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And So It Goes On... - xytera. Chapter Text It is bitter rage and helplessness that builds and builds until it is a festering sore just beneath the skin.

And So It Goes On... - xytera

Madara cannot help it, not when his brothers fall to the deadly blade of war, not when his brothers are hailed as proud shinobi who fell in battle with the unspoken reality that they were mere child warriors. He keeps his simmering rage and vigilantly protects his remaining brother, grief stricken deep in his heart as he watches the tiny broken bodies of his brothers lain to rest one by one, all within a few short years.

His roiling emotions manifests as ruthless viciousness in battle, cutting down anyone who dares to even think of harming Izuna. Then his rage is comes to an abrupt halt when he meets a boy by the river. Hashirama is different, but their vision is of the same motivation. He believes, and he hopes for the first time, two naive boys dreaming of a world without unending death and despair. And so they wage war. “Izuna!” The wound is mortal. Madara breaks.

Curse of Hatred [Series] - Demetria0620

As Is the Sea Marvelous - blackkat. Not As We - raendown. Parallel - DragonFlower99. In Morpheus' arms - syusuke. “Tobi!

In Morpheus' arms - syusuke

Tobirama, wake up! Come on, it’s a dream. Down by the Riverbed - ThePackWantstheD. Part one: meet me by the rivers edge "Who are you?

Down by the Riverbed - ThePackWantstheD

" Tobirama didn't bother looking at the speaker, instead keeping his gaze focused on the water in front of him. He might have reacted if he'd been caught off-guard, but he hadn't been. His abilities as a sensor were untrained, but they were strong. He had sensed the chakra coming towards when it'd been much further out, so the interruption wasn't unexpected. Love Is Much Worse [Series] - FoxCollector. Don't speak of the future (there never was one for us) - drelfina. It was raining.

Don't speak of the future (there never was one for us) - drelfina

Of course it was raining. It was raining and his breathing was thick, wet with it, and his fingers were going cold. Shock, he thought, and blood loss. He didn't feel pain anymore, not since the last time he had shunted it aside and charged forward. Where was his sword? It was the end. His last wish - Sylencia.

Name [Series] - A_Kid_Named_Hiro

Rest with me until a brighter day - blackkat - Naruto. Loop - Kalira. Tobirama poked the seal marker, feeling the resonance with his chakra but not how to make it do more than thrum.

Loop - Kalira

He scowled. To the moon and back - puzzle_shipper. Madara dusted himself off as he looked at his surroundings.

to the moon and back - puzzle_shipper

The countryside around him didn’t look like it had met him yet, so that was probably a good thing. Dive for dreams - blackkat. Chapter Text He comes to in the cold light of morning, the taste of briefly glimpsed paradise lingering on his tongue, and takes a startled breath of air sharp with a chill wind and dry earth and newly broken stone.

dive for dreams - blackkat

There is a man on the ground in front of him, drained and beaten, a sword in his hand, and Tobirama has stood here before, knows this place in his very bones no matter how long it’s been since he last was here. His brother kneels beside him, pale with exhaustion, shoulders slumped and expression sad for all that he’s won the fight. Hashirama’s eyes are not on Tobirama—they never are—but instead on his opponent, the man whom he has always wished to be his brother instead of Tobirama. (Tobirama has never allowed himself to overlook the fact that this is a good portion of the reason for his dislike of Madara.

‘Second chance,’ something in the back of his mind whispers, and Tobirama freezes. The Senju are standing back, waiting, watching. Rapture On The Lonely Shore - raendown. A Brief Outing Into Another Dimension - Nanimok. Madara has already decided, a long time ago, that Tobirama’s curiosity will probably be the death of him—the ‘him’ being Madara, of course.

A Brief Outing Into Another Dimension - Nanimok

If something piques Tobirama’s interest, he doesn’t just leave it alone, sage forbid so. He swats at it, pounces at it, picks at it piece by piece until he finds a way to put it back together in a manner that pleases him. In short, better. Stick that habit with an extensive knowledge pertaining to space-time ninjutsu, and Tobirama’s personal laboratory tends to become a minefield of half-finished jutsus and half-built contraptions that catapults unsuspecting victims halfway across the village. Usually, they’re of the inanimate variety but sometimes unwitting wanderers does the job just as well. Constant Changes - Arakyune. Tobirama wakes up and immediately realizes - this is wrong.

Constant Changes - Arakyune

He remembers Edo Tensei being released and knows, he should be dead, or maybe in the Pure lands with his siblings, but no. He can feel the wind, smell it and can tell, that this was, without a question, the Land of Fire, can feel the dirt under him and knows that something unexpected happened. Guess that's all just part of growing up - uchihamadara (aizensosuke) In Between Love and Hate - Emilx311. An Unexpected Bond - Kael_Vercorian.

Marks of Affection [Series] - raendown

We Bleed the Same [Series] - MadMothMadame. Mito found many things when she found her soulmate.Found a husband, one that her father was proud to call a son, who was kind and good, with big dreams for a bright and better future.Found a home, where they did things differently, some she recognized, like how welcoming they were, how understanding, and some she didn’t, like the hereditary passage of power from father to son rather than the meritocracy she’d grown up with.Found a place where her opinion mattered and she had the ability to change how things were run as matriarch to one of the most powerful clans in the Land of Fire.But her favorite thing, excepting her husband of course (although even that was suspect some days), the very best thing she found was her brother-in-law, Tobirama.Even if it took her almost a year to notice.

We Bleed the Same [Series] - MadMothMadame

At the Center of the Wheel - KeanBlade. Chapter Text Madara didn’t remember it all at once, it came in flashes and suspended moments (his brother dying in a war at the hands of-) flickered through his dreaming and waking hours like flashing lighting (a blade made of lightning flashing through the sky/shattering light and the thunder god jutsu in a dozen different moments) and illuminating the world with emotion he didn’t know here. (He remembered more vivid than anything, dark water and a manGodSage sitting if judgement, a voice like time you have destroyed everything and sought to bring back that which I banished remembered anger so bright and terrible it was nothing more than a grief, remembered “we can have tea now” remembers being youngold UchihaŌtsutsuki loving one brother and a father more than anything and seeing that brother chosen over him when all he wanted was to protect – remembered (Indra?)

Spark - Kalira. To learn to let it glow - Sylencia. A Comedy of Errors (and Idiot Brothers) - raendown. Chapter Text If Hashirama had been able to tell as soon as they met that Madara was his brother’s romantic soulmate then all their lives would probably have been a lot easier. Clumsy and obvious in any attempt at subtlety, it would not have been hard for Tobirama to tell what was going on even at such a young age. Unfortunately for all Hashirama’s emotional and interpersonal intelligence he still lacked in a few other areas – things like situational awareness or telling the difference between an upset stomach and the internal alarm which should have identified his brother’s other soulmate at first glance. Why the universe had to make things so complicated was beyond him. Fool Me Once And A Half - raendown. The only reason Madara had deigned to leave the warmth and comfort of his uptown apartment was the slight panic in Hashirama’s voice when the man called.

Excitable he might be but Hashirama wasn’t usually prone to genuine panic over small unimportant things. Usually. Madara would judge for himself how legitimate the situation was when he got there. Slogging through fifteen minutes worth of snow so early in the morning was not how he wanted to spend the first day of his weekend, especially not with his car in the shop, so Madara was already scowling dark enough to scare a thundercloud by the time he punched the buzzer in the front foyer of Hashirama’s apartment building. Rubbing his hands together inside their woolen mittens, he breathed in between them and prayed that the feeling would return to his fingers soon. On a Warm Summer's Day - NebulaWrites. Stardust-Jasmine-Home - whatevenisataurus. There wasn’t much that surprised Tobirama anymore in regards to his brother, Hashirama, for all that he was a dreamer and a futurist, he was also very blind to the present and the ramifications of his actions and words for those nearest him.

He’d known that Hashirama had been going down to the river to meet with an Uchiha, he’d also known that his brother wouldn’t have guessed it was an Uchiha, simply too caught up in the actions of making a new friend outside his clan. He’d done all he could to keep his father from intervening, to give his brother some happiness to distract him from the ever-present knowledge that Kawarama lay unwaking in the medical building, his small body struggling to overcome the injuries it had suffered when child-hunter allies of the Uchiha had caught up to him on his courier mission. So, when he’d stumbled across the meeting of an Uchiha and his brother, he’d watched and when they greeted each other like old friends, well. Perhaps, this Tobirama could do. Streaked - nitohkousuke. Marks, Mistakes, and Misunderstandings - Emilx311. There was something very few people knew about Senju Tobirama. Well, really there were many things about the younger Senju brother that were not widely known, but the most important one was his name.

Not his everyday name, that one had spread well beyond the boarders of fire country attached to tales of his battle prowess, his invented jutsus, his various feats, and monikers such as ‘the white ghost’.

For your eyes only [Series] - letthecitybreathe

The Ruby and the Sapphire - malazuzu22. On the day Tobirama came to the world his mother was visited by the clan elder Yutori who passed Tobirama’s crystal onto the new-born baby. Soulmate Drabbles (Chapter 2) - blackkat. Soulmate Drabbles (Chapter 17) - blackkat. Soulmate Story Collection - raendown. Get yourself someone who can do both - Gracelte. St.Valentines Day. A day to celebrate love and romance and everything in between. A day for Valentine's cards, flowers, chocolates and soft, squishy things. Under your skin (the moon is alive) - blackkat. To learn my way to you - Sylencia. A normal day at the office - Sylencia. Call Me Honey - Friedom. The Winner takes it all - malazuzu22. I Hate You (But Thank You, Thank You) - raendown. No matter the distance - Sylencia. In All That's Dark, Our Colors Bright - A_Kid_Named_Hiro. Should Have Seen It Coming - raendown. The first time Madara visited the Senju family home, he didn’t realize that he would be seeing this exact same picture every time he walked through the door for the next two years.

He had met Hashirama Senju in the first semester of college when the other young man had tripped on his own feet and spilled the contents of his knapsack over Madara’s head. They had chatted over an apology lunch and somehow become best friends in the space of an hour. It probably had to do with Hashirama’s well-practiced ability to let Madara’s bristly personality run right off him. It set the tone for their interactions from then on; Madara snarked and Hashirama cheerfully bulldozed over him with smiles and inescapable hugs. They sat next to each other every Monday and Wednesday and ate lunch together every Friday when their schedules matched up. Upon entering the home, the first thing Madara noticed was a head of white hair just visible over the back of the couch, right in his line of sight.

Bittersweet - Sylencia. Tobirama couldn't believe he was doing this. Hell. The fourth Senju brother - Sylencia. Let's Hurt Tonight - raendown. I Only Want Sympathy (in the form of you crawling into bed with me) - FoxCollector. Anything You Say (can and will be held against you) - FoxCollector. Missing Scent - Red (TheRedLightning) Criminal Malpractice - raendown. Something Wicked This Way Comes - raendown. It took a bit of creative dodging for Hashirama to avoid the three heavy tomes which flew in the general direction of his head. He smiled, absently waving one hand to catch the books with a string of magic and ensure they landed safely. Handle (me) with caution - senroh. I won't freeze you out (my heart is melting) - puzzle_shipper. Duality - raendown. A land so wild and savage - Fiction_Over_Fact. Tobirama stretches for the top of the bookshelf, hissing when the move pulls on the aching muscles in his good arm.

“Ow.” Spring Waters - RealityFighter. Reduce, reuse, reanimate - exarite.

Volcano & sky - Kalira

Baby there ain't no sword in our lake (just a funeral wake) - ThatOnePlatypus - Naruto. Madara knows, the moment Mito ambushes him in his own house, with tea and that terrifying milder-than-milk smile, that he's screwed. He doesn't know how, doesn't know why, but he knows that when Mito smiles like that it means she's angry. Really, truly, pissed. No one with a working brain wants to stay anywhere near that, and Madara isn't the god of stupidity – despite what Izuna might say, the brat. Call Thy Name - Ragga. Madara growled under his breath, painstakingly drawing runes onto the floor. The basement was quiet around him and only the flickering light of the candles on the wall kept him company.

Offering - nastyboyf (peachboyf) Following Dreams (to Doom or Desire) - Hiruma_Musouka.

Eternity's End - raendown

It's all downhill from here - blackkat. The Witching Moon - raendown. Unwanted devotion - MightySnowflake. In the Silence of the Darkness - Blackberreh. Summon me onto another day - ThatOnePlatypus. Fields Of Spring - raendown. Wicked games - Tuliharja. The Fishermen's Help - Lilili_cat. Dragoneyes - Umbreon_ly - Naruto. Here There Be Dragons - Kael_Vercorian. Meeting in the Middle - Kalira69. When Blue Meets Red Meets Blue - Nanimok.

Light A Fire Under The Mountain - raendown. Seeking (Dragon) - Kalira69. New Friend - Kalira69. Creature Comforts - Emilx311. Turning point - Tuliharja. Please Dispose of Your Trash In the Proper Receptacle - blackkat.

To The Sea, To The Sea [Series] - raendown

Euphotic Interlude - TheDarkSide, WrithingBeneathYou. Write me a home - Kael_Vercorian. The Winged Ones - raendown. We're just winging it. - Hiruma_Musouka. The Courtship of the Oblivious - xwannaflyx. Bloodlust - SleepyRedInk. You can't take the sky from me - Sylencia. A Ridiculous Tale - Hiruma_Musouka. School Days - Oreocat155338. I'll Breathe You A Garden - raendown. Neglect and Discoveries - Kalira. A (Not) Small World - Hiruma_Musouka. A symbol of subjugation - evocates. I Will Be Your Sword & Shield - trulywicked.