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Among Us

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Killer Attraction - Executortionist. Chapter Text You were hired by MIRA HQ to weed out some suspected impostors on the upcoming mission to the Skeld.

Killer Attraction - Executortionist

Reportedly, MIRA had suspicions of a few members on the crew, and they wanted you to investigate and take the appropriate action quietly. Meaning: undercover. Impostor syndrome - arahir. "Fuck, fuck, fuck—" They warned him about this before he took the assignment, but somehow significant personnel injury really didn't really prepare him for the bisected massacre in the MedBay, and oddly his first thought is, Shouldn't he be on a bed?

impostor syndrome - arahir

There are no doctors on the Skeld. They brought a skeleton crew to do repairs. Something got into the wiring, MIRA said. Cleanup and do maintenance, MIRA said. Not A Monster - Valentia. © nick Red has never seen a Mira HQ before.

Not A Monster - Valentia

Back on his home planet, he’s heard a lot about the Skeld spaceships, and most Impostors that they send out end up there. He’d thought it would be the same for him once his time came, they’d knock on his door, drag him out of his house and tell him to go kill everyone on the spaceship until only him and his partner were left. And that’s what happened, except there already was someone red appointed to the next Skeld mission, so they sent him out to Mira HQ instead. So are you watching me? - malachiical. They'd called an emergency meeting when they'd found Red's body, or half of it; it looked like he had been ripped apart at the torso, his upper half just gone.

So are you watching me? - malachiical

Yellow had never arrived, and they'd all grimly agreed that she, too, was probably dead. There was no mistaking the situation for anything other than what it was, a too-common problem on MIRA missions: infiltration by aliens, posing as part a of their group. Euphonious - Executortionist. Since you were young, you could see them.You remembered sitting at your grandparents knees whilst one knitted and the other read, mesmerized by the taut string holding them together.

Euphonious - Executortionist

You remember asking your grandmother if it got in the way, and she'd ruffled your hair with a patient smile, asking what you meant. You watched as that string extended as they separated. You watched as it faded, your grandfather no longer of this world, until it lie dead and grey on your grandmother’s pinky. You remember the weight it made you feel, the sad acceptance in your grandmother’s eyes. On that day, she knelt by your side, taking both your hands in hers. Trembling inside - novocainestars. "Hey Red.

trembling inside - novocainestars

" It was Orange. Red made a face and turned around, away from wiring. He was never particularly good at it and it was hell when he got assigned it, standing for about an hour tying fiddly pieces of wire back together. Not to mention electrical units were notoriously unsafe now, so his hands got a little slippery and that didn't help.

Revelation - Anonymous. Wet Work - Masu_Trout. Paranoia - LovelyLIBRAry. A mouth so sharp and cruel is all that i can give to you (my dear) - torrid. Like Sleep Without Dreams - Tawryn. Cornered by an imposter - Anonymous. Blue isn't sus I was with him in Electrical (Series) - RunawayBean. The Stars Are Dead Anyway - StarsAreDeadAnyway. Tasks? What Tasks? - Sambergan. I swear I'm not dumb, I'm just unmedicated. - I_Take_Ur_Kneecaps (orphan_account) Chapter Text In this late capitalist society, it had risen out of nowhere.

I swear I'm not dumb, I'm just unmedicated. - I_Take_Ur_Kneecaps (orphan_account)

Pushed humanity towards further space exploration, and ended up discovering so much new stuff that they made a whole new conspiracy about it. That wasn't the only thing they did different. We who are so dissimilar - hauntedbytears. Chapter Text Pressure.

we who are so dissimilar - hauntedbytears

Pressure like a living thing on his chest. Hunting a Hunter - TheyWhoShantBeNamed. Chapter Text "Ma'am, the imposter from The Skeld's last mission has been found and disposed of.

Hunting a Hunter - TheyWhoShantBeNamed

Unfortunately, they lost two members in the process. Blue and Cyan are dead. " "How unfortunate. Send someone to notify their friends and families, if any. " Not as They Seem - The_Sassy_Raccoon. As Desired - Goober. Mine - fawnaaa. Smut Among Us (Series) - windupgod. Among the Stars, I'll Find You (Series) - grapeRenegade. That Thing Among Us (Series) - EgoDominusTuus. Among Us <3 (Series) - DubiouslyDarling.

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