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Becoming a Skeleton - Silcatian. Newmore Family - kissxsleep. Cat Scratch - Spectascopes. You were used to finding weird things in the alley behind your apartment complex.

Cat Scratch - Spectascopes

Plenty of degenerates dumped their garbage there despite the perfectly usable dumpster at the end of it. The distance was too far to walk, you guessed. When you happened to go out that way to save a block of walking on your way to work, a plethora of new trash greeted you. An old coach, or a bag of diapers that stunk up the place until some unfortunate soul had to clean it up. Sometimes stray cats would find their way back there to rummage for food. Little Bit Of Love - Spectascopes. Finding Momma - duckydotducky. Her Guardian - She_Who_Walks_Unseen. She was only seven years old.

Her Guardian - She_Who_Walks_Unseen

She shouldn't have been left alone. They blamed the babysitter. She was supposed to have been watching. She was supposed to have locked up and sent her to bed. Instead, she had left doors unlocked and remained focused on her phone. Cherry Rescue - Spectascopes. You found him on the streets, alone and scared and crying.

Cherry Rescue - Spectascopes

Skittle Bombs and Skeletons - Adishailan. Hiya, I had this idea floating round in my head of a martial arts enthusiast reader and how they could have a rather interesting soul due to meditation and a possibly pacifist view on fighting... but then I remembered actually being a part of a university society for martial arts and how everyone was burly, friendly and huge pub-golf enthusiasts.

Skittle Bombs and Skeletons - Adishailan

I found the latter much more amusing and decided to write this one-shot base on it. I hope you enjoy it! The floor thrums under your feet, shaking with the heavy, thudding base pouring from the many speakers lining the room. Constellations of bulbs line and crisscross the ceiling, flashing a multitude of colours, ranging from neon green and bright barbie pink to day-glow blue and the classic white light. You squint slightly at the bright, busting flashes as you lean further forward across the bar. "One goldschlager and two skittle bombs please! " "You sure? "Hey, where'd your friends go? " "Ah! "Cool, here's the drinks.

"No. " "Wazzu-" "Ugh! " Little Friends with Big Hearts - Alex-writes-about-life (Ishiphatsome) Noodle* - Spectascopes. Chapter Text You were sitting in your living room playing games on your phone when you heard a small noise come from the kitchen.

Noodle* - Spectascopes

You jumped a little, looking around the dim room. It was two in the morning- prime demon time. That was the only explanation you had for a random noise in the middle of the night. Cup o’ Gast - Madlyinlov3onda. Lady of the Abyss - EmpressOfHel (JoJo419) Chapter Text The abyss has been your home since you could remember.

Lady of the Abyss - EmpressOfHel (JoJo419)

It’s all you’ve ever known, and all you truthfully cared to know. The heated vents that would expel gases and occasional molten rock out would keep you perfectly warm, even though you’ve grown to love the chill of the deep. The darkness never bothered you, the jagged, crackling markings running across your black tail would shine different colors with the power of your magic.

War and Mander - duckydotducky. Chapter Text You first saw them as you drove past.The flash of a metal can caught your eye, along with the movement and red.

War and Mander - duckydotducky

It took you a long 5 seconds to process what you saw, and you eased your car to the side of the road, glancing in the rear view mirror. It wasn’t unusual to see things moving on this stretch of highway. Sometimes they were the local wildlife, either field mice darting quickly across the road before you could even realize what it was, or perhaps a fox or skunk, lucky enough not to be flat. Sometimes you saw cats that were pets, or strays that were sentenced to live their lives as wild, feral creatures by cruel humans. This was not any of those creatures you knew so well. The autumn wind lightly tugged at your thin hoodie as you got out of the car, box in hand. Strange Bitty Days - Annika0130. Chapter Text “Y/n!

Strange Bitty Days - Annika0130

Oops, I have a Naga - Spectascopes. Chapter Text You found him half dead in an abandoned house.

Oops, I have a Naga - Spectascopes

It was your job to inspect the houses before they were torn down- nothing too fancy, just to make sure there wasn’t anything suspicious or valuable in them. You've got an Error - winkette. Chapter Text You were fairly certain you were crazy by this point.

You've got an Error - winkette

The thought crossed your mind several times during your short shift at work. One Bittybone At A Time - LeenaZenyo. Always In Threes - RavenZaphara. Chapter Text It had been a hellacious month. The weather was a semi-constant drizzle that bounced back and forth between comfortably warm and breathtakingly frigid. The small road leading to your home and place of business was just as sodden as it was barren—so you were less than sure of your finances. Short Piles of Fluff and Whatever - ChibiKittens. A Bitty Horror - poetax.

Everything Changes [Series] - Nicciwolf

Bitty Reader Works - Rivethart. Bitty Bones Tales - GiggleGoon. Boss has been at the adoption center longer than any other Bitty. He's also been returned more times than anyone cares to count. He has long since given up on the idea of being adopted but one oddly laid back individual decides to give him one more chance. *Many writers like to depict Underfell Papyrus as a bumbling villain who is a giant softy on the inside. This often carries over into the Bitty Bones version of him. I'm not going to do that here. I saw them nearly everywhere: Bitty Bones, the tiny monsters that people adopted as little companions.

When I walked into the center I had no plan in mind. "Oh," she said with an unhappy expression. "Boss, huh? " Runaways - candlelitshadows. One in a Billion - Onyks. A Trio of Misfits - Sabinarius. Big change, small package - NegroLeo. Monsters Should Be Cute! - TellCosy. Pets Aren't People - Skalicia.

Road Trip Trio + Bonus [Series]- AriesAscending