in television spots and magazine spreads, standing beside a spray of Bird of Paradise in a white sheath dress, tablet in the crook of her arm. "Mr. "Oh! Show Chapter. Say nothing; share nothing - Zekkass - The Avengers.

The deal breaker that's made them both wish that they had silence in their heads, that they had never woken up feeling each other - the deal breaker is how the bond ruthlessly ferries their emotions between them.

say nothing; share nothing - Zekkass - The Avengers

Where Bruce feels attraction to people he's never met and where Tony feels a slow-burning anger at a life that's not his, a deep sense of bitterness that speaks to his own but isn't his. They can't turn it off, distance doesn't help, and in a single sentence, they can explain why they would do almost anything to sever the bond. Tony has triggered the Hulk before. They have never met in person yet Bruce knows how to take the arc reactor apart, put it back together, and put it back where it belongs.

Show Chapter. If Only - captainschmoop - Marvel (Movies) "Okay, we're going to have to work on some things," Steve suggested to no one in particular as he relocated his shoulder with a wince.

If Only - captainschmoop - Marvel (Movies)

That never got any more fun. His uniform needed some adjustments as well; it shouldn't be that stiff and that easily torn. He guessed field tests were a good thing for figuring out the kinks in one's equipment, and a battle with some overstressed super-weapons mechanic that leveled three city blocks could certainly be called a field test.

Unfortunately, though, because the team didn't have all their kinks smoothed out, one of those leveled blocks was their fault. "I did say I wasn't a team player, you know. " Thor landed at Steve's left and placed a hand on his shoulder. "You weren't even supposed to be here, kiss ass. " "What? " Yikes. "Gentlemen," Agent Coulson called, walking toward them, not fazed by the rubble or the fact that thunder rumbled above them as he listened to whoever was on the phone. "I shall pass, Son of Coul! Who Knew? - milkywaymidnight - The Avengers (Marvel Movies) Sometimes Steve just wants to cuddle and forget about everything else.

Who Knew? - milkywaymidnight - The Avengers (Marvel Movies)

Usually it was with Thor after a particularly rough mission, who shared his opinion on cuddling. He made an awesome cuddle buddy, except this time. Thor wasn't there and he missed his cuddle buddy fiercely. He really needed a cuddle, so when Bruce suddenly showed up at his door, asking him how he was doing, and if he needed anything, like the good friend that he was, Steve couldn't help but think maybe Bruce would be a cuddle buddy too.

The Hulk seemed strangely affectionate with his fellow team mates these days after all, so maybe Bruce might be too. He looked at him with pleading eyes, not feeling ashamed about using his good looks to advantaged. Rough Housing - milkywaymidnight - The Avengers (Marvel Movies) The Quiet Ones - milkywaymidnight - The Avengers (Marvel Movies) It was Bruce who had caught him sucking on his thumb, a bad habit he had when he was nervous or bored and never grown out of, but he tried not to let anyone see him doing it.

The Quiet Ones - milkywaymidnight - The Avengers (Marvel Movies)

He was a soldier for crying out loud! Not a baby anymore. It was comforting though and he had little to comfort him these days besides his new team mates, whom he was proud to call his friends, and his art. He had been in Bruce's lab, silently keeping the scientist company, and drawing random things since he had nothing else better to do. And Bruce was nice enough to allow him to occupy his space with him. Not when he looked up and caught the scientist staring at him with...something he couldn't quite make out in those suddenly enticing dark brown eyes of his. "No need to be embarrassed, Steve. Shiver - JBMcDragon - The Avengers (Marvel Movies)

Show Chapter. What Friends Do - cadkitten - The Avengers (Marvel Movies) Lest We Forget - AppleTeeth - The Avengers. He screams as he wakes up, his eyes aching as they widen in fear, his whole body shaking, his arms outstretched in case they go for him again.

Lest We Forget - AppleTeeth - The Avengers

He can still hear the guns rattling, the helicopters above, the people around him screaming, Betty pleading with him to run for his life. Pain is erupting all over his body. He’s just so tired. He can’t run any more. He can only feel anger. “Bruce! He feels a strong hand on his forearm and he shakes it off. “Bruce, snap out of it! Slowly his vision is becoming clear, the frightening figures surrounding him melting away to be replaced with one concerned face. “Are you okay?” “Nightmare,” Bruce gasps.

“You gave me quite a scare, Bruce. “They were,” he says without thinking. Steve helps Bruce to his feet and takes him back over to his bed. Steve doesn’t say a word until Bruce has caught his breath and looks fully coherent again. “It’s okay. That isn’t what Bruce is expecting to hear at all. “Mostly explosions. Bruce nods. “Sorry. “No, you are. Show Chapter. Show Chapter.