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You and Me and We - poisonivory - Arrow (TV 2012) I like watching you do that - belmanoir - Arrow (TV 2012) Starling's Wolf - LadyPaige. This is a carry on from "Can't Resist".

Starling's Wolf - LadyPaige

Read that first. Looking forward to the story mz_valkyrie and I will be writing? I bet you are. Against the Wall - Zephyrius-Wynds. Quiver one-shots.

Against the Wall - Zephyrius-Wynds

Not Canon and make absolutely no sense. Just a fave pairing that didn't have enough smut! With the way things were progressing in his life, one would think that Detective Quentin Lance had a thing for being slammed into various inanimate objects by a certain, leather-clad vigilante. The grated metal of the warehouse bunker he was up against stung his cheek but it didn't stop him from spitting out every vile curse he knew in the book. The Vigilante just chuckled. Hidden Target - MusicDefinesUsAll. Title: Hidden TargetRating: TPairings: NoneSpoilers: A few mentions of things that happen in season 1.Warnings: There are a few swear words as well as some blood and descriptions that I don't think are bad at all, but others may think so.AN: I have to say that I am very disappointed at the lack of reveal!

Hidden Target - MusicDefinesUsAll

Fics for people finding out who Oliver is. I am also very disappointed at the lack of fics with Quentin in them. So maybe this will motivate more of these types of fics? If anyone knows of a good reveal! Fic or one with Quentin as a major character, let me know, please? Secrets - Joanne Barcia. A/N: So I think I have a fic "type.

Secrets - Joanne Barcia

" Regardless of what my fics may suggest, I love Oliver Queen dearly. I promise. Reviews would be great. :) Thanks for reading! Strange Circumstances, Strange Bedfellows - Telaryn - Arrow (TV 2012) Going Well and Truly Mad - Telaryn - Arrow (TV 2012) A Detective to Love - Wtchcool. Honest Work - storiesfortravellers - Arrow (TV 2012)

Tell Me When I've Had Enough - Chapter 1 - justsleepwalkin - Arrow (TV 2012) Chapter Text Lance unlocks the door to his apartment and shoulders it open enough to slide his grocery bags inside.

Tell Me When I've Had Enough - Chapter 1 - justsleepwalkin - Arrow (TV 2012)

He makes it the rest of the way in himself, mumbling annoyance at the half gallon of milk that falls out of the plastic, then closes the door behind him and relocks it. Only Enemies - shadows - Arrow (TV 2012) Quentin Has A Secret - NephilimEQ. Quentin Has A Secret Quentin Lance was tired and no closer to catching the Hood, which was making him pissed.

Quentin Has A Secret - NephilimEQ

He threw the folder down on his desk with a huff of anger, and then scowled as two cops at their desks gave him strange looks, and they quickly turned their eyes away. He sat down on the edge of his desk and ran a hand through his hair, trying to figure out where to start next… …and then he heard an accented voice he hadn't heard in nearly five years. "Quentin Lance…you haven't changed one bit. " Good Things Come to Those Who Wait - mediocre-writing (elleavantemm) - Arrow (TV 2012)

John Diggle woke to the smell of fresh coffee and the sound of a sizzling pan.

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait - mediocre-writing (elleavantemm) - Arrow (TV 2012)

He opened his eyes slowly, adjusting to the flood of early morning light through the window. It took a few minutes for John to remember who it was in the kitchen. Curious at the smell and the sound, John pushed the blanket aside and dropped his legs over the side of the bed, stretching his arms behind him and briefly basking in the pull of muscles and the popping of joints.

Quiver - nightliferogue. Blow Off Steam - storiesfortravellers - Arrow (TV 2012) Release - Vodkagirl95 - Arrow (TV 2012) Brothers in Arms - Keikokin. Main Content <p id="javascript-warning"> While we&#39;ve done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Brothers in Arms - Keikokin

Please consider turning it on! </p> Archive of Our Own beta Log In. Real - navaan - Arrow (TV 2012) The first time Ollie woke up in his old room he wasn't sure if this was real or just another dream.

Real - navaan - Arrow (TV 2012)

Maybe he wasn't awake at all, but had fallen asleep on the island and this was the dream? He'd been gone for so long that the only thing that felt real anymore were his nightmares. Nightmares were something he could believe in. Being back home seemed like a a good dream, too good to be true, too good to be real. But he needed to focus - couldn't allow himself to live this dream, couldn't allow himself to lose sight of what was important. He'd had years to plan what he would do, would have to do, when he finally got back home. Irresistible - storiesfortravellers.

Felicity's Failed Foresight - DeMoNzUnLeAsHeD. A/N: Another Arrow ficlet.

Felicity's Failed Foresight - DeMoNzUnLeAsHeD

I’m on a roll. I heart Felicity. It’s just so much easier to write when it’s from her point of view! Break Me Down and Build Me Up - DeMoNzUnLeAsHeD. Home - storiesfortravellers. When Diggle took the position, he was told that his job would be to keep track of Oliver Queen and always make sure he came home. Of course, back then he had no idea how complicated bringing Oliver home could be. He thinks about all the times he’s had to track down his charge as he climbs the narrow trail to a tiny cabin in the Andes. The air is thin and the rocks are too loose for comfort, but he keeps climbing, keeps thinking about all the other times that he’s had to drag Oliver back where he belongs. Content - celeste9. Considering where Oliver had spent the last five Christmases, spending this year’s Christmas season in a hospital probably shouldn’t have seemed so bad.

Still, Diggle felt for the guy. He’d had a rough few weeks. Hell, Oliver had had a rough few years. “Brought you a gift,” Diggle said and set a pint of ice cream and a spoon on the small table next to Oliver. He’d briefly considered tossing it over, but figured that wouldn’t be the kindest thing to do to someone who’d broken a bunch of ribs. Oliver turned his head to look, only the barest hint of surprise showing on his face. Diggle sat down in the stiff hospital chair. “Peppermint?” “It seemed fitting, being vaguely Christmas-like and all,” Diggle said, shrugging.

“That’s what they tell me.” Somehow Diggle didn’t think Oliver was going to be getting back into ‘the vigilante business’ after a collapsed lung, three broken ribs, and a concussion any time soon, but it was probably best not to mention that. “Well, presume away.” Thinking About It - Telaryn. May we fit together ever and ever - amosanguis. -z- Sometimes you wake up at night, sweating and screaming and reaching for your bow.

Your mom came in the first few times, talking softly and singing the same lullaby she sang when you were four years old and afraid of the thunder. But it doesn’t work and she eventually stops coming in, but it doesn’t matter to you - you’d rather face the nightmares than smell Walter all over her skin. Hang On To Me - isengard. Slow Burning - FanGirl18. Chapter Text Oliver lay on the floor of his bedroom, despite protests from his family, trying to quench the slow building burn he was feeling. Getting shot by the Dark Archer brought forth the deep buried emotions he felt towards his bodyguard and friend John Diggle. New Moves - Char (Deiph) “Diggle... I...I can’t dance.”

Oliver’s voice broke a little in embarrassment when he spoke the admission, and he bowed his head to avoid his friend seeing the light blush that flushed through his cheeks. Dig just smiled and shrugged as he readjusting his stance where he was resting against a side table in the empty bar above their secret base, the low lights shadowing him just a little. First Things First - storiesfortravellers. Could Write a Book About What I Don't Know - celeste9. “So what are you up to?” Thea asked, plopping down unceremoniously on Oliver’s bed. “You could knock, you know,” Oliver said, glancing at her.

This lack of boundaries wasn’t exactly best for the clandestine state of affairs he was trying to run. Degrees of touch - frozensight. Partnership - storiesfortravellers. Fantasies - storiesfortravellers. Rules - storiesfortravellers. Heated - storiesfortravellers. It's almost midnight, but the air is still thick with summer heat, the weight of it sticking to Oliver's body. He walks into the training room, and he knows not to expect relief. The air conditioning broke and Oliver had made a strategic decision to not fix it for a couple of weeks; he knows he has to train in the heat wave if he wants to be able to fight in a heat wave. Sometimes, Oliver thinks he's an idiot.

But Diggle, it looks like, is braving the swelter too, humidity and sweat glistening on his skin as he does a round with the punching bag. He nods at Oliver, then the midnight clock, and says, "What's up, Cinderella? " That smirk. Oliver answers, "I know you don't think you're Prince Charming," as he strips off the sweat drenched leather of the Hood outfit. Diggle gives him a once over, a short look that feels long, sweeping across his bared skin. Oliver stands there for a moment. Most of all, it is way, way too hot to get anywhere near another man's body heat. Still. Action/Reaction - pyalgroundblz. Needs - FanGirl18. Hidden Moments - Char (Deiph)

Lullaby - Diva0789. Daddy's Hands - Vampira Maxwell (traciller) Wicked Moments - Char (Deiph) Main Content <p id="javascript-warning"> While we&#x27;ve done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. The Hood (and the jacket, and the boots, and the pants) - pyalgroundblz. For the First Time - plain_jane08 (awolfling) Flights of - pyalgroundblz. All Trades - annie_mae (teenagewristband) Five times someone assumed Oliver and Diggle were sleeping together, and one time it was mostly true - Morgane (smilla840) 1. Moira The party was in full swing when Moira realised she hadn’t seen Oliver in a while.

She tried telling herself she wasn’t feeling a little guilty about asking him to come – after all, she hadn’t given Thea any choice in the matter. But Oliver had been behaving strangely since his return, and while he had insisted on accompanying them, Moira still wasn’t entirely convinced it had been a good idea – which was why she would feel more comfortable if she could keep an eye on him. Excusing herself from her conversation with the Mayor and two members of the City Council – dreadfully boring stuff –, she walked to the bar. Yes, there he was, at the back, with his bodyguard – Diggle, was it? Diggle was shaking his head, clearly disagreeing with whatever Oliver was saying – good man, Moira thought –, and she was about to go over to add her voice to his and talk her son out of whatever he had planned when Oliver aimed one final grin at the other man and ducked into the staircase.

Oh. Oh. 2. 3. Rain and Scars - tiptoe39.