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Papyrus / Reader

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Life Like A Ghibli Movie - peachmeowzipan. Chapter Text Spring was one of your favorite seasons, aesthetically speaking.

Life Like A Ghibli Movie - peachmeowzipan

Despite the heat, the bugs, and the allergies, the sight of flowers blooming in tight bunches, covering the tops of trees like clouds of cotton candy– every year, it filled you with hope. It went all the way back to when you were a kid, sitting in your front yard daily and watching the crabapple tree bloom with reddish-pink buds that flowered and sprouted into the hard, red berry. Thunderstruck - MeAndMyGaster. Archiveofourown. Archiveofourown. Bone of Contention - TheIndianaCrew. Train Meetings - MoonyNights. Misconceived Notions - thebananahasspoken. Steady Does It - orphan_account. Dinner Date - orphan_account. Good Girl - NihilismPastry. All worked up - MoonyNights.

Taking It Slow - orphan_account. Trip Trap - orphan_account. The Heat of the Moment - thebananahasspoken. You knew you were in trouble the moment that you saw the fifteen missed calls on your cell phone.

The Heat of the Moment - thebananahasspoken

You’d told Papyrus you were going to be out late that evening, knowing that he was in a state and that he had asked to know where you were at all times, so he could be prepared to come to your gallant and completely unnecessary rescue the moment he deemed it necessary. But your plans had been extended by unforeseen circumstances, completely outside your control (namely, a very drunk friend that needed help home), and you hadn’t had time to tell your bony, out of his mind boyfriend what you were up to. Apparently, if you got the message from his twenty-two, progressively more aggressive texts, he wasn’t pleased with your forgetfulness. Papyrus was far from an obsessive monster, on any normal occasion. He was laid back and incredibly indolent, preferring taking naps over nearly any other activity besides reading.

Almost Alone [Series] - Adishailan

One Egg Short of an Omelet - lulu-writes (luluwrites) There were few times that Sans actually threw his weight around the house.

One Egg Short of an Omelet - lulu-writes (luluwrites)

A Puzzle by Any Other Name - NihilismPastry. Follow the Rules. - LadyAnatares. A Trip to the Beach - ThatKatGuurl. My Favourite Red Scarf - Rnd_Injustice. Chapter Text Y/n took a long, deep breath, gazing out into the open sea from her favourite shaded park bench.

My Favourite Red Scarf - Rnd_Injustice

The sun was just starting to peck out. She hadn’t meant to stay out so long, pulling an all-nighter, but it wasn’t the first time that time had run away for her. She often liked to come out in the dead of night and allow her thoughts to wonder, in the calm, cool and peaceful night air. Some people wrote in dairies, others talked to people, but Y/n always found talking her thoughts out loud to the still night air worked wonders with sorting out her mind and feelings. 'Still', she thought as she pushed herself off the bench to stretch her muscles, 'it had been a great night and worth a few hours of sleep. Unseen - Dreamflight4630.

"Paps, just calm down. it can't have gotten far.

Unseen - Dreamflight4630

" Sans sighed heavily, shoving his hands into his pockets. He had always known his brother could be (heh) fairly empty-headed, but losing his scarf in a public place was certainly a new level in terms of carelessness. They had come out today at the younger skeleton's insistence that they enjoy the nice weather by having a picnic which had been going well until Papyrus suddenly realized that his red scarf was missing, leading to the scene he was currently creating. The humans were trying not to stare, but Sans could see them watching everything out of the corner of their eyes, as if afraid there would suddenly be some kind of riot breaking out. Subterraneus Regina - journal129. Deep in the forest of Snowdin, an old purple door slowly creaked open.

Subterraneus Regina - journal129

The door, worn and broken from time's footprint, led to the Ruins: the only area humans ever came from when they fell into the Underground. The area that human had come from a few years ago. The human was a child, appearing to be ten or so years old. Nobody ever found out their name, or if they did, they never shared. They'd managed to plunge the kingdom into deeper despair than it'd ever been. Healingtale - kairi196. A.N: Hello!

Healingtale - kairi196

This is kind of a self-insert OC fic. I'm writing this story with a healing purpose for others and myself. Quest for Friendship - orphan_account. Chapter Text Your journey began in a waiting room.

Quest for Friendship - orphan_account

Questing Centers are notorious for their long waits, though that day in particular took longer than usual. The wait time only seemed to add to your stress as you read and re-read the reference paper you made sure to bring. You couldn't afford to forget your Class during the application process. Two past noon. Just as you read your reference sheet for what seemed like the hundredth time, the door to application room three opened, and the woman inside called your name. Sweet Deceptions - ConstantlyTiredReader. Chapter Text Why did you let yourself get talked into this?

Sweet Deceptions - ConstantlyTiredReader

Normally, you would ask how instead of why, but the answer to that question is obvious: it would have meant fighting Alphys, and one simply doesn’t fight a monster. Especially not the former captain of their Royal Guard, a military force renowned for its violence even among monster standards. If rumours are to be believed, the mere thought of such a thing would be a death sentence. The Shaded Box - XrosaryX. Chapter Text You’ve grown up in a world where you knew that there was no such thing as black and white.

The Shaded Box - XrosaryX

Two opposing sides were, more often then not, always the prime focus in any story. Yet if you squinted hard enough you knew there was a gray shade between those two, and often those shades of gray were different too. Too much black made the shade much darker like the color of cement and was spelled out as gray. Too much white made the shade lighter and it was closer to be considered silver with the spelling of grey. Dinner for 8 - MsMK.