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Existence Strikes Back! - Underwraps. Archiveofourown. Archiveofourown. Lick - Sazuka57. Chapter Text You had mentioned that you wanted something sweet to snack on and he scooped you up and carried to the kitchen.

Lick - Sazuka57

You hadn’t even recovered from that when he sat you down on the kitchen counter and proceeded to go through the cabinets. You watch from your spot, trying to recover your senses, as he pulls out bread and a tiny jar of Nutella and sets them beside you. He then goes through the silverware drawer to find a butter knife, but they’re all missing. You shrug and swing your feet idly, eyeing the jar of Nutella. He locates a teaspoon and a plate quickly enough and gets to work. You make quick work of the chocolate on the spoon and hop off the counter to toss it in the sink, turning back to see if he was done with your sandwich. “You got some on your face,” he says, chuckling. “Here, I’ll get it,” he says, grabbing a towel as he approaches you. He stands in front of you, and instead of bringing the towel up to your face, he’s leaning down instead.

He licked you. Skeleboning Trifecta - Sofronia. Speaking in Hands - Yunnora Lovespell. Hey guys!

Speaking in Hands - Yunnora Lovespell

So I went a head and did a thing. A Gaster thing. Lol I admit I love W.D. Gaster and the mystery around him. I've read a few good fics about Gaster, especially when they had things to do with the reader or Sans and Papyrus. It's a fire thing [Series] - EvergreenEmerald. Requests from Tumblr - NihilismPastry - Undertale, Undertale (Video Game) Long Live the Queen [Series] - WatteauYouDoing. Pieces of You - CrossBladeWing. Programmed that Way - Mixara. A Start of Something New - Author_Of_Sin. Valentine's Day 2018 [Series] - Lavender_chan. Undertale: SINonymous [Series] - uwa-so-frisk (disillusionist9) S & m - cinnabun. One shot stories of Undertale AU - rbssns. Smut dump [Series] - EvergreenEmerald. Shadowed - Eyelesskeleton.

The Games Series [Series] - Rehlia. Sai's Pile o' SIn - Saiyurimai. Fatefull Contract - Chapter 1 - Albedo - Undertale (Video Game) Chapter Text You were a demon to say the least.

Fatefull Contract - Chapter 1 - Albedo - Undertale (Video Game)

A full fledge, thousands of years old demon. Reparations & Reconciliation - partybird_dot_jpg. Drabble Dump (Summer 2018) - Vexatious. Some Only Understand Lv - UndynesSpear. Silken Sheets and Burning Heat - Fiery_Opal. Spitfire [Series] - FitofPaige, uwa-so-frisk (disillusionist9) Fallen Under - ArcticCalamity. Human Soul Gold, Fortitude - LilyHellsing. Undertale Requests - Falling_Faster. Se Brûler [Series] - Evaldrynn (ArtsyFartsy) Just to Be a Good Neighbor - SparkleCupcake. Offer Everything to You - ncserran. Osteogenesis [Series] - Gilded_Pleasure. Heat-tale - Dark_Crystal_Demon. Tumblr Requests - Arixese. "This was hopeless.

Tumblr Requests - Arixese

It was obvious that Grillby interested you, though people were often surprised when you asked them about him. “Oh, Grillby? Nice guy. Runs a bar out in Hotland, I think.” Blushing Bones - Tyrant_Tortoise. We're Making Out Alright - rebel_raven. Undertale X Reader - Sabinarius. Untill our last Hours - Savio. Shadowed - Eyelesskeleton. My Angel from the sky - Flame96. Intimacy - maximum_overboner. Trails Dead Men Leave - NihilismPastry. It Might be Lost on Us - NihilismPastry. UNDERWATER - DarkFoxKirin. Chapter Text It was a beautiful day outside.


Well, it was always beautiful with all of the different sea plants schools of fish swimming about. You hear a hiss and a few thuds at your bedroom door. You smile and swim over to open the door for you pet electric eel, Panic. He was pretty big for his size by being around fifteen feet long with five inch long fangs. He has a twin brother named Pain, and your older sister, Alonda, owned him. Merfolk who have more magic than others were held in high esteem.

Now, legend has it that Ebott Ravine was cursed and that whomever swam near it's edges got sucked in and never returned. Panic slithered over to you and rubbed against your torso and part of your tail. You pull out a sushi salad for you and a few pieces of raw squid for Panic. Welcome to Underground City - Khurious. The Road To Redemption - Hanari502. A Start of Something New - Author_Of_Sin. Timeshift Tale Ch 10, Undertale. Shopping with Undyne and Mettaton's Return And so, we arrived at the mall after going back to the house for me to get ready.

Timeshift Tale Ch 10, Undertale

Once we are there I notice that the place isn't too terribly crowded, probably because it's not the weekends. The mall is decently sized. Not too big and not too small. Outside the mall waiting by the entrance is a very familiar robot wearing a pink tank top, black leggings, and pink boots with shades covering his eyes. Tale Of The Underground Ch 2, Undertale. Silverwing Notes: So far i love how this is turning out, but to clear up any confusion you may gain while reading Caeruleus is the name of the Sans in this story, though it's his middle name used as a first, so 'Sans' may occasionally end up being used instead throughout the story.

Tale Of The Underground Ch 2, Undertale

Chapter 2 in particular, 'Sans' starts being used about halfway in, but rest assured, it's the same character. Same with Aliquam being used for Papyrus Papyrus had managed to stay for dinner that night, which she had mildly demanded after his sweet self had helped her move the bee hives and get them damn near spotless in nearly half the time it usually took, but had had to leave shortly after. She'd sent him out with his crate of honey, and seen the caravan off when he'd had to go, before retreating inside to handle some more legal stuff over the phone. The following week went smoothly enough- they only had two hiccups. And at the end of that first week, the first sector of actual housing was up. "Heheh... Tangled, Like Spaghetti Ch 7, Undertale. *tap dances into frame, tosses this to you, and tap dances out again.* Nsfw warning.

Tangled, Like Spaghetti Ch 7, Undertale

Nope, you were wrong. Even without the threat of death by skewering, this was still a terrible idea. Instead, now it'll be death by exhaustion. Undyne manages to rope you into training with her and Papyrus. Enchanted Bones -DarkFoxKirin, Mistress_Of_Space_92. I'll tell you my sins (and you can sharpen your knife) - cakecakecake.

Kaleidoscope - Chapter 13 - Optima_chama - Undertale (Video Game) Chapter Text Kaleidoscope.

Kaleidoscope - Chapter 13 - Optima_chama - Undertale (Video Game)

When you looked at your soul... That was the only thing that came to mind. The only thing you could compare it with. The heart had a crystalline look to it; clear, and while scratched and slightly chipped, it glittered as though the magical energy that it exuded was natural light to the gemstone effect it had. Perseverance. Integrity. Patience. Kindness. Justice. UNDERTALE: (file name not found) Ch 23, Undertale.

[In Hotland, Laboratory] It took some time to get Mettaton's limbs back on.

UNDERTALE: (file name not found) Ch 23, Undertale

Alphys wanted to make sure they were still functional before reconnecting them, a good move on her part. It's a safety thing really, but no issues were found so assembly went without a hitch. As we began charging Mettaton's battery, Alphys left to what she said was a 'bathroom' but I get a feeling that's not all that it is. After all, there's no need for bathrooms down here other then to wash up, and I doubt she needs to bathe for so long. I get sick of waiting a take a much needed nap, that incident with Flowey didn't give me any rest. So much happened today...I'm just so tired. Forbidden - Dark_Crystal_Demon - Undertale (Video Game) Undertwistfell - Chapter 5 - Beckaweld - Undertale (Video Game) Chapter Text I casually walked over to the living room and sat down on the couch, barely able to ignore the fact that most movements I made would cause my legs and hips to stick out of the dress.

Asriel look up as i entered “nice to see it fits you” he said, scanning my body. Completely ignoring the fact he had just seen me naked. Unconsciously I tugged at it hoping to cover more area. “yea who’s was it? What was happening? He crawled on to the bed and forcefully placed himself between my legs. My anger kept my mouth shut and I sighed. Under Dreaming - Dark_Crystal_Demon.

Aberration. - Chp 3 - Undertrail (Levisomnous) A Warm Place To Stay - BatsuGames. You Spell Disaster - dignis_sin_bar. Archiveofourown.