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The Fires of Life - Chapter 1 - Designated_Traitor - Undertale (Video Game) Chapter Text "Did you hear?

The Fires of Life - Chapter 1 - Designated_Traitor - Undertale (Video Game)

He's back... " "What, already? This is the 3rd pick-up in 2 weeks... " You press up against the glass wall that kept you contained, ears straining to listen in the two Nurses conversation. "...getting worse it seems. " Ah, good, they're getting closer. "The Director said to stop giving him access to the High Quality ones.

" "That's good for us, we can finally get rid of some Lower Quality stock. " You gulped. "I've heard rumours of what happens to all the Human Stock in their Household. " A vicious chill goes down your spine and you fall back onto the floor. "Oh! Shit. "Come on, he's heading here now. " "What was his name again? " "It was-" You cursed under your breath as the two walked out of your hearing range before you could get the name of the buyer. Sighing, you ran your hands through your hair. You stood up and started pacing. You stopped pacing and looked around the room you had been locked in for the past few years. God you missed watching TV. “Mr. Finally, Mr. The Fires of Life - Designated_Traitor. Up in Flames - FitofPaige, uwa-so-frisk (disillusionist9)

Burning Chains (SlaveTale Au) - Singeroftales. In The Line of Fire - NatalieSchmatalie. Playing with Fire - FitofPaige. Playing With Matches - VividlyLost. Tale of Fire and Light - Lavender_chan. Cooking for Christmas - TheNinjaMouse. Smooth Ribbons and Swaying Flames - Evaldrynn (ArtsyFartsy) Sparks Fly Upwards - Moonfreckle (Sunfreckle) Dream Journey - Andromeda_Schwarz. Playing with Fire - MeGaLoTrash. Chance At Love - CrossedVagabond. SOULmates were a real thing.

Chance At Love - CrossedVagabond

You’d get splashes of colour based upon the SOUL trait of the person you were meant to be with where they would first touch you. Most people’s SOULmark where bright colourful marks on their palms where they would eventually shake hands with their SOULmate. Others had brushes of colour on their arm or leg where they brush up against the other in public or on the train. One of your friends had a SOULmark on their forehead which they were always confused about right up until they bumped into something and when they bent down to collect their things, they knocked heads with a bystander who stopped to help.

There were so many stories and movies about people meeting their SOULmate by chance and never seeing them again. Your own SOULmark was white, and on your upper arm, just above your elbow. Though, there was no white SOULtrait…and forever it had been a sign that your SOULmate had died during childbirth. So…you probably didn’t even have a SOULmate… Allegedely. “Oh?” Small Flames, Large Hearts - words_to_escape_by. Firewall.exe has stopped working - Borked. Chapter Text You gently pushed the door and here you were, outside of the ruins.

firewall.exe has stopped working - Borked

The first thing to hit you was the cold, then the realization that you just left the only safe place available to you. The second thing to hit you was that wow, maybe it would be warmer if you weren't wearing just some t-shirt and old jeans. The third thing and the last, was that now you were aware of holes in your sneakers. It felt like it was going to be great day. If you weren't on edge, when that conveniently placed tree branch snapped 2 seconds after you passed it, you sure were now, when you heard snow crunching right behind you.

-Human. Swing Dances and Swirling Flames - orphan_account. Ocean on Fire - TheNinjaMouse. Some Like it Hot - sansual.

Cinnamon - Arixese

Memory - ConEno. The end of Tomorrow - Costumebleh. Exothermic - melancholarie. Chapter Text The story goes, that when the Earth was very, very new; the universe gave it a present as a symbol of her love for the young planet, and of her pride regarding how far the Earth had grown.

exothermic - melancholarie

For the Earth had created towering trees and deep oceans, which are all very difficult things to do, and the universe knew that eventually the Earth would be too old to put up with being coddled and cared for under her wing. So she gifted the young Earth with SOULs. Bright, beautiful, and unique fragments of pure life and feeling, the SOULs would live on Earth and take care of it as it grew terribly old and only could make more concrete than trees. But after a short while; it became evident that the SOULs were lonely for company, despite the plants and the seas and all creatures in between. And in these beautiful bodies, the SOULs began to talk and play and befriend one another.

Eventually their beautiful bodies began to die, and slowly wither away to dust and dirt. So the cycle repeats. All Is Fair In Love And War [Series] - LadyCold, MissyLeyneous. Living With The Dead - Exlimixia, RedSkellieFriend. Mages in Undertale [Series] - KyraP.